I cannot eradicate all junk food from my kitchen as I stay with a joint family. Is there any other way to keep away these temptations ?

Manga Z.
May be you can put healthy food in your room as you eat what you see. I would advise you to listen to your body, so if your body craves for junk food, let it get some of it,… just make sure to balance it with healthy food. I think the most important is to balance what you put in your body. So as long as you eat healthy food every day it is ok to add something you like even if it is not that healthy… but with moderation!

Rita O.
Me too. But I find out that I want more the body that I always dreamt about. You can research for "happiness" from healthy food, like greek yogurt or a very flavory tea without sugar. The quality of these types of food will make you crave them, I promise

Arravinnath F.
Make less trips to the kitchen. The further away you are from the junk food physically, the less you will think about indulging in them. Drink lots of water and fruit juices to keep those thoughts away.

Rachel G.
Though you cannot eradicate junk food, you can always have fresh fruits and vegetables at your home, as a replacement. Your cravings for junk food will diminish gradually with
your growing intake of fruits and veggies.

Adelina V.
Put all over the house healthy options like seeds peanuts fruits. If you have those on hand is much easier to eat the healthy option not the junk once. Am prep for 2 or 3 days the meals.

Mj A.
Inform your family of your goal to remove junk food from your diet and together, figure out a way how you can keep away from the temptations. Eg.: Separating junk foods in a container far from sight or reach.

Mia B.
You can try to drink water whenever you want a snack or eat fruits because believe me when you get used to fruits they start tasting like candy.

Camila N.
Maybe trying to put as much as healthy and good food visible and available you can influence other to go at the same path than you. Usually we go for what is easy, if you just put a health meal instead of a junk one available.

Thibault Q.
I encourage you to drink a lot of water if you feel hungry from lack of distraction. But of course, there is so much more you can do! To keep yourself busy, you can exercice, read, listen to music, maybe even take your time to cook something delicious and healthy, while keeping your distance from junk food. There's plenty of recipes out there that are sutable for any type of diet. You only have to try!

Tobias P.
You could tell your family that they should distract you when you are about to eat junk food, another idea is to buy healthy and yummy food instead, so you don't even try on the junk food

Hephzibah L.
You can keep sticky notes around reminding yourself that you might be feeling sad or stressed and not hungry. Or write down anything you will help yourself resist temptations. A way to do this is to imagine yourself as where you want to be. For example if your goal is to loose weight, think of the benefits that come after losing weight and how proud you would be of yourself. It will all be worth it in the end😁.

Rose Q.
I rather think that junk food is a fancy food to eat at special circumstances, therefore i don't want to make it less special than it is now.

Sue S.
Try keeping a bottle of water with you . When temptation arise drink or brush your teeth no one like to eat after you've brushed you teeth

Elly O.
Tell them how you feel. Try to get rid of the junk food by replacing them with healthier options. You can get inspiration by doing research online. You can also ask your family members what kinds of foods are they willing to try. Take a moment to breathe and plan out how you are going to do this.

Florence Y.
I have the exact same problem! Try to keep the junk food out of sight and difficult to reach, even if that just means on the top shelf of a cupboard. Good luck!

Tessa Q.
You can always ask help for people who are with you all day. Or you can google all bad things that can happen to you if u continue which will make u scared

Emma U.
I think you should solve this problem gradually. Replacing junk food with some healthy food you love such as fruits and nunts, making it always available is a start.
Find someone in or out of your family to share this new change with.
Treat yourself and celebrate the small achievements like staying away from junk food for three or four days in a row, it helps.
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