I’m wondering how many of you feel that breakfast options all seem to be too greasy! Do you have a remedy to eggs, sausage, potatoes, bacon? Or do you generally avoid them?

Scott P.
I usually eat toast with some continental meat on it or cereal and fruit if I want to be more healthy that week! And a cup of coffee and water soluble vitamins!

Armand T.
I eat oatmeal as breakfast. It's simple and healthy and not at all greasy. You can add fruit, vegetables of chocolate when you don't like the option of *only* eating oatmeal. Naturally, all these products can cost a lot together, so I just add cacoa powder before I heat it.

Heinz Joachim R.
Sometimes. I personally don't like greasy food too but I just eat whatever my mom cook for us. If you prefer non greasy breakfast, I think maybe you can just eat bread with jam during breakfast

Detlef Q.
I like to eat a mix of both greasy and non greasy . You can try oatmeal, avocado toast, fruits, smoothies, cheese sandwich, peanut butter and jam sandwich, cereal, protein shakes and much more :).

Alenka F.
I never have sausage or bacon for breakfast. My options for a great breakfast are boiled egg, low-fat cheese, a small tomato, a small cucumber, bread, and a date or a teaspoon of honey!

Maxine N.
I just eat an English muffin with jelly and coffee with half and half. I'm not ready for a big breakfast especially with grease first thing in the morning.

El Na T.
I prefer a more light and refreshing breakfast. One that doesn't weigh me down. Like a fresh smoothie, Greek yogurt and granola, and maybe a couple hard boiled eggs another day.

Eva Q.
I think you could try eating grains, fruits, seeds or some groceries to start your day, those are some options. But I don't think, personally, that eggs or potatoes are unhealthy just avoid any excess especially when using oils or other sort of greases (if you do).

Vani Q.
I tend to fast 16:9 songontraight for a lunch. Occasionally I may go for a brunch of protein shake or Avacado poached egg and tomato.

Rog Lio A.
I'm a teenager, so for me it's a bit hard to avoid some foods, and I don't have many different breakfast options. But I think that it is important that you eat something, anything in the morning because it is the most important meal of the Day.

Felix P.
I usually try to switch it up as much as possible. It is hard for me during the week because I have all these things so I basically have the same thing which is perfectly fine and u shouldn’t think about it too much but maybe on the weekends try to switch it up a little like maybe pancakes, or try some new dish off of online

Regino Z.
Hey! I avoid all of these options because I am a vegetarian trying to be vegan, so I normally only eat cheese or yogurt:)
And sometimes I just eat fruits or vegetables , always eating a good veggie protein + good fat

Tony E.
I think egg grease is good. Omega 3 and if you cook with a good vegetable oil, that's good too. I also eat bananas, either just a banana or in a smoothie. Oatmeal is popular too.

Tyler Z.
For me, I prefer a kind of bland breakfast. My family comes from China so we don’t really eat western foods such as bacons or sausages. But sometimes I do eat them when I travel to another country. For me, an ultimate breakfast is overnight oats it’s so filling and thick too sometimes when you soak it for long enough. You can also eat some egg whites in the morning when you need a protein boost. I also love to eat an avocado toast in the morning, it’s literally bomb!

Ma Lia Y.
I rarely eat those things for breakfast. I eat a mostly plant based diet, so I don't eat meat at all, and I do my best to avoid eggs and dairy, but I fail at that sometimes. I generally have cereal, toast or a tofu scramble for breakfast, but there are tons of options that aren't eggs and greasy meat!