I don’t always like to eat ‘breakfast’ foods. I think they’re horribly sweet and it’s not really nice to wake up and go straight for pancakes, waffles, cereal, french toast, and all the other nauseatingly sweet foods! I find I eat many leftovers and lunch and dinner foods for breakfast. Do you think that’s a problem? Do you have any suggestions on nonsweet breakfast foods I can eat? I’ve got a bit of a problem with eggs, too… So I’d prefer no eggs. :( It’s tough!

Tristan Z.
I don't go for sweet kinds of food like creal or toast, for breakfast either. I'd usually prefer scrambled eggs and rice (rice is our staple food so eat it every meal). But since you dislike eggs, perhaps you would like to try fish, chicken, pork or other kinds of meat. They're full of protein, and I've heard protein for breakfast could help give you a lot of energy for the rest of the day compared to just carbohydrates.
Leonard E.
Hi there! I think if what you eat fills you up its okay. But dinner/ lunch leftovers can a bit much for breakfast. In time you'll figure out what is best for you when you try new things. I prefer lighter options such as oat meal or cereal for most of the morning. They fill me up and not that "meally".Some days egg is good but I am also not a big fan of eggs. I find it nice to eat banana and milk if I am in a hurry. Try to make different things in each morning and decice what you like.
Vicki Z.
I don’t think that’s a problem at all. I think that’s an excellent idea. Fruits and vegetables are important and if you can incorporate them into your breakfast even better
Abel Y.
I am enjoying savory oatmeal! Instead of sugar or berries, add some Parmesan cheese or other savory yums. Tons of ideas online if you search “savory oatmeal.” I like mine with poached eggs, Parmesan, and some spices.
Also: if you eat it for breakfast, then it is breakfast food. Don’t get chopped down by other people’s labels. Do what works for you!
Mitchell S.
I have a salad, a portion of healthy fats like avocado and a big protein source eggs and milk products with high protein content (like quark, Greek yogurt ).
Giovanna O.
There’s nothing wrong with eating “non-breakfast foods” for breakfast. Around the world people eat a variety of different foods for breakfast. As long as you’re eating a healthy meal, it doesn’t really matter if it’s traditional or not. Find what works for you and stick with it!
Victor A.
i usualy go for fruits like a banana or orange, sometimes greek yoghurt with honey. gives me the energy needed without beeing a hassle to prepare or too much time spent eating which would take away from my sleep. i'm a night owl and therefore also eat very late.
Lucas E.
Try avocado toast with olive oil, sea salt and crushed red pepper. Delicious and savory! You could also try cottage cheese and toast.
Nilo N.
You know what? I don’t like sweet things for breakfast either. What I do is to cook up some sausages or chicken breast and have them with salads or grilled veggies. Balsamic dressing is really nice for kickstarting your metabolism. But if you’re in a hurry then toast with ham, cheese, and avocado or just dipped in seasoned olive oil is great too. Just so you know though, there’s nothing wrong eating lunch and dinner food as breakfast as long as they’re freshly made 😉
Astrid Z.
How about fruit? I make a little fruit basket which is waiting in the fridge.
I don't think there is a problem with what you eat. Its the act of fueling your body after its 'fast'. If its good enough for dinner time why not breakfast??
Enrique Z.
I feel you. Sweet food is gross. Here are a few ideas: A green smoothie, Turkey sausages + a bowl of berries; or honestly anything you want I often eat dinner leftovers for breakfast just do your own thing.
Ian C.
As long as you are ensuring you have plenty of protein to help you through the day I don’t think it is important what meal the food you choose is traditionally for. However, there are plenty of smoothie recipes with vegetables such as kale as the main ingredient instead of super sweet fruits which might be worth a try. Hope this helps.
Victoria E.
I would suggest chicken soup noodles or English breakfast. Both salty and easy to do meal prep beforehand. And you can always skip the eggs if you don't like it. Oh, green juice is also a good alternative.
Virgil R.
I normally do yougurt with fruits which is not sweet at all. Avocado toast can be a nice option too. More in the asian realm but congee is a healthy more salty ish option
Lilian A.
I completely understand the frustration! Breakfast foods have lost its nutritional value! BUT not all is lost. Opt for options like oatmeal or cream of wheat (you can control how much sugar you want in there.) these options are also pretty good for slow release of energy throughout the day. Also did things like flax seed and coconut shavings or cranberries for added flavor and extra boost of vitamins.

A serving of fruit is also a great addition.

Instead of eggs, try avocado toast or peanut butter spread instead.

It’s never a bad idea for some green tea in the morning to jumpstart the metabolism.

Google has a slew of non sweet breakfast options! Check it out.

