Other than eggs, what are healthy options for breakfast?

Emma W.

150 g banana
1 ea soaked dates
8 g toasted almonds
40 g almond butter
7 g coconut flakes
100 ml almond milk
200 g ice

Rachael N.
Oats are fantastic – full of fibre for satiety and gut health. They’re versatile too – great for porridge, overnight oats, muesli, smoothies, and even bread! Scrambled tofu is a healthier alternative to scrambled eggs as it is high in fibre and contains no cholesterol or saturated fat.
Danielle F.
Depends on your goals. Health looks different for different people. Moderation is always important but if you’re trying to stay full for a long time, protein is important. But also foods with a lot of water content will help you stay full. Grits for example have a lot of water in them compared to the calorie density. So a bowl of grits with a small amount of butter or cheese with some salt and pepper for flavor will go a long way. A banana is filling and quick also. A slice of ham works great.
Karolina E.
Pancakes are the answer. I like to switch my breakfast, something sweet or savoury. I like oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter, panini with lots of veg, avocado toast, breakfast burrito. I like to use avocado a lot.
Lena W.
Homemade oatmeal (with milk, fruits, a tad of maple syrup or even cinnamon!) / rice cakes with light cream cheese and thyme or turkey slice / eggs and vegetable muffins / banana pancakes / fiber cereals with milk / bran toast or any healthier toast with lighter (low sugar or low fat) peanut butter /low sugar yogurt…Have a good one :)!
Gurupreet X.
I think the other option is taking some fruits in breakfast. I love banana and Milk for breakfast bcoz I'm an underweight 😞
So in order to push myself towards better health I have started taking a healthy option for my breakfast.
Emily G.
Toast and nut butter, overnight oats and fruit smoothies are some of my go-tos. But there is no rule that you have to "breakfast foods" for breakfast. Sometimes I have leftovers! Eat what's easy, healthy, and feels right
Fanny Y.
I personally enjoy toast, but there's also granola bars (Z-Bars/Lara bars are my go to) and a bit of fruit on the side. For longer meals, I have oatmeal topped with almonds and fruit slices
Angela E.
I am having eggs, blueberries and mandarine oranges this morning and for the next few days. I also have some homemade granola I made (storebought is full of sugar) that I eat with oatmilk.
Tino Z.
We have chickens so naturally we nearly always have eggs for breakfast. They can be prepared such a variety of ways: fried, scrambled, "Dutch Babies," eggs in the nest, or egg casserole…

Homemade granola and baked oatmeal add variety also. We mix a little prepackaged cereal in with our homemade cereals sometimes, like Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes but IMO you can't have a filling breakfast with that stuff alone.

Sherri J.
I have found that the Two Good brand of yogurt is awesome and try the Real Good brand of Breakfast Sandwiches. Very low carb and yummy!
Jonathan J.
Oatmeal with fruit and hempseeds or chia seeds, silken tofu scramble with greens in a pita pocket, or buckwheat waffles topped with peanut butter + berries + hempseeds + maple syrup. These are some of my favorites.
Dylan J.
Favorite healthy breakfast: steel cut oats porridge with soy milk. Add strawberries, blueberries, and some grapes.

Top it off with a dash of nuts, be it almonds, walnuts or pecans.

Kristina G.
I make some smoothie. Sometimes just with fruits and sometimes I add some greenies in it. It is very healthy and I'm not hungry till noon.
Damla G.
Oatmeal with milk and honey, banana milk peanut butter smoothie, yoghurt and fruits, one slice of toasted bread, avocado paste, red bell peppers and salami. Don't forget to add green tea to your breakfast
In Cia E.
Soya chunks, drink of chia seeds, fruits like pear, apple, banana and boiled kidney beans or peas are some of the protein rich foods that can substitute eggs….
Caitlin R.
Oatmeal, even better with fruit
Yoghurt, with muesli, and fruit
Breakfast burrito
Peanut butter banana and bread
Dried fruit
Herwig E.
For breakfast we need some nutrious meal, but for my self, carbohidrate like rice, vegetables and protein like tofu and soy bean cake with chili sambal were very nice. It makes me feel full and keep spirit to do lots of things. Get ready
Edouard C.
4 slices of turkey and 1 slices of cheese with 1 slice of protein bread makes all the difference
Dont forget to add one bowel of green salad
Irmino Q.
I love oats with yoghurt and fruit. I also at times eat dinner leftovers as breakfast and that is a complete healthy meal in the morning.
Julie F.
There are high quality meal replacement shakes (not the cheap ones from the grocery store), fruit, whole grain toast with honey, yogurt (just watch the added sugar content), oatmeal with fruit and honey, and some breakfast cereals (though, once again, watch the added sugar content).
Andrea P.
Plain greek yogurt with berries, sliced avacado on mutigrain bread, overnight oats with almond milk chia seeds almonds and berries, cottage cheese with fresh fruit, pair anything with green tea
Lindsey Z.
Fruit, veg,nuts, seeds, lean turkey and bacon.

This morning I had pak choi with boiled eggs and grilled mushrooms alongside some seeded bread. Have a varied pantry with whole foods and this will help towards a healthier breakfast with protein.

Chaya U.
Smoothie bowls are very yummy, but also porridge, healthy pancakes or chia pudding.
You can google for some other things, but this are my favorites!
E Z.
I usually eat a banana and peanut butter smoothie.
1 banana
3-4 tbsp of peanut butter
1-2 tsp of cocoa powder
1 cup of milk
Just blend and cool for 15 mins.
Kasper E.
Different options, make eggs with potatoes and toast. Oatmeal with milk or water and some honey then put some fruits like bananas, raspberry, Strawberries.
Holly U.
avocado on toast, add some mushrooms.

Maybe a fruit smoothie

Toast and banana with cinnamon

Banana pancakes

I choose not to eat eggs.

Belinda Z.
I am allergic to eggs, and intolerant of gluten,so here are some of my favorite breakfasts;
Gluten Free toast with almond butter and banana slices
Yogurt with fruit and a sprinkling of GF granola
Skim milk latte
Tofu scramble ( fake scrambled eggs)
Taraneh Q.
I think overnight oats are really good and easy to make since you just leave them in your fridge and they can include all your favorite fruits(:
Hannah Z.
We eat a lot of oats. We also try to make things more interesting by making nutritious pancakes foetified with oats and flaxseed so breakfast is like a treat. Natural yoghurt is also very high on our list.
Shellie R.
A berry and spinach smoothie. Or herbal tea and a rice cake with avocado or other spread like hummus and a topping like cucumber or smoked salmon. A simple banana with peanut butter.