What are some healthy breakfast taco recipes?

Isabella F.
Some minced chicken and tomato also some salad. Mayonnaise will be a great combination with taco. Adding some cheese is not wrong right?

Pincky Z.
I don't know. I keep my breakfast as simple as cereal and coffee or toast and coffee and when I'm off, I can make a brunch

Gertrude O.
Well I'm not so much into tacos but I once saw that u could get avocado and vegetables to make a vetaco..see what I did there

Alison O.
I don't normally eat tacos, however, if you're having a taco for breakfast I suggest keeping it veggie. I wouldn't suggest eating meat high in protein so early in the morning. A mixture of cheese, zucchini, squash, tomato, cilantro, onions, oil and all the accompanying ingredients.

Normano Z.
Well u can eat a normal taco but reduce the meat,cheese,salsa, and put more of the healthy stuff. Some healthy stuff could be tomatoes, lettuce, and some chives.