How do you get out of breakfast ruts? I would like to wake up to something worth eating, but anything good takes too long to make in the morning.

Jared Z.
I've never been big on breakfast; I acknowledged its importance, but I at first didn't have the time (or care) to prepare a big meal. Turns out, it doesn't have to be big. This entire time, my breakfasts have consisted of a boiled egg and a slice of lunch meat. The easiest way, in my mind, to keep that habit is to deliberately pick something low-effort and tasty. To me, that means a quick 10-15 minutes to prepare a soft boiled egg and grab some lunch meat, though something like a ham sandwich w/ whole grain bread could also work. For me, my goal with breakfasts is simplicity.
Robert T.
Make sure it’s something simple enough yet filling and prep the ingredients the night before. Like anything you expect to do in the morning, a little preparation the night before goes a long way.
Miedri J.
Waking up earlier in the morning and just watching the sun rise gives me enough time to wake and gain the motivation to start my day off right.
Irene P.
I usually have milk in the fridge. I warm it up while making a couple of eggs and cheese. And cut a piece of fruit. Just take 10 min and gives me the energy that I need
Diamond S.
I try to have different options because It gets hard to eat the same thing every morning. For example if I want something on the light side I’ll make a smoothie, or eat fruit and yogurt. If I’m looking for something more filling I might make oatmeal or eggs and and toast. Having different options available will allow you to choose what your body is looking for.
Aadesh Z.
I like working out in the morning. Which makes me hungry, so I keep my shaker handy to have my protein shake once I'm done with my excercise.