For anyone who eats oatmeal for breakfast, what are your favorite ways to add protein?

Sorcha Z.
Adding some peanut butter is always a handy option, but make sure to add less liquid too. The peanut butter melts in the hot oats and can make it super liquidy if you add tpo much <3
Axel U.
Well I add berries psyllium just, coconut sprinkles and organic high protein berry mix which contains, almonds, sunflower kernels, sesame seeds, linseed,cranberries, goji berries and blueberries. It’s a delicious way to enjoy your oatmeal breakfast.
Guy C.
Instead of preparing oatmeal with water or milk, you can mix oatmeal with greek yogurt at the night before the day you want to eat, and put it in the refrigerator. Before the time you want to eat it you can add fruits, nuts or honey
Talia O.
Nuts are always a good source of protein and also go very well with oatmeal. You could also get extra protein oatmeal at the supermarket or add protein powder.