Taliana E.
Try a smoothie with fruit and no sweetener. I am Australian and we like vegemite- on sourdough wholgrain toast. Nice and savoury. Avocado and feta on toast are my go tos too. Cheese and tomato toasties are good. Baked beans or sardines on toast.
Joy U.
If you are looking for a more nutrient dense meal to have at breakfast time, you could always opt for a bagel with PB and some fruit (put bananas on top of your bagel). Oatmeal is also one of my go tos outside of just normal breakfast cereal. You could even make a smoothie on the go for something refreshing and quick 🙂
Margitta U.
I started healthy system from 10 daies & gradually I add things & remove others like yogurt , Oats , fruits or egg , & thats beside cup of tea or coffee with milk
Christoffer F.
I have a hard time with eggs and seeet carbs, too. I really like to eat Greek yogurt with blueberries (and sometimes peanuts for an added protein boost).
Ana Lle Q.
Well, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day it does more harm skipping than getting it. You must realize that there are no definite rules on when to get breakfast. So, first thing I do when I wake is to have a glass of warm water. You could spice it up with a piece of ginger or a squeeze of lemon juice. That gets me going. After that I make sure to get my breakfast within a 2 hour timeframe. By then my appetite is up and it's easy to get my breakfast down. I do avoid to much of sugars, so the French toast or cooked/fried eggs. Nuts are a very healthy addition. Just give it a try!
Paula G.
I am also not big fan of sweet breakfast I thing its not problem, you can try cereal bread with guacamole, or crackers with cheese cream and fresh vegetable for ex tomatoes, carrot., you can add nuts and few hours later you can eat some fruits.
Leon A.
I can suggest you for example a smoothie from banana with water and kale, or a bowl with a mix of products like vegetables + hummus / green lentils / chickpeas, or cereals with nuts, dried fruits and natural yoghurt. If you are not a fun of eggs try shakshouka way 🙂
Natalie J.
Have you ever tried to eat oatmeal? Just make sure to buy the basic one and you can add some fruits or peanut butter. Maybe peanut butter toast? Otherwise leftovers are most likely fine too.
Rudolph F.
Try oats – you can make them sweet or savoury. My go-to savoury breakfast is Adams peanut butter on toast. The peanut butter is made with peanuts and a little salt. There's no sugar at all, so that might work for you!
Tyrone T.
Ouch, I have the same problem too. However I resort to oats and milk. I love eggs to but it is not suitable for your case. Fruits can also be great at this stage and cheese sandwiches. Try to add a bit by bit to the list like adding salads or some new vegetables to your plate
Zenaide N.
You could try oatmeal. If you leave out the sugar oatmeal is good. Bran flakes are pretty high in carbs but aren't loaded with sugar if you're into cereal. You could also go for bacon or ham for quality protein.
Bertha F.
I’d think eating leftovers is no problem. Your body won’t care where it’s getting it’s nutrients from. Listen to your hunger and what you’re craving. I hate sugary breakfast foods too. My go to is often toast with peanut butter and slices of banana. You could also do peanut butter and sesame seeds or a little jelly. That gives you a nice balance of carbs, protein, and fat. Just make sure the peanut butter doesn’t have any added sugar.
Soham Y.
That does make it tough. The only thing I can think of is to can either bagels with cream cheese/lox or to have toast. Also cereal like Cheerios or others that may have little to no sugar. Those are the best choices I can come with
Antonio T.
I don't think those sweet foods are actually good breakfast foods I think they are desserts masquerading as breakfast which we have accepted in our culture for some reason. As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter what you eat as long as it is nutritionally good for you- if it means you're eating "dinner" foods three meals a day then so be it!
Alexander C.
Don’t worry think leftovers is not good as long as your meal.Also, you may try sandwich as your breakfast food, since it contains nutrients.Furthermore a cup of lemonade is quite good fir a fresh start.
Ninon Y.
Oatmeal. I add natural. Fruit like banana and blueberries. Extras like flax or bran if I have it and top with molasses and milk or yogurt. Takes 1-2 min in microwave.
Vivian T.
I try to stay away from the sweet stuff too. I know you said you’re not a fan of eggs, but my go-to for breakfast is omelets and fritatas—i like to add lots of greens. I think lunch or dinner leftovers are a great idea, as long as they’re healthy, plus there’s not a lot of prep time, so it’s perfect in the morning!

I’ll tell you a secret: I bougt this slow cooker device called “Hot Logic” (look it up on You Tube) and it cooks almost anything. At night before I go to bed I just put in the ingredients, and in the morning I have a perfectly cooked hot meal ready to eat when I wake up. It’s so convenient and I never miss a hearty, healthy breakfast!

Franklin A.
You can eat salads, greens, there are great recipes for sweet potato hash, cauliflower fried rice, there are so many options other than sweet ones. I personally drink bulletproof coffee in morning for breakfast. Sometimes with a Kodiak waffle without syrup-just like a piece of toast.
Elmer U.
It doesn’t seem like a problem to me, unless you think that is a problem. (Only you know what kind of leftover foods you eat) aside from that. You should consider something light. I am not a doctor but it seems that you do not like carbs in the morning at least not super sweet ones. So if you are getting waffles with syrup that seems like a double whammy for you. (I can relate to that, carbs make me feel groggy and lethargic during the day). I am going to give you some suggestions that are hopefully not too sweet 😊
I normally stack my fridge with fruits, berries and lots of greens. Like kale or spinach. (I like the frozen mix of fruits and berries, they last longer)
1 cup of preferred fruits
1 cup of plain yogurt
1 cup of greens
Honey or stevia to taste (optional)
Ice (optional)
Blend 🙃

I also like drinking a lot of water and tea or 1-2 cups of black coffee. At least until lunch time. You get the point, hydrate! Lol

Also another note: research bulletproof coffee if you are interested

Hope this helps! You got this!!!

Clarence C.
I would suggest oats porridge with fruits or even a plain fruit salad. I hate the overly sweet stereotypical breakfast foods, too. I wasn't an eggs person but I have tried to develop a taste for it and realised that it's the easiest breakfast in terms of eating something nutritious and that gives you enough fuel for the rest of the day. Maybe if you do have some extra time on your hand, you could also try savoury versions of French toasts and pancakes or even crepes. I have come across several interesting versions online but I tend to have a busy weekday morning and leave these preparations for the weekend.
Ad Nias N.
Avoiding high glycaemic-index sweet foods for breakfast is a sensible idea. Look for low sugar, less processed cereals. Original weetabix, porridge oats (better than instant porridge), cornflakes, rice crispies for example. Toast is another option. Or try some fruit like a banana. There's a video linked to in the app with some further ideas and suggested ways to increase breakfast protein to reduce midmorning hunger.
Tammy C.
Food is food regardless of the time. There is nothing wrong with eating leftovers for breakfast. All that matters is the quality of the meal. Something simple as no salt cottage cheese with fresh fruit, veggies, or crackers and make it into a dip by using hot sauce, salsa, avocado, or cinnamon. Maybe a canned tuna with light mayo and seasoning with sliced cucumbers or peppers to scoop it up. Or a baked sweet potato with shredded chicken breast or slices of deli turkey. I like to keep food simple and quick to prep.
Emil C.
I think doesn't really matter all that much. As long as you fuel your body with the correct nutrients for the day. Don't skip the meal. Maybe consult a dietitian to assist you in creating the perfect breakfast for your needs.
Morris U.
What about 2 slices of wholegrain bread with salami or ham/cheese? Or plain unsweetened yoghurt with seeds and nut butter..
Katrine W.
Two approaches:

1. If your lunch and dinner leftovers are healthy and the kind of food that will provide energy then that’s fine.

2. You have to learn to eat things you don’t like. I say that as someone who has been a picky eater all my life until less than a month ago. Just accept that food doesn’t have to taste good. Unless it’s so horrible it’s making you feel bad physically or emotionally, just approach is as a necessary but unenjoyable task. Today is day 21 of me eating a boiled egg in the morning. I HATE eggs. I didn’t learn to like them or get over my hatred, but I’m learning to be okay with eating this thing I don’t like. Add something you *do* like that’s healthy to the side. Not necessarily something you love just a thing you find acceptable. Like a banana, just to drown the yucky taste. Unless you’re allergic to eggs or vegan in which case just apply that logic to other things you don’t like.

