Do you have any great make-ahead breakfasts that are quick to grab in the morning?

Irmela F.
I prefer overnight chia seeds with oat s honey and whatever flavoring I have on hand. I really like smoothies in the morning if I feel like getting out of blender as well
Nicole S.
Unfortunately not. I am a toast person for breakfast. Most mornings I have some sort of toast with some sort of protein style topping.
Pinkfedoras N.
I sometimes go with bacon and eggs b/c they're a very good benchmark breakfast, and it's actually very easy and short to make, but if you want to add a lot of variety, you should search up KWOOWK on YouTube, and watch some of his mouthwatering meals that he created in 15 MINUTES.
Sophie Y.
Overnight oat meal in a mason jar is great. You can add flax seeds, peanut butter/ almond butter, nuts and fruits to add extra nutrition.
Ilze O.
Granola, hemp seeds and vegan yogurt done in previous night.

Oatmeal, water, dates, pinch of salt, done in previous day