Do you really need to eat breakfast? I know there is all the medical advice, but I feel fine without it and find it the easiest meal to fast past…

Naomi Y.
Some people do find it easier. I know there is a lot of intermittent fasting occurring these days that does have a major benefit to health and mentality. Think as long as you’re eating to correct nutrients to fuel your body when you do start eating it , then that should be A okay
Clara Z.
I think breakfast is important. I’d be lying if I said I have it consistently, but when I do, it always makes the day feel easier from the start. I’ve learned recently that breakfast doesn’t have to be a huge sit down meal or a grab and go, or traditional breakfast foods. Even leftover takeout and an apple or a protein bar and a banana is better than nothing.
Corona A.
Well if you skip breakfast you wont be able to concentrate on your daily activities. Youd be cranky and tired. You wont be having good morning thats for sure. So do yourslef and your body a favour and start eating nutritious foods! They sound weird ik but its always worth it in the end♡
Corentin E.
Yes! Absolutely you need to eat breakfast! Exclude the medical advice here because you’ve heard it all. I’m going to address the mental fog. You may not realize it, but sometimes you skip brekky and thinking happens a little slower and mental health declines until lunch. It’s psychological and emotional. Food is a foundation of animal life (that includes us!) and it’s the most basic on the list – food, water, shelter. If any one of these falls by the wayside, it effects our whole body all day. Eating food releases comfort hormones, too, so maybe we can get a little bit of serotonin too 😁 goodness knows I need that.