Michelle S.
There’s a ton of stuff you can eat. Go online and google breakfast menus or breakfast ideas. I like oat bran or oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries. It’s very filling.
Gla Cia A.
I would try and find something that is made more for snacking (maybe Goldfish or ChexMix) that way, you don’t have something super sweet, but you can still have something that isn’t greasy or left over from the night before.
Marin S B.
I made a week's worth of breakfast by creating mason jars filled with cooked oatmeal and a variety of mix-ins – toasted almonds, coconut, dried bananas, etc. Using rolled oats as your oatmeal base is key.
Henry F.
I recommend sandwiches, i make bacon pancakes, mash potatoes with cheese. In my country people have a large breakfast, like green platain with fried eggs, fried cheese and salami(dominican one is like a big sausage). Also they ate potato or green banana with salami or cream cheese. Hope this can help you!
Douglas P.
You can try porridge or no added sugar swiss style muesli. Slice of brown bread with bit of butter and couple slices of tomato & cucumber is a nice breakfast option.
Matt W.
No I often eat dinner foods for breakfast there's no law that says you have to eat pancakes or waffles or cereal for breakfast I often eat spinach and pork chops for breakfast sometimes you know I'll have sausage and asparagus or different types of vegetable but there's no law just do what your body tells you to do
Joice Q.
The key regarding breakfast is to keep it simple and easy to make. I am from India and we have a long list of break fast items so I am lucky thay way. But if you are having trouble coming up with breakfast food I would suggest trying oats and sprouts along with a glass of milk. Try adding fiber to your diet when trying to lose weight
Roderich O.
Maybe English muffins? If I remember right, those can be rather dry. I like them best with eggs, though. Otherwise, I say anything works, as long as you’re getting some good protein in the morning!
Lenny O.
Cottage cheese and whole grain based toast. Also good: tofu scramble with garlic fried in some olive oil then add the tofu and chili powder, cook til dry enough. Add avocado or salsa to eat.
M Ximo S.
I am the same way. I usually make hearty nutrient-rich soups (ie. lentil, three-bean, zucchini stew) and I put them in perfectly portioned containers. Since I have started doing breakfast 'my way,' I find that I have more energy and less cravings through-out the day. The only time I run into an issue is when I travel, because dinner-for-breakfast isn't such a common practice. I found myself asking for a spoonful of pesto and parmigiana mixed into whole grain oats for a savory oatmeal option
Edeltraut O.
How about a granola mix that has nuts and dates or raisins in it, along with some cut up apples, nice and cold from the fridge, mixed with some yogurt and a dash of cinnamon? It’s not too sweet, healthy, and simple! If you like less sweet take out the apples or get granola with no dates or raisins in it. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating lunch or dinner foods for breakfast as long as they’re healthy!
Maja P.
My uncle, who is a chef prefers savory breakfasts and unconventional breakfasts as well. Europeans eat luncheon meats, cheese and croissants, etc, so you are not alone. I would suggest looking up what other countries eat because our American diet is so full of sugars and high processes foods. You are probably smarter to avoid the cereals and pancakes, so bravo to you! For me personally, I alternate days where one day I have steel cut oatmeal with fruit and a hard boiled egg, the next I have cooked grits with a dab of butter, salt and pepper and turkey sausage. The fact that you don't like sugary breakfasts puts you ahead of the pack, so get creative and eat what you enjoy!
Wenke O.
It’s a non-traditional breakfast food, but sometimes I love a salad for breakfast. With some protein on it, it’s a super filling breakfast.
Sofia Q.
I also don't like breakfast food. I think it's perfectly fine to eat whatever you want for breakfast as long you try to stay healthy like chicken and veggies or a meat stew. It's not a law that you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast
Melita F.
I will usually do a whole grain waffle (vans apple cinnamon gluten free) without syrup or a paleo friendly breakfast bar (Macrobar banana nut butter or blueberry bliss). Both of these have no added sugars and aren’t overly sweet. I’ll also do plain unsweetened coconut milk yogurt with hemp and chia seeds. I’m allergic to wheat and chicken eggs, so I tend to dodge those foods. And I have limited time in the morning and grab those quick “on the go” items.
Lambert X.
I don't like sweet breakfast neither, so I usually choose some cheese or ham with vegetables or a small sandwich or plain yogurt. Sometimes I go for hummus or guacamole with veggie sticks.
Cecil O.
I think its fine to eat leftovers, food is fuel not fun, you might try fish in the mornings, its light and has good vitamins
Quila Q.
Avocado toast. I like salt on mine too. I dont like eggs either and I totally eat leftovers for breakfast. I think it is important to eat 2 eggs a day, so I cover mine in my favorite chi chi's salsa and avocados and salt.
Baldur U.
I eat cheese in the morning. Sometimes melted on toast or a rice cake and sometimes I make a sandwich with veggies. Lunch can be for breakfast too. 😊
Elijah P.
Hi there! First of all I wanted to say that I relate to everything you wrote. So I would recommend you to keep away from the sweets like youre already doing but also start eating these in the mornings; an apple, a banana, yogurt, yogurt with fruits if you like, oatmeal or nuts. These will make you full and also they are healthy…
Ludger O.
Hmm if fruit isn't to sweet for you ( as it is nature's candy) sometimes just a banana on the go or even some berries with nuts (like almonds) is a quick n easy go to. When you have more time oatmeal with nut butter and almond milk, or avocado toast can be great. Hope this helps
Caroline W.
I prefer various salads for breakfast- for example, granted carrot with apple and selery, or earm sald made of roasted eggplants, zucchini, onion ets.
Hermann W.
Well I personally think there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you add lots of veggies or fruits! Other options could be sandwiches, wraps and savoury oatmeal! I hope this helped 🙂
Allison J.
You should switch cereal with overnight oats, fruit, coffee, good fat, no eggs? Get some prosciutto or chicken. Nuts, almonds… overnight dinner well depends on what you are usually having for dinner !
Nora C.
I love to eat vegetable salsa for breakfast. I use chopped zucchini capsicum cauliflower broccoli onion and it doesn’t always have tomatoes. I love it with a soft poached egg.
Herman U.
Well, I think this kind of feeling can be very usual, don’t feel bad about it. The objective of this kind of breakfast is to provide you with the accurate energy to beginning the day in powerful mode. To get this objetive you need proteins (that’s the reason for eggs for example) and other kind of food like cereals or nuts give you during the morning energy. Try to look for food you like with this properties…, if you don’t find any…, you have to choose…, your likings or be your best version
Noa Z.
I recommend chia puddings, or over night oats. They are easy to do, taste great and healthy! Add berries in the morning with some nuts for an extra boost.
F Lix E.
Avocados are a really good way to go! If you’re trying to have a low-carb, high-protein breakfast, my vegan roommate used to make this really good tofu scramble that resembled a Southwest scramble with eggs. Vegan or paleo recipes often involve a lot of protein and healthy fats, with low sugar and carbohydrates.
Mathilde U.
Give yogurt a try again. Tried it with “Icelandic Yogurt” and its great. Plus makes me feel like i’m receiving some sort of extra cool Icelandic health goodness 🙂
Joana Q.
