What other options are there? I usually have weetbix everyday and I’m not sure what else to ave other than a piece of fruit because I can’t make eggs in the morning.

Mathilde C.
Eat old fashioned oats. Cook them in any way you like: add honey, almonds, berries, peanut butter or even in an Asian style: add sesame oil and even a fried egg!
Eddie O.
You can make your breakfast the day before, just like you would make your lunch.

I love eggs. Sometimes I take eggs I have boiled the night before, mash them with butter and microwave them. Or eat them with mayonnaise and pickles. Also I have a special dish to microwave raw eggs in the morning. (I follow a low carb diet.)

Or I might have salad with chicken for breakfast.

Richard Q.
Learn to make eggs. Buy prewhipped eggs, so you only have to cook them. But jimmy Johns ready to make breakfast cups. Make yourself a protein blend/shake for the morning. Buy protein powder. There’s many ways to have a good breakfast, try to find on for yourself. 😄
Eve S.
Anything that with high protein- like a box of yogurt, chicken (you can get those ready to eat chicken breast bags), or even chick peas/ tofu.
Carmen F.
I'm not a vegetarian or vegan though I do love these ideas and can't wait to try them myself.
Andira F.
Are you looking to add protein to your breakfast? If so, try adding some walnuts and yogurt to the milk. We normally make cereal with walnuts, fruit, yogurt, and milk.
Andrea W.
Smoothies! Choose a fruit. Add banana. Protein powder. Almond or peanut butter. Water or coconut oil. A pinch a salt. Ta dah! Or overnight oats with cinnamon banana and almond butter. Or a delish tofu scramble with veggies and Ezekiel bread toast. Or overnight chia seed pudding with Greek yogurt cinnamon and fruit &/or fruit preserves!
Deann J.
I would usually have Tempe (An oriental staple made of soya beans) and rice for breakfast. It's a good source of protein.
Matilde Z.
Breakfast options can be a handful of almonds, oatmeal but not the fruit variety packs. They are full of sugar. You can eat an apple or banana and a spoonful of peanut butter. As well as yogurt plain low sugar.
Pietro T.
One thing I do is make homemade frittatas when I don't have to rush (weekend) and when they're done. I freeze them to then heat them up quick in the microwave whenever I want one!
Elijah T.
I find hard boiling eggs and keeping them in the fridge a great way to get quick protein when I find myself short on time. I buy two cartons at a time and boil one. That way I have plenty.
Gabriella F.
What about steel cut oats. They take 20 minutes to make but then you make extra and put them in the fridge. I like to make 4 to 6 servings and then eat them through the week. I put peanut butter, fruit, or some coconut sugar on top.
Rosa E.
I enjoy having oatmeal in the morning. You can add different toppings so it doesn’t seem like you’re eating the same thing every day. Smoothies are also something that I enjoy.
Tobias Y.
You could add fruit and nuts to your cereal for some extra nutrition. Or instead of just a piece of fruit, you could have toast and nut butter with it, or maybe some yogurt.
Lionel F.
My regular breakfast is:
bowl of oatmeal with milk and raisins, bowl of yogurt with blueberries, handful of nuts (usually walnuts and almonds), fresh fruit, and coffee. This breakfast has 30g of protein and is pretty quick to prepare if you use quick cooking oats and heat them in the microwave.
Frida Z.
There are few other options
You can have Peanut Butter, Banana, Yogurt, Waffle Sandwich, Sweet Potato, Oatmeal, Smoothie
Tracy B.
Greek yogurt has been my go-to for a long time. It’s pretty high in protein and if you get classic Greek yogurt, it’s low-sugar and zero fat too. Occasionally I like to mix in some diced fruit on the weekends when I have more free time and want to make it a little more interesting to eat 😂
Karl J Rgen F.
Hi! I usually boil eggs the night before and do the overnight soak of oatmeal with raisins (and sweeteners and nuts of your choice – see the Pioneer Woman's recipe or Google overnight soaked oatmeal). That way you can wake up to healthy oats.Dried fruit works if you don't have fresh. Also can buy cartons of precut and washed papaya or watermelon or berries or cantaloupe. Papaya helps in digestion. I eat those or half a banana. Dried berries go with oatmeal (fresh in a.m.).

I microwave zucchini (see NY Times Mark Bittman recipe for "Zucchini Confit" which takes 5 minutes including microwave time).

I sometimes scramble 2 eggs with the Zucchini Confit and halved cherry tomatoes. Any vegetable will work and you don't have to take 30 minutes to make a frittata. Leftover veggies are good next to eggs, sunny side up or the boiled eggs. Better yet but pre-,boiled eggs from Whole Foods, etc.

