What’s the quickest way to cook eggs or get protein in the morning?

Matthew Z.
Boil them the night before, peel & store in the fridge.

They make a fantastic grab & go snack!

You can do a few days worth at a time. Any left over, you can always use up in a curry or a salad.

Merf N.
Instead of pulling out pots and pans every morning, try the microwave. Microwaved eggs cook up super quick and don’t need all the grease. Make sure to poke the yolk to prevent it from popping! If you wanna avoid animal products, try soy products like tofu, tempeh, or edamame. They are all high in complete proteins.
Maureen F.
I do a combo- a big batch of hard boiled for the week when I really have no time and can grab it quick, and a pan fry when I have more time!
Rachel S.
Hard boil eggs the night before to have already cooked eggs in the morning. Or scrambled eggs tend to take the least amount of time
Coco Q.
I usually boil an egg, as that allows me to do other things. I always put a timer on so I can focus my attention on getting ready, reading the news or preparing other foods to go with the egg. If you don't plan on doing anything else, scramble eggs are fast to make too. Hope that helps you 🙂
Brett X.
You can pre-boil eggs on your day off and have 1-2 with some toast or microwaved beans in the morning for some protein. I usually have Greek yogurt instead. A quick scramble is also easy, and baked egg recipes may let you get ready while your egg cooks. There are plenty online.
Ricarda J.
It's always nice to have some protein bars at home, so you can just grab them on the go, but eggs just as hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein too
Elli C.
If you don't have the time/mental space to prepare ahead of time the fastest way to go from raw egg to cooked and ready to eat is to fry it – put some oil or butter in a pan, heat it on medium heat, crack the egg into the pan, let it cool until the bottom is opague and the white is bubbling a little, then you can either put some water in the pan and cover it if you want it sunny side up or flip the egg and fry on the other side. You can choose how runny the yolk is by how long you cook your egg. Heat up some toast while this is happening if you really want a nice quick meal.

If you don't like fried eggs, scrambled eggs also don't take much time. Crack them in a bowl, add salt and pepper and a dash of milk, whisk with a fork, then scramble in a pan heated on medium with some oil.

Now if you can do some prep ahead of time, hardboil a few eggs and leave them in the fridge. They only take about 12 minutes to prep and there's nothing faster than cracking open a hard boiled egg, adding some salt and pepper and chowing down.