That is pretty tough 😕 my colleague is the same way and I see her eat non breakfast foods in the mornings such as chicken with a side of rice and avocado or veggies of your liking, oatmeal with banana and other fruits, sometimes she mixes yogurt with her oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches without the egg, croissant with honey butter or almond butter, bagel and plain cream cheese 🥯 baked potato chunks and sausage with salt, pepper and siracha sauce. You could also Pinterest non traditional breakfast recipes for more ideas.
Abigail X.
I myself like sweet breakfasts sometimes, but I usually eat a roll or a piece of bread with cream cheese and sweet pepper. Whatever goes in easier. It was difficult at first to start eating breakfasts at all, but once you get the gist of it, your stomach will remind you about. You can try savoury porridge, or cottage cheese with tomatoes for example, when you get bored with regular sandwiches. Remember about veggies though, they make any breakfast light and fresh. Good luck!
Juri S.
I make oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder for flavour. Other than that you could try roasting some rye bread and adding avocado with some kind of meat slices
Ralph J.
I don't necessarily think it's a problem to eat "non-breakfast" foods for breakfast, but that being said if you really want to try to stick to breakfast foods, there are plenty of ways to make breakfast savory instead of sweet! For instance, to get a good carb/protein balance with no eggs and no sweets, you could make breakfast potatoes with super greens (something like kale) and include either turkey or veggie-based sausage to add even more protein. Another option would be overnight oats, which while they can be sweet, you can also make more savory, and of course you could always try unsweetened yogurt with a granola that doesn't have a ton of sugar. I recommend homemade granola if you have the time but, if not, Nature's Valley makes some killer protein granolas that aren't too sweet.
Lia Q.
I don't think there's anything wrong with leftovers for breakfast. I get whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread from our local bakery for our toast and sandwiches. I love the substantialness and sour rather than sweet taste. Almond butter spread on the toast makes it even more filling and is not sweet. Some days I melt a little cheese on the toast instead. You should eat the healthy things you like and not worry if they are traditional breakfast foods.
Felicia P.
I think u can have some toast with avocado or with salmon and some cream cheese, or u can have mueslis or u can eat some yogurt with fruits, I usually eat 4 breakfast oatmeal or other porridge:) goood luck! Hope I helped u:)
Elise S.
You might find inspiration in the foods we eat for breakfast in Scandinavia. We make porridge out of oatmeal, eats "skyr" (a protein-rich kind of yogurt you can get unsweetened here) or rye bread with some kind of cheese or vegetables or fruit.
Personally I eat skyr with oatmeal on top or rye bread with avocado and tomatoes.
Ingo O.
Hi there! For the last 29 years of my life (That's my whole life) i only eat salty things at breakfast. It comes from the aegean culture. So i will recommend you few things 🙂 cheese, olives and avacado, with bread or wasa bread. If you dont like the taste of avacado, you can smash it and mix it with little bit lemon juice, Olive oil and salt. Trust me it will be delicious 🙂 you can also add some fruits! hope it will helpful for you. Have a nice breakfast!
Same E.
Many options. How about trying the Japanese typical breakfast, if you have a grocer with an international section? They are generally very healthy. A bowl of miso soup, even instant style, is very good.
Need something more substantial? Microwave salmon cooked from the night before, to save prep time in the morning.
Rosil N.
There's nothing wrong with eating leftovers for breakfast. The point is to just start getting the breakfast into your morning routine. Obviously anything is better than sugary breakfast foods. So even if it's last night's spaghetti, have it as breakfast. Once you start getting used to thinking of what you want to eat the night before, the rest is easy. The problem is… opening the fridge and finding nothing suitable for breakfast, and time restraints cause you to skip the meal completely. Eat something. And the more conscious you are about it, the healthier your choices will be over time.
Ricarda J.
No thats not a probleem, there are many types of breakfast in Japan its very normal to eat fish. I like a quick breakfast so i make overnight oats if you don’t like sweat maybe add 🥑🌽🥕🥒
Camille S.
If you don’t like sweet food for breakfast that’s even better and easier to eat healthier. No eggs? Fine! Eat sandwiches 🙂 Avocado+salmon, cheese and ham, there is plenty of choices. Just would recommend to use whole meal bread or multigrain. Also, think of porridges like oatmeal or buckwheat or other, they don’t have to be sweet. Add a bit of protein – cheese or yogurt or ham – and off you go!
Cesaltino O.
We eat oatmeal and Doctor it up with fresh or frozen fruit instead of brown sugar and milk. My husband puts dried cranberries, raisins, seeds and nuts on his. We make up a mixture he likes and store it in a container that we can put out on the table daily. That way you have something stable to start your day but it boring and it keeps you regular lol
Maureen T.
Maybe you can try a piece of toast with bacon or some vegetables like avocado , if you don’t like that try a fruit salad , take your favourite fruits , cut them , mix and eat . That should give you enough energy for the day .
Maya Y.
It's not a problem. It's just different and there's nothing wrong with that. I would mostly make sure what you're eating is healthy and not too heavy off a portion. Having some chicken and cut vegetables or some healthy snack items in the morning is a great alternative.
Lisa A.
I turned from toasted muesli to natural which has less sugar (even though I miss the crunch!) pays to suss out the various brands as they can be high in the sugary yummy ness! How about whole grain toast… with avocado & tomatoes? Rye bread is good! You can load your pancakes up with yoghurt and bananas/ fruit, cut back on the maple syrup.
Math O Y.
I don’t like sweet breakfast foods either. Some of my go-tos are unsweetened Greek yogurt with homemade granola, whole wheat toast with sliced banana and peanut or almond butter, an avocado with olive oil and sea salt and a side of fruit, or even leftover stir fried vegetables and rice with some hot sauce.
Wayne E.
For breakfasts what you need are protein and a slow sugar. If the leftovers are able able to solve this, then they should be fine. The normal "breakfast" foods may not even contain all of these. Some alternatives I recommend could be oatmeal, salmon, milk for protein and maybe a fruit for the sugars.
Ademar Y.
Have you tried steel cut oats? They've got a great nutty flavor and you can make a batch for the week in the crockpot. I don't add any sugar to mine and still find them delish! You can also experiment and get creative with mix-ins to match whatever flavors you like. I like to go season with mine. Good luck!
Omer C.
This morning I'm having steel cut oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. A packet of splenda or stevia to sweeten a bit and you are good to go.
Marcus N.
Hi… I recommend having some yogurt (Greek or non fat) with Granola and fresh fruit like Blueberries or Raspberries. Super healthy, not sweet and heart healthy. I have that everyday!
T O O.
In many different cultures around the world, breakfast isn’t sweet. Having dinner foods is not a problem as long as they’re healthy and nutritious. Salmon bagel toasts or avocado toasts are great alternatives to a sweet breakfast. And if you don’t mind fruit, make yourself protein smoothies!
Astrid W.
My go to is oats because they're filling and you can adjust the sweetness, you could even have them savory, but I grew up eating leftovers for breakfast and I dont think there is anything wrong with that
Guido V.
No problem with savory breakfasts, it's very popular in Mexican culture. Try scrambled tofu. Pinterest has some nice recipes and you can use them in breakfast burritos.
Diana U.
That's absolutely fine! There's no difference between a "lunch food" and a "breakfast food" except that people decided it should be that way. It's definitely better that you're not going for something with lots of sugar.

