What are some quick breakfast ideas or things I can prepare the night before?

Brittany T.
I love making over night oats ! There are plenty of different ways to make them, it all depends on your preference. My favourite is what I call my apple pie oats. I get a mason jar, I add some oats and then some vanilla flavoured almond milk, add a bit of cinnamon and then leave it in the fridge over night. The next morning I chop up one whole apple into very small squares, add it into the mason jar, add a bit more cinnamon, stir and enjoy !
Megan P.
Rolled oats are really good you can make little bites with different flavors just make sure not to use really sugary recipies you can also make yougurt popsicles with fruit
Michelle Q.
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Danielle C.
Fresh fruit can always be prepared the night before. Great meal planning option, and easy to take on the go! Belvita breakfast bars are also a great on the go option. Anything that fuels you and has lasting energy.
Flenn U.
I love meaking oats the night before, put some yoghurt or some milk in a jar, add some oats and some toppings of your choice ( mixed berries, almonds, chia seeds ECT.), or you can make some healthy muffins with eggs and veggies ( tomatoes, spinach and zucchini)