Is an optimal breakfast eaten in separate portions over like 2 hours healthy? Like only water then only fruits then only oats cooked in water or milk or soymilk then only nuts? Is sourdough bread or wasa cracker(dunkel wheat or rye or mixed grains) a great alternative to oats? Or what else is a scientifically proven breakfast of champions? Do you consider ayurvedic and bloodtype foods when selecting top breakfasts?

Emilia N.
Mostly i like to have breakfast in several portions when I'm home in the morning , which isn’t often but when I can i do it and i eat whatever I desire, i find that best !
Izzie S.
I am not really sure what breakfast of champions is, but what I can tell you is that not everyone can or will eat the same things. I expect that most people have a dietary plan. Currently I am aiming to lose weight for health and personal reasons, so my breakfast would be different some times. Like this morning my breakfast is just a bowl of cereal, skimmed milk and multi grain cheerios. Somedays it includes eggs, whole wheat bread, maybe sausages and some unsweetened tea or coffee. Most times I even have a smoothie. So it's really up to you, as long as it contains protein, fiber etc and it gets you through the morning without feeling hungry again till lunch.
Dana T.
When you spread out your meals especially breakfast over a longer time period you allow your body to metabolize the food you have eaten and that allows you to feel fuller and not over eat in the morning. also eating smaller over a longer period of time gives you the chance to focus on what you are eating and gives you time to reflect on your morning.
Nico U.
I think it is optimal to split breakfast in two, but might be difficult to pick the right time, everytime. But is smart to mix every kind of food in one healthy portion. I think oats should no be replaced by anything else. Protein and natural cabs like potatoes includding a variety of veggies and fruits is the best mix for breakfast.
Sebastian O.
Yes it could be. That would work. I would believe so but you might want to look it up. No I do not consider those blood types because food is either healthy or unhealthy. I know these answers are not very sufficient but I'm very new and naive to these things sorry.
Laura N.
I personally do the following and it works the best for me:
1. Drink warm lemon water and right after one glass of water
2. Oat porridge with almond milk, strawberries and seeds + almonds
2 eggs with avocado and fresh tomato + freshly squeezed orange juice.

I think there is no need to do it 2 hours separately, but you always need to listen your own gut and do what feels best for you!

Ana E.
When I get up, I drink water but as a mother of a little baby I will feed my baby first and then my dog. This can take up to 45 minutes normally so I will have some fruit and only when everyone is fed, I will have my breakfast. I think slow release carbs or healthy proteins are the way to go for breakfast so oats (porridge or in a smoothie) are my number 1 option. If I have a lot of green vegetables I can always make an omelette. Helps me feel full for a long time.
Even though bread is very traditional in breakfasts, I feel it doesn't fill you up and nutritionally speaking its not rich in vitamins and minerals. Hope this helps.
Luca T.
Optimal breakfast is eaten in away that is best for you, provided that it is healthy and filled with nutrition. An alternative to oats will depend on the nutritional value the alternative product offers, so read up on that. When selecting breakfast I have always stuck to what I was raised on and Oatmeal is that for me. I have tried other things but Oatmeal has been the best for me.