How do you make a quick but not boring healthy breakfast?

Laney O.
I go to my oats. we have maple syrup microwaveable oats that i cool and then i add some brown sugar, honey, peanut butter, and bananas!!

Sophia T.
In my personal opinion I think that eggo waffles or some toaster waffles are quick and easy. On days you have more time, you can put syrup and peanut butter or butter and syrup etc. While on days you have little time you can put some peanut butter or Nutella or whatever you like and fold it in half. Then it’s on the go. After that just add some fruit or nuts strawberries or cashews. There’s lots of differ t things you can do it really depends on your personal preferences. Sometimes you have to make it the night before. Sometimes you just skip it (which i do and need to get out of that habit) because you don’t think you need it or you don’t want to make it. But I mean, it’s important and i know i’m usually starving half way through the day because i didn’t have breakfast so it’s most definitely important.

Caridad G.
I meditate to address the stressors of being a woman in this patriarchal society that has women obsessed with their appearance while they abandon all other aspects of their spiritual, emotional and intellectual development.