Smoked salmon with cream cheese on a bagel quick and healthy. So is avocado toast with olive oil, pepper flakes, and if you wish sesame seeds. Very quick. Or prosciutto toast with goat cheese, arugula. Can substitute basil or other herbs on top. We use Tuscan seasoning, faster.

Hope all this helps!

Jordan P.
A spoonful of peanut butter in a cup of yogurt. Maybe some walnuts or a handful of raisins in top. Keep a pantry of simple things, so you can mix it up. Almost no prep time needed
Benjamin Y.
I don’t have a good answer for you, because I usually make egg salad (lettuce, tomato, cheese, walnut and one boiled egg) or a vegetable omelette.
But recently I ordered some healthy smoothies, which I shake it with Milk and drink it everyday .
Mads G.
If you look on google or pinterest, there are so many great ideas! Just type in something along the lines of "quick / easy healthy breakfast ideas" and there will open a new world of deliciousness for you 🙂 what about a quick smoothie, some granola with yoghurt, avocado on toast, healthy bananabread (you can make it when you have time and pop it in the freezer)… etc. Have fun with it! 🙂
Loane S.
I like instant oatmeal, it just takes water from the kettle to make, and you can make your own instant oatmeal packets to grab and go if you're late. Granola and milk is great too as an alternative to cereals.
Dan R.
Studies have shown that having protein in the morning is as effective as coffee in energizing the body. I usually have a pea protein, soy milk, and organic cacao powder shake. It takes me about 5 mins. to make and drink. It also keeps me satisfied until lunch. Fast protein and antioxidants delivery 🙂
Lola F.
Try greek yoghurt with berries and add granola or other type of grain. Or boil some eggs the previous day and make egg-avocado toasts.
Mae S.
Fruit is good. If you can, try taking a break at work and going to a breakfast place to get some eggs and bacon or something with protein and not to much sugar. Also if you can possibly get stuff to make an egg in the morning, example: an pan, some cooking oil, etc). I hope you can achieve your goals! Keep at it and celebrate by listening to some music when eat an egg for three days straight! You CAN do it. 😀🙂👍👍🙂😀
Brittany Y.
You can eat fruit and don't have to cook nothing! It's fast. Also you can get some yogurt with these fruits or maybe a slice of integral bread and put oil on it with salmon or light cheese
Alejandra G.
If the problem is cleanup, maybe boil a badge of eggs in avance so that you don't have to do it every day. Just make süre to hard boil them.
Kelly C.
Eggs are super easy to make ahead of time. If you don’t like hard boiled you can make little quiches in a muffin tray or scramble them and just re-warm them.

If you don’t like eggs breakfast muffins are great or I eat plain yogurt with nuts and dried fruit. There are so many options. Don’t limit yourself to “breakfast” foods.

Marius F.
Soft boiled eggs are great! You can make them a couple days ahead, and eat two for breakfast on toast with a slice of tomato or avocado.

Another favorite of mine is whole milk yogurt and good granola (look for one with less sugar). The full-fat yogurt gives longer-lasting, better-for-you calories and it's in a pinch you can throw a single-serving container and granola in a little Tupperware in your bag and eat at your desk.

