What can I eat to feel full?

M Lody G.
For me, the food that fills me up depends on the time of day. In the mornings, I try to eat an egg with a piece of toast. There you have protein and carbs which work well for fueling the body in the morning. In the afternoon, I like to snack on almonds before having maybe salad and some baked chicken. In the evenings, I like to have a nice portion of protein, veggies, and carbs. Make sure you’re eating your dinner a bit before you go to bed though. Eating right before bed isn’t the best for your digestion or metabolism. If you find it difficult to stay full all day, try eating smaller meal portions and snacking on healthier options throughout the day.
Zofia A.
For breakfast I have 2 eggs with 2 rashers of Turkey bacon and I feel full till lunch. Any thing with carbs I'll feel sleepy in 1/2 an hour.
Ana Z.
Eating lots of veggies and healthy grains with a serving of protein is a healthy way to feel full. I can eat grapes and a bagel with peanut butter, or carrots and hummus ,
or a veggie wrap
Sophie T.
As of late, I’ve been utilizing protein shakes and drinking more water! Or if you need something to chew on, stuff like oatmeal and grains keep me full! I keep a bag of granola I snack on throughout the day and it helps 🙂
Julie Y.
Get some fruits like bananas and apples. Never forget a cup of milk. Eggs are also good, especially with some bread. Vegetable juice with the dish could be perfect.
Vernon U.
Hey! Try to eat a balance amount of protein in each meal combined with good carbs and veggies. I. E a Spinach tortilla with 2 integral bread slices would be great. Use 2 egss. It., also will depeeon your main goals, but thats a good option!!
Gabriele Z.
Start by drinking 8oz water before each meal. Then chose low calorie dense food like grapes and apples as well as healthy proteins.
Abby P.
Legumes such as lentils, black beans, red beans, etc… Are filling and slow release carbohydrates. Which helps keep your glucose levels steady.

This not only helps sustain your energy levels, it can also help train your body to burn fat in the context of a “slow carb” or ketogenic diet.

Justin N.
Water tea. 2 egg whites yogurt fruits choice of vitamins especially C peanuts And supplements ice cubes in a blender 27 ounces
Marie C.
Completely proteins with complex carbs really fill me up, yams and potatoes in any form. Quinoa, veggies and even some meat here and there
Joe Z.
Typically, meals high in veggies are going to make you feel full. I would reccomend eating a chef's salad and get your favorite meats and cheeses and mix it together with your salad. You can also try drinking plenty of water before and during your meal.
Liva F.
Lean protein is best for keeping you fuller for longer. Complex carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta and brown rice or oats will give you slow release energy without the crash.
Armand T.
I love eating warm cooked food in the mornings so i think porrage will be a great break fast also something that can keep me full for some time
Barac Q.
Tofu scramble using spices turmeric, black salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Cook it with peppers, mushrooms and spinach at the end. Have it in a wrap with a bit of salsa and a side of fresh fruit. Yummy!
Don E.
For breakfast, oatmeal. For lunch, rice or quinoa or a sandwich. For dinner, you don't want to feel full because you are going to bed, if not, soup.
Oliver Z.
I think oats is a great meal option, it’s healthy and makes you feel full. Also there are many different recipes so you’ll not get bored of it