What’s your recommendation for a good breakfast?

Terrence F.
I like to have high protein, fat and carb breakfast to really nourish and replenish my body after sleeping. Scrambled eggs and smashed avocado on whole grain toast is my go to. Good fats and loads of vitamins from the avocado, high protein from the eggs and fibre, with low GI carbs from the toast. Yum! Sprinkle with chilli and black pepper and it’s amazing
Candel Ria Q.
I like to have porridge (made with milk) with a sprinkling of seeds (linseed/flaxseed, chia seed, sunflower seeds). Its especially nice in the colder months. It's warming, filling and low in sugar. Sometimes, as a treat, I'll add some berries to it
Freja W.
A good breakfast is one that has carbohydrates for energy and protein. My favorite breakfast choices include oatmeal (good source of carbohydrates, rich in fiber, and very filling), eggs (protein), and sometimes fibrous cereals like Raisin Bran or Special K.
Vichet W.
First of all start with a glass 🥃 of water, then have a nice sandwich 🥪 which had all the veggies 🥗 and some meat inside, to refresher up the mind and body. 😊