I do have suggestions not-so-sweet breakfasts if you want to try them.
1) Breakfast burritos! Potatoes, chorizo, bacon are all good burrito noms. You can make a bunch and freeze them and then heat one up in the morning.
2) Breakfast sandwiches (ham or bacon or sausage and cheese on a bagel or croissant). These you can also freeze and then microwave.
3) Peanut butter toast, avocado toast (whole grain bread isn't too sweet) .

Lee O.
When I was in Japan I was used to have leftover dinner soup for breakfast and it was perfect. In some parts of Italy they also eat focaccia (a kind of pizza with onions and no mozzarella). As alternative I would try with Toast of whole bread with banana and white part of eggs would be good to me. Add an orange juice home made with some lemon to unsweet as much as you can.
H Rman B.
I think it's fine to eat lunch and dinner foods for breakfast. As long as it's still healthy. You said yourself breakfast foods are too sugary , I agree with you on that. Without eggs for a suggestion since you mentioned you don't enjoy them either I would say it doesn't matter what time of day food is meant for.
Alexandra S.
To be honest, I went for a really long time with no breakfast, because I would eat a large diner and that would basically be my main meal. I think the most important thing is to listen to you body, eat what you crave and don't overthink it, in my opinion your body knows what it needs. But if you must eat breakfast, there are a lot of non sweet option out there like yogurt and muesli, bananas and peanut butter, buttered toast and bacon, carrots, etc
Christian F.
I love leftovers for breakfast! Especially when it includes a good protein and slow burning carbs. Sprouted grain toast with pb has protein and slower carbs. Refried beans and sausage have the same. A stuffed bell pepper leftover is really nice.
Avery F.
Try eating smoothie bowls, oatmeal with fruit, sandwiches… I suggest you to prepare your breakfast a night before or write down a list of breakfast ideas and make a meal from the list in the morning.
Anto Z.
I don’t think that’s a problem! When we were in Asia, they served us soup for breakfast. I loved it! Now I especially enjoy a nice veggie stew for breakfast. Yum!
Louanne Y.
Avocado on toast isn't too sweet is it? A grilled tomato with it too. A little ham can be nice with toas for breakfast. Porridge (made with milk, British style) is super healthy with seeds (chia, pumpkin, sunflower) or peanut butter and maybe a little banana (if that's not too sweet).
Helma F.
You can go for milk, different nuts, non-sweetened oats or pancakes. Different vegetables like bells pepper, Rocca or parsley can be used next to cheese and toast
Francis J.
If you don't like sweet foods, that's completely okay! I stray away from sweet breakfast foods because they tend to give me a stomachache if I eat them first thing in the morning. You can always do oatmeal or cream of wheat! These are great items with protein and fiber that will keep you full, and you can always make them savory instead of sweet by adding cheese, meats, or veggies!
Roland O.
You should eat whatever you like! Some people just don’t like the sweeter foods and that is perfectly alright. If I want something not sweet for breakfast I eat flatbread or rye bread with toppings, like cheese or some meat. Try to get in a bite of fruit or vegetables, so you cover both protein and fibers. Eggs can be great for easy protein, and there are a multitude of ways to prepare them. Maybe try a few different ways and see if you like some of them better than others? If not, you can get protein from soy products, I think. I personally love Skyr, a type of Icelandic yoghurt. It is usually not so sweet but a little more sour, and has the same creamy texture as Greek yoghurt, with a high protein content.
Toledo A.
I personally don’t see any problem with eating leftovers at breakfast. I also am not a huge fan of sweet foods, so I totally understand your dilemma. I often have a turkey and cheese sandwich for breakfast, although when I have more time I branch out and have a biscuit with sausage or ham (both of these meals have delicious vegan/vegetarian options as well). Good luck finding something that works for you. <3
Lisandro P.
Basically you need small amount of fast carbs because you've been fasting all night a complex carb and protein that will keep you going through till lunch.
A sandwich and a glass of milk would fit the bill.
You don't have to eat "breakfast foods" for breakfast. Only get the required nutrients to break your fast and get you tolunch.
You can use any well balanced meal.
Most breakfast foods are top heavy with fast carbs which means you spike and crash.
You're not wrong to avoid them.
I hope that helped, Cheers!
Andrea W.
I’m right there with you. I don’t eat as much leftovers for breakfast as I generally just forgot to eat breakfast. I’m also a vegan, so eggs are never an option for me either. I prefer a handful of mixed nuts or tofu scramble and a small piece of Sourdough to get me through the morning. My diet makes me want to eat a little more in the morning these days so I like to add a piece of toast for extra some extra carbs.
Francis J.
i still go to school so i typically eat leftovers as well (and tbh i think it should be fine??).. but when i dont i tend to drink milk or salty crackers..?
Lucinda E.
I eat leftovers all the time for breakfast. Leftover dinners can be very filling, and are a good choice. Better than sweets. Try a Greek yogurt and a side of fresh fruit (like a banana or apple etc) and/or mix the yogurt with granola. I like 80 calorie Dannon light and fit Greek yogurt. It's lower than most on added sugars.
Nils F.