George E.
Keep a non stick or oiled pan on the stove and just break an egg in the morning, add some oil if it doesnt take time.
You can have oatmeal also as a source of protein, flavored yogurt.
Boil an egg and warm it next day by tossing it in hot water for a minute (not the yummiest option).
Melisya T.
Hey!! if you are trying to get healthier don’t add butter to the pan (it is not good for you ):get a pan but t if you have one that is like “waterproof “ no de that if not get a pan and get however much eggs you want to eat let’s say you want to eat 2 eggs hit them on something u til the eggshells break once they crack open them and put them on the pan also I forgot to add this but make sure you put the pan on the stove please be careful now put the eggs in the pan and wait the part that is clear it will start to turn white same for the yolk but that will be yellow
Julia N.
About eggs I think a sunnyside up is the fastest and simpler.
Other good protein sources could be hummus on whole grain bread. Or natural peanut butter
Ir Ne Mari I.
You can boil eggs in big batches and keep them in the fridge for quite a long time. Then you can quickly make egg salad or deviled/angel eggs in whichever way is satisfying to you
Marilyn J.
I do not know the quickest way to make eggs, but I know a delicious way! For scrambled eggs I crack my eggs in a separate bowl then whisk them together until they are completely yellow. Then i pour the eggs into my pan over the stove and let those sit for a little. Then I add some seasoning (for me that’s onion powder and pepper.) After that I scramble up the eggs to where they’re little pieces and add some mozzarella or cheddar cheese!
Bernadette F.
Quickest way to get protein would definitely be protein shakes. If you are not a fan of shakes you can try protein bars, they are pretty delicious! In case you want to stick with your eggs, maybe make it yourself easy and buy an egg cooker. I always notice that it makes it just so much easier and therefore you make boiled eggs way more often. You just put the eggs in, put some water, depending on if you would like soft/medium or hard boiled eggs, and then you click a switch. It will start bleeping when it's done and in the meantime you can do what ever you want; preparing the rest of your breakfast, take a quick shower or just meditate for a bit!
Anya I.
Eggs are definitely not the quickest way to get protein. Greek yogurt would be quicker! Granola with nuts and seeds would be quicker. So would preparing a chia seed pudding the night before. That said, eggs are delicious. Frying takes me about five minutes because I like a runny yolk. Scrambling it can be even faster.
Annie J.
i prefer to just have a sunny side up and cook it on high heat so these the yolk is runny so u can leave it so i can put a slice of bread, to eat the egg with, in the toaster
Elia Z.
Hi dear. You can fry the egg and I think it's a quick way to cook it. Eating an apple or a banana is a good and easy way to take more protein. Good luck 😉
Rivishani P.
Put a little bit of oil on to a pan and let it heat. Beat 2 eggs with a half a cup of milk, some salt and pepper. Scramble it on the pan for 2-3 minutes
Enitsa X.
You can boil the eggs the night before and keep them refrigerated. Other quick option is a protein powder shake. My personal fevorite is a smoothy made of ~200 g yoghurt, a whole banana, and a scoop of protein powder (you can add a spoon of seeds if you like too). Blend it. Voila!
Not sure if it's suitable for you though – banana, while being a source of good carbs, still has carbs. And seeds while rich in nutrients, are also rich in calories. If you are cutting down on calories, skip the seeds and maybe use half a banana?
Hope that helps 🙂
Martin F.
I an NOT a fan of eggs or breakfast. What works for me is a protein shake. Sometimes I add it to my 2nd cup of coffee and sip it all morning. I guarantees me lots of protein before lunch.
Paul N.
Cut an avocado in half. Remove core. Put an egg in each half where there was the core before. Put it in the oven. Breakfast done in 10 minutes.
More protein: low fat curd cheese. High protein, cheap, not very strong taste. Throw in onto everything: break, pancakes, as replacement for milk when eating cereals, etc.
Really gets the proteins in your breakfast up by a lot.
You could of course do classics like scrambled eggs and so on, but I find these way more boring. If you have pre cooked chicken from the day before this is great for protein as well. Another easy breakfast: mash a banana with 2 eggs and mix. Bake it like a pancake. Put a thick layer of low fat curd cheese onto it and a few berries on top. Quick, healthy, and tons of protein really 🙂
Kaelen N.
If you like hard-boiled eggs you can buy a small $20 appliance online that will cook eggs in a few minutes on its own with no need to watch over it. Also getting any protein bars are great for a quick breakfast.
Sarah Y.
The best way is to cook them ahead of time, prepare a bunch of hard boiled eggs and put them in the fridge for when you need them. Great for lunch too! Otherwise, scrambled eggs are super quick as well.
Ruben Y.
Get your ingredients ready and preheat the pan. Use the time it takes to preheat the pan to do other things, like drink water. A simple sunny side up egg takes about 5 minutes to make. If you don't feel like cooking in the morning, make something protein-rich the night before.
Queen Z.
This is an amazing way to get protein. Get chocolate flavoured protein powder add water to how the instructions tell u blend it! Very important to blend it! Next important step is add organic cocoa powder! Because it doesnt taste as good without it and wow u have an amazing pumpful of protein all in a drink. If you would rather not. then have some oat meal and organic nut butter. Also a great choice 💜
Malthe E.
I like to cook my eggs in the same pan as my other protein, like turkey sausage. When the turkey sausage is almost done, I pour in scrambled eggs to the other side and give them a quick stir. This keeps things moving fast and only requires one pan to wash! Scrambled eggs are definitely the fastest, u less you like sunny side up, those are fast too. If you’re going to fry an egg, add a splash of water to the pan and toss on a lid. Steam is one of the fastest cooking methods and will help cook through a fried egg extra quick. Instant oats are also extra fast and only need some boiling water pored over top. You can let the oats steam while you get ready and eat on the go.
Alexandro C.
I think toasted bread with honey and some nuts (peanuts usually) is the easiest, but hard boiled egg is also a good option..
Daniel X.
I cook an Oats meal mixed with a protein shake and throw nuts in when it is done, takes me 15 minutes to make and another 15 to eat, a really powerful morning starter that I love
Brennan J.
Protein shake is the quickest way to get protein. If you don't like the flavor, there are a variety of brands and flavors. Mixing it with milk (or almond milk, etc.) makes it taste better. The best way to make eggs for a speedy breakfast is to boil them the night before. You can eat it plain with salt or quickly fix an egg salad sandwich. Personally, if I have time I like to scramble my eggs and eat it in a sandwich.
Gail W.
Batch cooking hardboiled eggs is the fastest way to get average cooking time down per egg. But there are more than one way to get protein in the morning. Whole grains like oatmeal and nuts also contain protein. A bowl of oatmeal contains as much protein as an egg, and with peanut butter that’s two eggs!
Renee E.
Sunny side up eggs are quick and easy tasty! You can Poach them in vinegar (I like rice vinegar) instead of fry them in oil For lower fat 🙂
Gesine N.
I mainly eat peanut butter (on whole grain bread) or soy sausages for protein in the morning. But I guess you could always boil or fry eggs. Boiling might be better for you, since you could boil a few eggs (like 5 or something) and eat them over the course of a few days.
Carrie F.
I’d suggest boiling a big batch ahead of time. I usually eat a protein bar. I’ve been pretty addicted to the Think brand bars for years and years.
Lindsey N.
Easy protein is a protein drink or PB and a banana! But my favorite egg cooking method is poaching. You don't get any added oil and once you perfect it you get a beautiful custardy egg every time.
Amorette T.
A microwave-poached egg is easy. 50-60 seconds in the microwave in a covered dish with 1/3 cup water and a tiny splash of vinegar. Be sure to pierce the yolk several times. Remove from water, add salt and pepper, serve with toast.
Adam G.
Hard boiling half a dozen eggs and having them ready is the most efficient way to have protein ready in the morning. The quickest way to cook an egg though is probably to fry it.
Noa N.
Well for me I believe boiling an egg is the quickest and the easiest way to get protein.. so you probably can start boiling the egg and do other stuff meanwhile it's boiling
Janete T.
I'm vegan. So I don't eat eggs. Instead I get my protein on oats. You can mix with oats whatever you want and it's delicious and really nutritive. This way you get to start your day with energy and without hurting any animals. Why not beginning the change in the morning?
Susana X.
If I need to be quick, I try to hard boil an egg ahead of time. Of I can be a little more leisurely, I like to fry an egg to get a runny yolk. I think that takes about 5 minutes.
Vesna F.
The quickest way to cook eggs is to fry or scramble. The quickest way to get protein is to grab a yogurt, make a smoothie with protein powder, or grab some canned or smoked meat.
Kaylee O.
Hard boiled eggs seem to be the quickest/simplest, just put the eggs in a small pot (I do 2-4 at a time) turn heat to high, leave them there to boil for ten minutes, turn heat off then come back to your eggs whenever you want to eat them
Crystal H.
Personally, I think fried eggs over easy is the quickiest, unless you want to go full-Rocky and eat them raw. But the quickiest way I get protein in the morning is a protein bar.