Happy Breakfasting 🙂

Lisa T.
I have what my sister calls a “power breakfast.” I make yogurt made with Silk vanilla, soy milk & cashews (throw it in the instapot for 8 hours and you have enough for at least a week or more). Then I heat up some frozen fruit (mangos, blueberries and strawberries are my fav), pour the yogurt on top, add a bit of Ezekiel cereal and too it off with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. You can even prepare a few tupperwares of the mixture ahead of time. Keeps me going for a lot of the day. Add some green tea and you’ll be set! Yum! Try it, it’s super awesome. I eat it almost every morning.
Arnold Z.
Whole grains like in weetbix, oatmeal etc. are great! I like to make overnight oats. It will save you time in the morning. Also don’t underestimate protein in your breakfast. If you don’t have time to make eggs, put some ham/turkey/cheese on a sandwich. Turkey is the option with the least fat.
Ray J.
I like to keep a bag of Fitness granola mix on hand to pour into a bowl with almond milk. It’s quick, easy, and pretty yummy as well as filling.
Luke P.
Buying a blender should allow you to have a healthy breakfast within your time constraint. Mix multiple fruits with honey, milk and blend. Quick, healthy and fulfilling . Blending is a better alternative for cooking .
Rachel E.
Try oatmeal or chia seed pudding with peanut butter, nuts, and other healthy additions. A smoothie could be another option. You can even prepare the night before!
Holly C.
Have fibre one with your morning cereal and some days have ground flax seed with your cereal. Eat a piece of fruit such as an orange an apple or a mango mango with your breakfast.
Amalie X.
You could try making up some egg and cheese tortillas like Dunkin Doughnuts and freezing them. A flat fried egg put into a tortilla and folded over and heated in the microwave in the morning.
Fernando Z.
Sometimes I will make overnight oats with yogurt and apple juice. I add frozen fresh fruit to it in the morning and take it to work. There are other variations on the theme like layering muesli, yogurt and fruit. Occasionally I treat myself to buying cooked eggs at s coffee shop
Evelise I.
I would suggest, since you’re so used to Weetbix, to just add some good protein to it. There are now milks (both dairy and almond) that have extra protein in them. And you could add nuts to the cereal. You could also have a side of plain Greek yogurt with fruit (or just eat a parfait of that w weetbix crushed into it). And maybe add more fiber to everything – like ground flaxseed!
David E.
Have you ever tried overnight oats? They’re really easy because you prepare the night before, put them in the refrigerator, and they’re ready to eat in the morning. You can find all kinds of recipes online, but the basics are: put rolled oats in a mason jar with the milk of your choice (dairy or non-dairy), 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, and some fruit and/or nuts. I like mine with blueberries. Snoop around online for lots of different combinations.
Seth J.
I’ve taken to a cliff bar in the morning. Maybe toss in a glass of milk or a banana. Instant oatmeal is quick and good for ya I love adding peanut butter but that’s just me. 🙂
Ronaldo S.
Hello! I’ve been having rushed mornings lately and I found that instead of just an apple or fruit, you could do something just as simple as a yogurt parfait! Cut up bananas, strawberries, apples, raspberries or other of your favourite but healthy foods and to top it off add some plain vanilla(or your choice of flavour) Greek yogurt(Greek is generally more healthy than others). Or you could also make a smoothie using protein and fruits of your choice. I really hope that this helped you and your morning!hope you have a nice day!:)
Jeffrey Z.
Keep changing your breakfast…don't have same breakfast in the same week…If u have poha on Monday then eat upma on Tuesday similarly quinoa on Wednesday cereals with milk on Thursday Dosa on Friday Daliya on Sat and aloo or methi parantha on sunday
Thomas G.
I’ve been making a batch of hard boiled eggs the day before, which are easy to just grab one and eat each morning until I need to make some more.
Hans J S.
I usually have a bowl of gf oatmeal or a small serving of yogurt. I will also grab a piece of toast with my fruit. When I'm in less of a hurry, I will make meat, like bacon, sausage, turkey, or chicken. When in a guru, I will short cut to just a protien shake and a piece of fruit.
Brandon Q.
You can also have avocado on gluten free or sprouted grain bread. Oatmeal also works as well. I either have that with bacon or a banana. I also have a cup of keto coffee with my breakfast.
Cl Lia C.
Boil eggs in the evening, or make oatmeal’s with smooshed banana, go to Pinterest and check inspiring breakfast ideas, try nuts, vegetables . Make it feel like you rewarding yourself with a great breakfast and not punishing with preparation routine.
Edgar C.
When I was doing really well, I would have a smoothie. I would prep the veggies/fruits at the beginning of the week, freeze them and just pop them in the blender on the way out the door to work. Takes less than 10min. Lately, I've just been having yogurt or a granola bar. I feel like smoothies are the best option just because you are getting the nutrients from fruits/veggies you need and it's still pretty quick, easy and painless.
Sales S.
Pineapple slices and 2-3 walnuts or half avocado and two scoop pea protein and almond milk smoothie you can add chia or flaxseed or you can add fruits and seeds to the pudding made by chia and almond milk mix p.s it will be much better if the mix rested overnight in the fridge. Also lactose free yogurt with spices such as turmeric, red pepper, ginger…
Owen U.
Hard boiled eggs can be made the night or day before and stay good at least 2 days in the refrigerator.
Another option is plain yogurt with dollop of honey and milled flax seed for omega-3.
To add more protein, I mix hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass fed cows to my coffee, twice.
And add once MCT oil to coffee to boost my brain.
Z Lio Q.
How about preparing some overnight oats? You can put any seeds, or grains in that you like. Some fruit and then a couple spoons of natural yoghurt and a bit of skimmed milk then just let them sit in the fridge overnight. I used to use old jam jars to make mine in. I usually added pumpkin seeds and chia seeds – it is a bit different and quick and easy to do and totally yummy x
Aziz Z.
If you want to eat eggs in the morning but don’t have time try harboiling them a couple days in advanced so they’re easier to grab and go. The app also suggested apples or bananas with peanut butter
Manfred U.
I eat what ever is as good as the eggs and fruit. Sometimes I am in a hurry and don't have time to eat in the a.m but what I do is buy a croissant plain and eat that.
Mat O G.
If you cant make eggs in the morning hard boil them and take them to go. Slow digesting carbs are better in the morning like whole wheat toast or oats. For protein, eggs or protein powder are easiest. My favorite breakfasts are oatmeal with protein powder and berries, protein pancakes topped with berries or eggs and toast. Make it simple and something you enjoy eating!
Derek X.
If youre tight on time in the morning consider making something the night before that you can have the next morning. Breakfast burritos are a great thing to make the previous night. Also things like smoothies are great because you can add anything you may want to power your day.
Villads G.
Eggs are surprisingly good reheated. You can always do some meal prep the night before. If I'm in a crunch I do yogurt and fruit or a kellogs crustless quiche from the grocery store freezer section.
Aubrey A.
I don’t know either. Last days I can’t resist different food, like bread, honey, milk… so I can’t give you right advice at this moment, but carrots can replace eggs (proteins), or applesauce, mashed banana, flax seeds, chia seeds, yogurt or buttermilk, aquafaba, nut butter.
Judy B.
I think toast can be a great breakfast. Having a piece of multigrain toast with peanut butter or avocado is a quick and healthy breakfast
Isidor U.
I usually prepare a salad: get some lettuce, ripe avocado, solmon, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, canned mushrooms. Cut them all, put in a bowl, add salt and mix them. Really fast to prepare but tasty and nourishing.
Elizabeth B.
You could have fruit with yoghurt and maybe a little bit of cereal to give some nice texture.