Thanks for asking! You can eat an apple with a banana for breakfast, Biscuits with milk or tea, a homemade smoothie, or a fruit salad 🍉
S L Ne O.
I always have either overnight oats ready to go or packets of oatmeal. Overnight oats are good because I get to control what goes in them. Plus with not eating leftover for breakfast you now have lunch for the day!
Bruce T.
I usually pick breakfast on the way to work during the week, but I try to keep it as healthy as I can. Avocado bagel, oats, banana… on the weekend I eat eggs, but I love eggs…
Jim W.
Toast or bread with butter or cream cheese and strawberry slices… Bacon is always good 😊 Consider a more English breakfast which includes sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon and beans. Brunch for breakfast!
Kunigunde Y.
I have unsweetened porridge with blueberries or banana which isn’t sweet or natural yoghurt with blueberries and nuts/seeds
Kylie E.
I think eating leftover which is nutritious is not a problem. And of course you can make salad 🥗 in an easy way with pepper, avocado , tomato, red union etc.
Leo O.
Smoothies, vegetables. Avadoes are great! Try not loading up on carbs and sugar and see how that makes you feel. Peanut butter. Tomatoes. Egg substitute (tofu) meat.
Shelly E.
Try overnight oats with chia, fruit and plain yogurt. Make it the night before, so you can just grab it from the fridge. There are a lot of inspirational recipes online. Have fun and try different ones.
Hugh E.
Hey! Sorry English is not my first language, but I will try to answer your question. I’m very into nutrition and on itself, there is nothing wrong with eating leftovers from previous day. But It depends on what those leftovers are: for example yesterday I had quinoa, chick pea and spinach curry for dinner and it would be a great breakfast food too. Bottom line is to try to eat as much whole food plant based items as possible. Avoid processed grains (try for example black or red or wholegrain rice instead of white one) and also use no or as little oils as possible. Avocado on toast is a quick option too. For the protein, I usually eat scrambled tofu (make sure to put flavours such as curcuma, other spices, but tomato purée, garlic, onion, some greens like kale.) and I make a sweet potato on the side. The whole breakfast is done in less than 10 mins! It’s very fillings too. I would say to google healthy savoury breakfast options and see what you like the most.
Misty C.
I lived in Cambodia for a period of time, and had what the locals had, which was anything with rice, veggies (usually what they call "morning glory" which is kind of like spinach/kale) and chilli. I've also travelled in Vietnam and often had Tom yum or spicy noodle soup for breakfast. I found it to be one of the absolute best ways to start the day. Particularly if it had chilli in it, because if you weren't awake beforehand, you were definately awake after! The biggest thing for me was that I felt so much better from having vegetables first thing in the morning. Hope this helps xo
Tracy P.
Just go on to eat leftovers. But, try to eat healthier lunch and dinner. By this way, your breakfast will be also healthier! Smart ha? 🙂
Irmino Q.
It’s kind of sweet still but you can make a great “breakfast” casserole with cubes sweet potatoes and ground sausage. Throw in peppers or cheese to add more flavor
Th Odore C.
just plain natural yogurt, maybe with fruits, but if fruits are also too sweet for you then just go for yogurt with granola or something. Or just a bread with butter and maybe cheese
Nicete Q.
Have you tried eating hummus? I love it on a toast with cheese on top, or with salmon. There are other types of sandwiches and toasts you could try, too. For example – salmon and cream cheese (and maybe some fresh green onions), or bread with some fillet, covered with cheese and baked. You could also try making salty muffins with wholewheat flour, cheese or/and vegetables. Salty crepes are also really tasty. Something we enjoy very much are croissants, stuffed with avocado, chicken, cashews and boiled eggs (all of the ingredients cut in small pieces and mixed).
Frank Z.
unsweetened homemade porridge with soy/almond milk instead of dairy, mix in some strawberries or raspberries and some nuts, boil milk with cinnamon powder for extra nice taste and smell, i like it bc you can switch things up every day – look up some other ingredients you could mix in that you like and you’ll never get tired of it 🙂 hope this helps
Christoffer W.
I typically have toast with peanut butter, a piece of fruit and a bit of plain yogurt with with nuts and seeds or whatever else I have around. It's barely sweet (depending on the type of pb you use) and is a great excuse to pop into the bakery for fresh bread. Another option i like instead of peanut butter is a nice toast with sliced tomato and a soft cheese, with some green olives on the side 🙂
Ann Z.
You can eat whatever you want. It doesn't in any way have to be a typical breakfast food. If what you like is a sandwich, then make yourself one. If it's noodles or soup, go for it. The main thing being that it is something you enjoy to eat and it fits with whatever diet you are on.
It is possible to get various types of muesli here that can be eaten with various dairy products like yoghurt, which you can also get in natural/non-sweetened varieties.
Vicky R.
I love smoothies! I mix fruits, veg, flax, oats, and protein for a very mildly sweet and very energizing meal. If you don't have a blender, try oats! These can be sweetened with fresh fruit, yogurt, juice, or not at all. Fats and carbs are easy, but what about protein? Whey powder, Greek yogurt, nuts, and cottage cheese are great breakfast foods. For smoothies, I sometimes sneak in some beans, cottage cheese, or peas in addition to the whey.

