What is the best breakfast combination?

Angelo O.
It's hard for me to stick to the exact menu everyday so I eat fruits and veggies every morning according to what I feel the exact morning. For example, two days ago I ate a salad, yesterday I ate avocado and kiwi, and today I ate a cucumber,some cherry tomatoes and an apple.
Mads C.
My favourite breakfast is scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, and a little bit of cheddar cheese. Occasionally I'll have bacon instead of eggs as a treat, and if I break the cheese up into little bits it melts slightly and sticks to the mushrooms. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
Claire E.
Eggs. Quick, easy, tasty and variable: fried, scrambled, poached, omlette, etc. I've learnt that i need to be able to have variety and it be simple to switch between the different options. Same with exercise. I don't have one boring exercise routine. I have 5 potential ones and I simply go with whatever I feel like on the day. I get a choice, but all lead to a good breakfast/exercise πŸ˜πŸ˜‰.
Lia E.
I like a granola bar, cutie orange, and a small slim-Jim. Although the slim Jim is mostly fat, I still find that little bit of protein in the morning a great benefit.
Gabin Y.
Yoghurt with crunchy oats,almonds and goji berries with chia seeds. It’s so yum and healthy, make sure to use Greek yoghurt though. βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ
Lemuel N.
I go for protein, and fiber, which is filling. I like fruit, eggs, and oatmeal. Sometimes i do that combo in a smoothie, using nut butter for protein instead of eggs. I also like flax seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, and oat milk or oatmeal and granola blended together. It makes for a really thick smoothie, with either avocado or banana. Go for filling and simple. Oatmeal is really great and you can add whatever you want to it.
Katherine O.
Corned beef hash topped with two sunny side up eggs with sliced avacados and two slices of buttered toast on the side with a cold, tall glass of orange juice.
Elmer R.
I prefer fruit instead of toast with my eggs and sausage, changing out some carbs for some fruits and veggies helps keep a better balance
Sandra E.
The best breakfast suits the day and gives you plenty of energy. I like eggs, meat, and cheese as my source of energy. I'll add onion and spices for however I feel that day. I drink my water before I eat and have coffee after. I'm thinking of starting to replace half my coffee with tea just to switch things up. I drink a lot of coffee but it would be nice to drink both.
Kenan O.
In my opinion, the best breakfast combination is composite carbohydrates, quality proteins, some fruits and vegetables. And also nuts
Ernst Dieter F.
Scrambled eggs with hummus or turkey. I like combining eggs with something else to make it feel like a bigger meal. If I feel like I have to eat a carb then I’ll take a quarter piece of toast or pita bread just to satisfy that craving. Or I drink water afterwards to feel fuller.
Soan Z.
I like to enjoy breakfast sitting on the porch looking at the sun hitting the mountains across the river. What I eat doesn't matter as much as how I eat it.
Jeppe C.
You might have one of your favourite cup of tea with an apple or an egg .try a combination of things you like and always try new things which is good as for you have a variety of proteins and try new things.
Claudia O.
Since it's winter, I've been eating a lot of oatmeal and it's very customizable. I have frozen fruit like berries, peaches, and/or bananas that I change up, or I dice up a fresh apple. I also have crushed walnuts, peanut butter, or almond butter that I sometimes add to it. I'll add a touch of honey or maple syrup depending on my mood, and I also like adding cinnamon sometimes. It's filling, comforting and pretty healthy since I can control the amount of sweetness I add to it. It takes me about ten minutes to prepare.