What is your favorite protein based breakfast next to eggs?

Heinz Wilhelm T.
sandwich meat because it's not easy and fast. But if I have enough time I like to take what ever meat was cooked before and work into my breakfast. Like grilled chicken, steak, ribs and pork. If I have a day off and in the mood I love cooking with tofu.

Nikolay F.
I mix quark (aka cottage cheese) with some smetana (aka sour cream) and some raisins. Sometimes I will eat it as is, and sometimes I use it as a topping for my toasts.

Hadrien Q.
Overnight oats (I like the full oat groats for plenty of fibre) with chia seeds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, and cinnamon- all soaked in soy milk (the protein king of plant milks).

Guy T.
I am not a fan of eggs. My favorite is protein shakes. I usually put a fruit (frozen or fresh), banana, a green (ex: spinach), whey protein powder, milk, plain kefir yogurt, some nuts or seeds and or almond/peanut butter. I use a blender and they taste great. Don't hesitate to try new things in your shakes or to change up the recipe.

Tamisonel N.
I have tried so many different kind of proteins for breakfast in the morning. My goals are easier to get clean value for nutrition making me getting through lunch time with out crashes my body.

I have been found out only one kind of proteins in which they already make together whey and soybean proteins. The benefits of whey protein is fast absorbed right away to the body, but soybean protein is been absorbed in very slow pace. That’s why you could get clean energy through your lunch time.

I have tried many different names for protein shake, but I only recommend you to get Protein Plus (TM) from BOLTHOUSE FARMS. Because, I love the thickness of tastes is given than any other of proteins product makers. I think this is the best protein shake that money can buy. I love to drink it daily for only one bottle of 15.2 Fl. OZ in the morning to get my energy started for my work and it’s actually helping Me to do just that!!!

Ayulia N.
Umm .. i eat eggs almost every morning. Sometimes i eat a slice of fish with rice or 2 banana with a cup of tea. I didn't force myself to buy and eat specific food for breakfast.

Carla W.
I love to eat an apple or a bowl of fruit salad and some cerel buiscuits that I love. Also, I drink orange juice every morning!! It's not protein but it's amazing.

Chiara Z.
I make a breakfast burrito with crumbled up morningstar veggie sausage patty, refried beans or black beans, brown rice, goat cheese, and hot sauce.