I have a large daily caloric intake, but if you eat less there are more options! But butter and toast with a piece of fruit could be a full meal! A cup of cottage cheese with thawed blueberries. There are plenty of options.

Egbert O.
I'm like you! I don't enjoy sweet things in the morning. But who says breakfast can't be the same foods as you have for lunch and dinner? I'm living in Asia and here they are eating rice for breakfast commonly which took me by surprise.

Something I've discovered is buckwheat or oats mixed with some nut butter and seeds – it's a low glycemic index meal that keeps you going all morning and super easy to make. Just boil in some water and you're good to go.

Otherwise, just stick to you leftovers – as long as you start the day with something.

Kenneth A.
It's not a rule to eat sweets at breakfast. A lot of people around the world eat what we just could consider a lunch or a dinner meal.
If it's OK for you to eat leftovers from the dinner, do it. Cook a bit more in the evening and you'll get a ready made breakfast the day after.
Don't forget to eat proteins and long lasting charbohydrates with veggies.
Diane O.
I got your point, actually sweet food it’s not jelly in general, but can still enjoy a green juice o some fresh fruit. Additionally you can eat oats with cinnamon. About eat leftovers I think it’s good, specially if this food has carbs and protein.
Pelaio N.
Well you can start with some healthy foods like fruit and also you could drink chocolate or
Coffee and eat eggs with bread or arepa.
Ernest N.
This may sound crazy, but you could always try flavouring porridge differently; this morning I made porridge with turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon if you like and then only a teensy bit of honey. Honey is optional, but it's a little twist. Much healthier, and also very tame for a morning tummy and energy for longer!
Samuel Q.
I like sliced tomatoes on wholemeal toast with some salt and olive oil. With a hot drink, as tea or coffee. Its a very Mediterranean breakfast, tasty and not sweet.
If in a hurry, toast with some butter and hot drink works well too.
Owen T.
Those sweet breakfast foods tend to be really unhealthy, so that's awesome that you don't like them. That puts you one step ahead of me haha I still go straight for the sugar cereal… Anyway, having "lunch foods" or "dinner foods" for breakfast is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. Just stay away from anything really heavy like meat, because that will make you tired.
Martin U.
Try whole grain cereals or oats with natural yoghurt and berries or banana? Not too sweet and slow burning to get you through to lunch.
Mia O.
My therapist once told me that it’s okay to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast if that’s all I can stomach. There are days I make turkey sandwiches with some miracle whip and sprouts. It’s fine to eat whatever you can stomach in the morning – it’s important to do what you need to do to get it done. I tend to stick to things that are more protein than anything else, but that’s up to you. I’ve had (cold) pizza for breakfast before because when you’re running late for class what else can you do, you know? Any food is a breakfast food if you eat it for breakfast, just try not to make it too heavy if you can!
Aur Lien Z.
I think if you don’t mind “day food” for breakfast, you could do a chicken breast or avocado toast with sea salt or a small breakfast burrito with beans and veggies.
Laura Z.
Maybe buns (if you like whole grain ones) with cream cheese and a bit of Marmelade (More than 60% fruit). The cream cheese takes away a bit of the sweetness but you could always only eat cheese or other savory stuff
Hailey F.
I wouldn’t say it’s a problem, but there are breakfast items that aren’t sweet such as healthy cereal, toast, or a homemade smoothie.
Guy T.
No problem with eating lunch and dinner leftovers for breakfast!
Other options: Greek yogurt and berries
Plain oatmeal with frozen wild blueberries (tiny) and peanut butter
Naja F.
What about cheese? And a salad in the morning (without dressing, just some cherry tomatoes and cucumber), you can also have them on a slice of toasted full grain bread with some salted butter on top
Andrei U.
There isn't any problem with eating dinner or lunch foods for breakfast! I would just recommend high protein options. I use these English muffins that are by nooks and crannies, they are 100 calories for one and will use that for a breakfast sandwich that typically includes deli meat. I also drink coffee and another thing I'll do is use a vanilla protein shake and mix with coffee.
Simon B.
Avocado toast. Smoked salmon on English Muffin. Leftover chicken on a bagel. Green smoothies. Fruit. Yogurt. Smoked salmon on avocado toast.
Hana Z.
Why not something healthy and savoury like a nice slice of wholegrain bread topped with some brain-boostimg avocado? Maybe place some cherry tomatoes on the side to really up the vegetable intake before even starting the day! What about classic cheese on toast though careful on the amount of cheese; for example, I buy ready sliced edam so I can control the portions I eat. Stick some baby tomatoes on the side or on top and it's a perfectly savoury breakfast! Good luck!
Caitlin B.
Eggs and veggies or any sory of porridge are a nice breakfast to start a day. But of you dony prefer eggs or sweet things such as buckwheat porridge or banana pancakes, maybe you'll look into something like a Japanese traditional breakfast. It's very nice, healthy and satiating.
Logan Q.
I’ve found that intermittent fasting helps tremendously with missing breakfast and still having a smart eating day. I’ve lost 10 healthy pounds doing so. ✌🏾
Victoria E.
I see your point, I myself don't like sweet food neither. I do like this – salad leaves, olive oil, cheese, eggs (yup, but you can skip ) bread, olives, tomatoes, salt, maybe lemon juice, maybe red fish, maybe good meat – my rule 5+ components, Mediterranean style. Yummy!
D Lcio N.
I think eating lunch and dinner leftovers are fine if they’re healthy, nutricious, and sustaining. I dislike sweet foods as well and just don’t think they’re a good breakfast, so I eat oatmeal, unsweetened whole grain cereals, unsweetened toast with natural 1-ingredient peanut butter and fruits, unsweetened yogurt, leftovers from lunches and dinners, green smoothies, nuts, sometimes just a wholesome fruit like bananas and apples, avocado, unsweetened/less sweet granola bars, whole grain bagels with or without cream cheese, string cheese sticks, unsweetened soy milk. I hope that gives you some ideas!
Mahmut G.
I make almond milk based drinks with oats, peanut butter and a frozen banana. I make most of it the evening before and just pop the banana into it before I go to work. On weekends, I have something that takes a little more effort.
Norma F.
If you're ok with milk based dishes there's plenty to choose from. Experiment and see what works for you best. You already have some good insights. Sweet foods like those you described very quickly increase amount of sugar in your blood. That's not good unless you're in the middle of Ironman triathlon 🙂 With all that being said let me share with you my favourite breakfast recipe which lends itself to endless modifications and customizations.

