What fruits are best to eat for breakfast?

Grace F.
I love having blueberries for breakfast. (or any berry is good really!) they are low in calories, high in fibre, and contain disease fighting antioxidants
Mathias W.
i thinl the best fruits are strawberries, because you can topping smoothies with them, banana too and, of course, blueberries, cause they are amazing. Probably mango too and my favorite: peach.
Rosvita A.
I don't know which fruits are "best" but I find that citrus fruits, bananas – of all varieties, berries – especially blueberries, apples, pineapple, mango, papaya, plumrose, tamarind are among the fruits that make my body feel good when eat them in the morning. There are others but these are the easiest to find in most supermarkets.
Margot S.
I personally find that bananas are great as breakfast. Wouldn't feel hungry or weak so soon after having it compared to other more water based fruits. Maybe combined with an orange/citrus fruit juice for extra vitamins. Though it's just my humble opinion、I'm not a nutritionist.
Angelo S.
Strawberries and apples. They’re easy to grab and go. Plus they taste sweet with some tang to wake you up in the morning and get energy flowing.
Vivan C.
Well I usually eat oranges, maybe a banana here and there, but definitely oranges. I definitely feel wayy more refreshed and ready to take on the day afterwards
L Lian A.
Fruits are a good source of nourishment. The fibre in them keeps you full and active. Some of the best fruits to have in the morning are bananas,apples,avocados,etc.
Ser C.
Citrus fruits, apples, and berries. Make sure not to eat citrus fruits alone because the acidity may cause acid reflux. Honestly, no fruit is bad for breakfast. Just go with your favorite!
Matteo E.
Try exciting yourself with a new food, even a smoothie with fresh berries and banana or bagels with cream cheese! Anything to get you ready for a fun day, helps cut out sugar as well and keep you full for hours
Magdalena F.
According to Healthline, Grapefruit and strawberries are also some of our top vitamin C foods (containing more C than oranges!) that can help boost immunity and fight off sickness. Rich in both vitamins A and C, strawberry seeds also contain minerals that support immune function.
Ryan I.
Any fruits or veggies that interest you! If you don’t enjoy what you are eating, then what is really the point? I’d say, that as long as the fruits/veggies are healthy then enjoy whichever ones you like best!
Mille C.
Eat what you like – I’d aim for something that doesn’t require a lot of prep so you’re always incentivized . If you’re someone who is sugar sensitive , perhaps choose something with a low glycemic index. I love berries, green bananas, and pomelos
Augustine J.
Not something that’s hard to digest. I suggest eating an apple or banana. If you want and have the energy, you can also make a smoothie out of frozen strawberries/mangoes/bananas or a fruit salad.
Darryl Z.
I think the best fruits to eat for breakfast are easy to prep and packed with carbs, sugar, and whatever other nutrients you can get! Avocado, strawberry, orange, kiwi, banana, tomato, and more are great choices!