You could make banana pancakes the night before and reheat them the next morning- add raspberries and fruit and it could make a nice change.

Scrambled egg on toast if done in. The microwave only takes 2 minutes though so you could do that occasionally.

Lucy U.
You can have some non cook protein or something that can be just microwaved! I have frozen sausage that can be microwaved or I'll just have a cheese stick or two when I'm in a hurry to go with fruit.
Benjamin P.
Bread? Yoghurt? Oatmeal? I eat two cooked eggs on top of two pieces of crisp bread every morning and it suits me perfectly. If you have a hard time finding breakfast inspiration I would suggest you go on youtube and search for quick breakfast or healthy breakfast, whatever rows your boat. If you are vegan of vegetarian I would like to recommend the youtuber PickUpLimes. Good luck ^^
Mirza A.
Well, some days I don't eat in the morning because I eat late at night. If I do eat in the morning I would have yogurt, bacon, grits and oatmeal. Also I would have fruit if my sugar is low.
Olivia Y.
The people behind the app suggest a small container (Ziploc) of mixed nuts that your can grab on your way out the door. Also either a banana or an apple for "slow sugar" and also an energy (or protein) bar.
Craig S.
Hello fellow traveler:)!
I am gluten and dairy free (alergies) and I love to have “Energy Bites” for breakfast!
Simple recipes on line… my fav is:
* Peanut Butter
* Oats
* Honey
Made into a ball, chilled in fridge
then dipped in melted dark chocolate.
DELICIOUS… Keto friendly too
Megan E.
Normally in breakfast i have these options to eat, that are very quick to prepare and gives you a lot of energy.

These breakfast plan is for the people that don't have too much time.

– Hot coffee/chocolate (max 5 min to prepare)

– Cereals with milk or yogurt (max 1 min to prepare)

– A bunch of nuts (you can put in on your pockets to eat while you're going to work)

– An apple (or fruit in general) to eat it while you're straight to work

Jon C.
I think it helps to get outside of the breakfast box. Our bodies are fine with healthy food. One of my favorite things to have is a multigrain pita toasted into a Mediterranean Pizza with Olive Oil, garlic, green Pepper, sweet onion, broccoli florets, tomato from my garden and often when I take it out of the toaster oven, I top it with organic blueberry. Or I will make up some fresh tuna salad the night before if I know time is limited.
Ashley U.
Time crunch in the morning is definitely an issue I agree as I also only have quite a short window before needing to head out the door. Instead of pan frying eggs how about trying hard boiled eggs? You can make a dozen on Sunday and have 2 each morning for the weekdays. Greek yogurt is also a favorite of mine as it's high protein and easy to eat. My go to is hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, apple, protein shake.
Franz Xaver O.
You could try oatmeal!! There are a lot of delicious recepies out there which are very healthy! Or chia seed pudding (although it takes a while to get used to the texture) or even yogurt with granola!
Nora U.
My ‘go to’ for breakfast is porridge. 🙂 I find that it sustains me for much longer and it is easy to add in seasonal extras.

At the moment, my base is 40g of porridge oats, 15g of chia seeds and 30g of sultanas or raisins. I then add 150ml or so milk and quickly cook it all up in the microwave. I have found that the microwave saves so many stick pots and pans! This helps to speed up my morning routine as I just have to quickly wash the bowl before going to work.

Anyway, back to the added extras! I have found that pear and walnuts with a drizzle of honey is really yummy. You can also add in frozen fruits and let them soak overnight before cooking everything in the morning.

You can play around with things to avoid being bored. Another thing I like to do is to go foraging in the neighbourhood to collect free edibles such as rose hips, various berries, elderflower, sloes and cherries.