I’m trying to lower carbs and sugar while increasing my intake of veggies and animal protein. I’m also trying to avoid or lower my intake of grains, legumes, and nuts for a specific health concern. Any ideas for breakfast?

M Lina P.
My favourite breakfast is Greek yoghurt with seasonal fruit. You can sweeten it with a squirt of syrup or honey, but that's optional!
Anna J.
Well eggs is one of the best, I like making it into an omelet and adding spinach, cheese, potatoes and other veggies. Hope this helps!
Milton J.
This is not gourmet, but you could try a chicken broth with some chicken (breast or thigh, either works but grilled/seared thigh is juicier), some onions, celery, carrots, sautéed garlic, and mushrooms? If you want western, use thyme, maybe a little lemon juice for acidity, and black pepper and salt. If you want eastern, simmer it with a coin of ginger, soy sauce, and some sriracha if you want a little spice
Brooklyn P.
Steak and eggs!!! I feel almost electric on days that I have steak and eggs (and no carbs) for breakfast. Sautee some Spinach on the side if you're looking to add veggies (add some nutmeg to the Spinach, tastes nice)