How do you change up your breakfast to add variety?

Jess E.
I enjoy smoothies for variety! There are SO many amazing recipes and different ingredients you can add and play around with, as well as toppings if you’re going for a smoothie bowl. Muffin tray omelets are a great one as well, as you can switch up the ingredients you add for different flavours and combos. Mix in a larger bowl and pour into muffin trays for cooking up quick and easy portions. I’m not very good at eating in the morning, so sometimes I go with a bento box and pack a few small snacks up to help me get started. Handful of nuts, dried and fresh fruit, eggs, granola, yogurt, crackers, cut up protein bar, chia pudding, oats, etc

Lucy F.
Change is a very scary thing. It can cause you to overthink the very best or worst outcome and it’s hard to change a schedule because you believe it’s the very best you can do. But there’s so much more! The best way to add variety to your breakfast nutrition is to prepare yourself positively for what you will expect so you are prepared. And add something you like! If you implement something you do not like, it will cause you to think change is a negative figure and make you never do it again even if it’s something that needs change. Be healthy, happy and prepared!

Yashi X.
I don't actually change my breakfast everyday. I just change some side dishes and with the main meal I try to add different materials in it to see how they taste. And till now, everything I made tastes better and better everyday and I love experimenting with my food

Andr S G.
So far for protein I've done eggs with toast or oatmeal, but I'm thinking tomorrow to make a quinoa bowl. You could serve up the eggs differently each time, like one day do sunny side up, another day scrambled, etc.