What the other good breakfast options?

Nathan Q.
I eat a salad every morning. In it, I have Romanian lettuce, grapes, and pecans. I top it with extra virgin olive oil. Why this meal every day? Because it's healthy, easy to make, and I can work out afterward without feeling miserable
Devyn G.
I love to crack one egg into a bowl, whip it up, and pour it into a pan over medium to high heat. I make scrambled eggs! But while the stove is heating up, I pop a piece of whole wheat bread into the toaster. When it’s done, I spread some peanut butter on it (no butter). I also pour myself some milk. While the eggs are cooking, stir them around a bit. Then put them all on a plate, and enjoy! One other great breakfast meal is a parfait. This one is a little simpler, just put a cup of vanilla yogurt into a bowl. Cut up some strawberries and add granola (I prefer lots of granola). You can just eyeball how much granola you want in it. Then put all them in the bowl and mix it up. Grab a spoon, and enjoy!
Shantel E.
I found that eating foods you enjoy makes breakfast even better. For example I made myself a banana and raspberry smoothie to go with my eggs and it did not make me happy. The recipe for the milkshake is: 1 banana, 50g raspberries and 150ml of Orange Juice. For me it was sour so I'll eat them all separately from now on. But remember this journey is all about trial. And if you stumble upon something you don't like you can change it. I love cereal and although it isn't very healthy sometimes I let myself have it. Most of the time I have scrambled eggs on a seeded loaf. I found that it gives me a huge amount of energy to start the day and carry on the day with more fuel rather than cereal or even cereal and toast. I would highly recommend. I might try Greek yoghurt and some fruits with muesli thrown in too. Maybe you can try it and then let me know how it is.
Edinaura N.
My favorote breakfast is avocado toast with an egg. I use sourdough bread and add everything bagel seasoning. For something sweet I like having a protein muffin cup (Kodiak brand is great) or some yogurt and fresh fruit.
Ma A C.
I like oats in every possible way. Latelly my obssesion are baked oatmeal and plain oatmeal (cooked in water) with fruit dressing (I usually blend banana, milk/yogurt/skyr, and proteins)
Ann S.
Anything low sugar with whole grains and protein. I like plain Greek yogurt with fruit, granola an a little bit of honey
Kim A.
Option 1: Milk, accompanied by two slices of bread with honey
Option 2: Banana-Orange juice. Add one peeled banana and three peeled oranges into the blender. You can also add some ice.
Holli N.
In summer, yogurt and berries make me happy. Especially topped with a little maple syrup and cinnamon.
In winter, I’m all about instant oats…also topped with cinnamon. I might have a cinnamon addiction!
Gabriela Z.
Well, eating a bowl of fruit like apple, grapes, etc., is a really good start. You can add a sandwich, some eggs, quesadillas. All of these are easy to prepare and also fast.
Hannah G.
I truly love eggs! But anything that is easy to make ahead of time like overnight oats, a pan of egg muffins, precut ingredients for a quick whip up smoothie! Especially when it’s difficult to eat in the morning if you don’t have to prepare anything just sit down and eat!
Lino E.
Some fruits and vegetables, orange juice, milk or water
You can have anything for breakfast as long as its healthy
P.s try staying away from coffee or energy drinks
Especially when starting your day 🙂 <3
Gordon N.
I like my breakfast to be filling. Oatmeal and dark bread is good alternatives👍🏻 Some day i like to spice it up a little and make a really fancy breakfast or something that just takes effort. Today i made pancakes with maple syrup and berries and drank a cup of black tea with honey 🍯
Laura P.
A healthy bowl of cereal which has been measured and checked for any hidden added sugars. The milk should also be checked as well, and maybe substituted for semi skimmed.