What do you normally eat for breakfast that fuels you until lunch time? Do you have a time limit to eat and how does that help you choose what to eat regularly?

Atie T.
Hi, I usually eat a banana and peanut butter with a glass of lactose-free milk. of course I drink a cup of tea at 11:00. I must eat my breakfast between 6:00-6:30 and usually I made it before sleep
Pempu Z.
I like having time in the morning, I always try to get up 1-2 hours before I leave for work. But since breakfast isn’t the only thing I want to manage in the morning, I want to keep it simple and rather fast. I created a mix of oat- or rice-milk, a banana, oat flakes, some hemp protein, a spoon of olive oil and a tiny spoon of honey, blend it to a thick mix and drink it slowly. It’s healthy, makes me full for a long time, but doesn’t take hours to prepare. If I put out the ingredients and tools in the evening, it’s even more relaxing in the morning. Disclaimer: This is a special mix for me, because I wanna gain weight, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for everyone. But it contains fruit, proteins, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids 🙂
Deneya B.
Well I'm never have the same thing every morning. Yesterday I had Eggo waffles what cashew butter split banana and some honey on top of the waffles. And the day before that I had a protein shake what consists of banana almond milk coconut milk peanut butter and some oats and protein.
Theresa N.
I usually eat porridge for breakfast, sometimes I mix in chia seeds and sometimes, if I'm having digestion issues I'll just eat chia pudding without oats. I always add something to this for sweetness, usually raisins, banana or berries, my favourite treat to add to my breakfast is a tablespoon of natural peanut butter! I also usually have a drink with this, either tea, macha or if I haven't slept well, coffee. Sometimes my mum makes us all a breakfast smoothie and when she does I eat half my usual portion.
Cibele S.
Almost everyday I eat home-made granola with half of the yogurt and fruit, or 2 slices of home-made banana bread with peanut butter, in weekend I eat porridge with nuts, fruits and peanut butter
Filippa Z.
I normally eat eggs and vegetables! Normally this can help keep me full until lunch. On most days, I wake up at 6, get ready for school, and am out the door to walk to school at 7:30, so there is a limit. Normally I am not hungry until around 8:30 in the middle of my class, so I usually wait for breakfast until 9:30 when class lets out. If I do this, then I will likely eat something lime chia pudding with fruit, overnight oats, or an apple with almond butter.
Judas P.
I love to have porridge every morning. I add chai seeds or sunflower seeds to keep me going longer. Peach or berries add sweetness. It’s easy to prepare porridge whilst I make kids lunches and there is little mess to clean up after.
Anya Y.
Normally for breakfast I eat kefir and fruit (grapes, apple, kiwi…) with flaxseed and goji berry powder. Kefir is fermented goats milk which fills your gut with good bacteria boosting your overall health (look it up). Cutting up a few pieces of fruit and mixing it up with some kefir and flaxseed is very quick and easy. I usually have 10 mins to eat breakfast before I rush off for work in the mornings. I also have some toasted millet bread (which is gluten free) with seed or nut butter spreads. I also add some jam to it sometimes too. I like having toast as well as it fills me up more and can be roasting while I eat my fruit. If you do have toast, make sure that it is good quality and organic. The cheap white bread in the shops contain genetically modified wheat and grains. I hope that helped 🙂
Clinton Y.
Usually just a banana and a protein bar. Protein and potassium are something that I need regularly, but often forget/don't get enough. So the easiest way to remember both is to eat them straight away in the morning.
Barry N.
Protein and fat keep me full until lunch time, even longer. Something like a bacon and egg wrap, or sausages.

As for a time limit, I probably do have one. If I haven't eaten by 11 I will probably wait for lunch.

Paul Q.
Usually I just have some yoghurt with granola, which I can take with me to work.
In the weekend, I sometimes make pancakes with oatmeal, almonds and fruit. Takes more time, but is very good!
Jacob C.
I start with 0,5L water sometimes as tea.
I eat 3eggs mixed with oat milk that I fry with a onion and spinach.
I try to eat before 8.15am.
Jason C.
Starbucks breakfast sandwich, rice roll, some times I throw together the side dishes I get from H mart. If I ever cook for myself it’s eggs with vegetables