What is your favorite healthy breakfast other than eggs?

Sabit U.
I love to have sausages, butter, corn flakes, banana, Greek yogurt, milk, mango juice, brown and multigrain breads, bacons, tomato, mushrooms. My breakfast mainly depends on business of my daily life. When I have ample amount of time I would love to invest my time in making a wholesome breakfast with veggies and protein items like sausage and eggs. During busy routines I love to take corn flakes or Greek yogurt with granola.

Mads C.
French toast with peanut/hazelnut butter because the French toast is healthy and the hazelnut gives it that not-too-junky sweetness

Michelle S.
I like to put a delicious charcuterie together. I cut up fruit like berries, apples, watermelon and cantaloupe, cheese and nuts. Sometimes I'll add oven roasted turkey or smoked ham. For extra flavor I'll put cream cheese and plum preserves or orange marmalade out with crackers. It's super yummy, pretty to look at and great for your body.

Elizabeth Y.
I would say oatmeal with tofu, since it’s really simple but tasty. Plus, it’s nutritional and you can always swap up the add-ins/sides if you get bored (for example instead of tofu use salted duck eggs or pickled radish or random leftovers in your fridge). I also enjoy avocado toast as a healthy breakfast option, though that’s less easy because it depends on whether you have ripe avocados or not. Hope this helps!

Silas C.
Oat bars, bananas, Avocado toast… But a way to spice up your egg breakfast is by making shakshuka! That's my absolute favourite