What meal ideas don’t include egg?

Diane S.
Oatmeal! I make vegan overnight oats by combining oats, non dairy milk, peanut butter and chia seeds in a jar. I just pop it in the fridge at night and in the morning it’s good to go. I also top it with fruit or even drop in frozen berries the night before.
Justin Z.
I've been eating oatmeal a lot sometimes matched with a fruit. Or I'll have a piece fo toast with peanut butter or a fruit butter covered in granola or oats.
Lolo N.
-Bread with cheese
-Mushroom with garlic and heavy cream with spanich
-Oatmeal with honey and milk
-Spanich with onion and garlic
Jessica Q.
I assume you’re asking about breakfast – oats with nut butter and berries, sourdough/multigrain toast with avocado, tofu scramble
Marius Z.
I like oatmeal for breakfast when I’ve had my limit of eggs. Adding green apple and cinnamon is my favorite, but blueberries and strawberries make great additions as well.
Potato Y.
Depending on you mean a whole egg or eggs in general as an ingredient there's different answers here.

But if you want to just skip the whole boiled/ fried egg, porridge is a great energy breakfast. Top that with a slice of sausage for protein maybe on a sandwich and you're good to go.avoid adding too much jam or such in the porridge though 🙂

Porridge out of oats also shouldn't contain eggs and is really quick and cheap to make. 1 dl (or half a cup) of oats and 2 dl (or one cup) of water. 2 min in the microwave and voila. Spice with salt, (personally I also add cardamom for a softer flavour) and you're done!

Hope this helps 🙂

Andrew U.
Boiled beans mixed with olive oil sautéed and seasoned onions. Served with avocado and whole grain or whole weed brain and a cup to moringa tea
Clarence J.
Oatmeal porridge is great for breakfast and super easy and customizable. I usually add a banana or an apple and replace sugar with cinnamon. Try some walnuts in as well!
Luci F.
I use to eat porridge (from oatmeal) with apples or bananas, or if you would like a salty breakfast, try cottage cheese or mozzarella with some vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, etc.)
Ilan Y.
Overnight oats…..
Put 40g oats, 120g frozen berries of your choice, and 100g fat free plain Greek style yoghurt in an airtight container. Place in fridge overnight. Next morning mix it together, add a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of your favourite seeds, eat and enjoy
Morgane O.
Some quick breakfast fixes without eggs could be a bagel, English muffin, or wheat roll toasted and buttered with a couple pieces of pre-sliced meat, whether this be ham or chicken. If these ideas don't suit you, maybe try microwaving a bowl of quick oats with peanut butter and syrup, or an organic jelly.
Catalina V.
LOTS of meals don’t need to include egg 🙂 you can always google egg-free or vegan recipes. There are also lots of egg-replacer options for baking and stuff.
For breakfast I LOVE making scrambled tofu. I give it the yellow color using a little bit of turmeric 😉 and add all the best veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms, and whatever 🙂
Andree U.
I get all my plantbased meal inspiration from a blog/YouTube Channel called ‘Pick Up Limes’.
The Canadian nutritionist that lives in Holland makes such tasty recipes and has a great way of showing how to prepare it. Recipes are on the blog and on YouTube
Edina I.
For breakfast is always perfect a rich oat meal with chia seeds, penaut butter and fruits and nuts.
For snack I make hummus with veggie, sweet potato or cellery chips.
Emily A.
Yogurt with vanilla, honey, and fruit. A smoothie made with kale, fruit including banana – I make mine with yogurt to add protein, but could also add a non-soy protein powder. Multi grain bagel with cream cheese and bacon, turkey, or smoked salmon. You could also use a recipe app like "all recipes" to choose a breakfast with the ingredients you have or to get fresh ideas.
Kathy X.
For breakfast I suggest oatmeal and nuts with some milk in a bowl and maybe rasins (if you like that) and about a spoon of strawberry jam.
Mathilde X.
I eat oatmeal with seeds for protein. I use 1-minute oats, microwave with water, then add milk, brown sugar, seeds, and bananas when I have them.