I love protein powder though some can get clumpy. What are the protein powders you guys use?

Veronica Y.
I really think the trick is how you mix the protein powder. I use a regular blender – dont let anyone tell you need something expensive – and it's all in the way you load the blender. Liquids always go in first, then your nut butters (I use almond or natural peanut) then your ice. Turn your blender and let it do the work for you!! Good luck!
Jurij O.
I use the Vega protein powder, but I personally don’t like how it completely changes my shakes, and it has an odd taste (I have the vanilla kind).
Leslie Z.
I like Kaizen. There's not a lot of junk in it and it tastes pretty good…I usually get plain vanilla. To avoid lumps I use a small smoothie-style blender instead of simply stirring or using a shaker.
Elsa T.
Vega protein and greens vanilla flavor. I use a smart shake bottle to mix with almond milk. There are other bottles out there that come with a ball to help mix the powder
Jamie P.
Vega. it’s tasty and smooth. doesn’t taste chalky and doesn’t get clumpy. it’s also vegan and contains a lot of real vegetables which i love.
Benjamin C.
I go for meal replacements like Huel and Soylent. Protein is nice, but I want that balance that my body has evolved to digest. There are no short cuts to good nutrition but plenty of detours that take you away from it.
Erin E.
I find some protein powders are better than others, but a trick I use is to mix it in a blender, furthermore, I add ice and that seems to break up the lumps.
Hope that helps
Katrine B.
I prefer VEGA (tm?) as they are vegan I believe, as I mostly am. They use predominantly pea protien which is simpler and more efficient for Our human ecosystem to utilize and process.
I personally use tbe VEGA One meal replacement powder as it contains nor only good proteins but also condensed vegetable nutrients, vitamins and healthy minerals such as potassium from these constituents.
Immortal, World Server
Love 💝🌟💚💙💜
Emile E.
I really like Ka’chava tribal superfood. It is a blend of plant based proteins, omega efa ‘s, herbs, and probiotics. I usually mix it with a nut milk. I add frozen berries or chocolate to change it up. I found it on Amazon
Od Lia N.
I actually love that you asked this question! I struggled with the same issue, and even though my sister isn’t vegan she found that plant-based protein powders are much more water soluble. We now use protein powders like the SunWarrior brand. I like the chocolate flavored one, which actually has chocolate in it and it’s not an artificial flavor.
Annelies F.
I do not use protein powders. I like having food like eggs, fish, milk, yoghurt and poultry foods which are good sources of protein.
Ibralina A.
It's not really a brand distinction for me, but I mix all my protein powder in a blender. It makes it nice and frothy and very rarely get lumps. Its also super quick and even if i have to shake it up later to keep it from settling, it stays smooth.
Cody U.
I prefer Vega brand protein. It’s vegan, tastes good, and comes in a variety of flavors and types based on your athletic needs.
Sofia N.
I have the same problem. This isn’t a great answer but I use a little bit of hot water to declump it and then I mix the rest with a cold water/almond milk mix.
Kylian O.
Plant base protein powder. It depends on person to person if someone is allergic to gluten then they need to check with what option they can use may be soy not sure though.
Maria C.
Hello mate, I used to protein powder evert day sometimes twice a day but now I take the protein just training day and if you wonder the brand of the protein, this is optimum nutrition.
Katie S.
I don't use protein powder. You might be able to sub it for a high protein yogurt instead if you aren't lactose intolerant.
Clayton P.
Tera’s Whey! The regular, not the organic. The texture is better in the regular. I love the chocolate flavor. I bake with it too!