Oatmeal of Gods
1 small cup of jumbo oats (not the instant kind!)
3 small cups of milk

Evening prior mix oats and milk an put them in a fridge.
In the morning, put them on a small heat and mix constantly until they get thick (happens faster then expected so watch out!). To serve, mix with banana, raisins and sprinkle with cinnamon.

The end result is a creamy little wonder in a bowl. Just slightly sweet and very comforting 🙂 Hope you'll like it!

Cecilia X.
If you are properly balancing protein, carb, and fat, I don’t think it matters whether or not you are eating “breakfast” foods. However, I wouldn’t want to eat a large lunch or dinner sized portion. I try to aim for eating a breakfast that is sufficient for keeping me satisfied till lunch time without feeling like I overendulged at breakfast
Ryan O.
In all honesty you can eat leftover pizza and it would be far more beneficial than cereal or the sorts. What's important is that you can see that it is reasonably healthy. Breakfast in and of itself is just the first meal of the day. There is no specific foods that can only be eaten for breakfast. As long as it works for you it can be anything.
Malone Z.
I don’t think “non-breakfast foods” for breakfast is a problem. Fabulous stresses lean protein, whole grains, and avoiding sugar, all of which I’m sure you can manage with leftover lunch and dinner foods. I do prefer breakfast foods for breakfast, but I often eat whole-grain toast with peanut butter or oatmeal with fruit.
Mathilde F.
How about green smoothies? They’re good for you? And you can make them all veggies if you want. I absolutely love beets, carrots and pineapple smoothie. Sometimes i just do beets, carrots and kale. It’s suprisingly delicious. I have an autoimmune issue and can’t eat traditional breakfast stuff even if i wanted to but yeah I’d definitely go the smoothie or juice route.
R Mi O.
Whole wheat English muffins with peanut butter or whole wheat toast or oatmeal are all yummy options that are healthy and aren’t too sweet.
Liam F.
I’m not into sweet foods myself for brekky. I like having tofu or tempeh and a side of spinach or kale. It’s a healthy and full of protein to start your day. If I have cereal I have oats with nuts and soy milk. Rice can be good for breakfast too, with seaweed or salmon.
Apolline A.
Well, I never did like typical breakfast foods until I stopped drinking soda. It’s awfully sweet. Maybe try cutting out soda. I really like eggs, so I can’t be much help there. I always put some parsley on them though. It’s yummy.
Olivia U.
Hello! I can only recommend to you eat porrige with some berries or butter. That's the great variant to start your day. And you can also add a butterbreads with vegitables. Here, in Russia, it is traditional breakfast.
Amanda O.
I understand exactly what your going through and I suggest that it's best you drink some water before eating a few pieces of fruit. Also I fix meals like oatmeal and just have a piece of toast with it. I hope this helps
Floyd U.
In Spain, it is popular to rub a tomato onto some hot toast, then sprinkle things like salt, pepper, garlic or lemon on top. Another idea is having a bowl of plain oatmeal or sugar-free cereal with unsweetened milk and a spoonful of peanut butter
Nelson O.
Certainly left over lunch and dinner foods are fine as long as it is not fried foods.
Shredded Wheat works for me…no added salt or sugar and I might add some nuts or cranberries..
Charly E.
I have similar problem😃 i am not humoru during the mornin and i dont like sweet one. About eggs i like it but not always. What working for me when i dont want eggs is Porridge with fruit or sandwich with white cheese and vegetables.
Randall O.
I also don’t like eggs. Not quite sure why, I just don’t! It’s also probably a good thing that you don’t like traditional breakfast foods, since they’re often unhealthy. You may have heard this before, but I would recommend either a couple granola bars or toast/a bagel with butter instead of jelly. But if you do carry on eating lunch and dinner foods for breakfast, I really don’t see it to be a problem at all. Unless you’re eating cake for breakfast (which I hope you’re not lol) it’s probably healthier than waffles, pancakes, etc. Hope I was of some help!!
Daniele P.
I don’t like breakfast at all. I eat a healthy protein bar around 9:30am and another bar around 11:30am. I eat lunch at 1:30pm. I know it may sound strange but it works for me.
Steven T.
My favorite breakfast is a smoothie bowl or a smoothie shake. You can manage the sweetness of smoothies. You can also look through foreign breakfast dishes. For example in my country, a popular breakfast is bread, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes with salt and lemon juice.
Samanta C.
You can try making breakfast style casseroles but without the eggs, think potatoes and breakfast meats with a little veg.
Frederick O.
I have standard breakfast plans, two of which might work. One is lowfat cottage cheese with a good instant oatmeal. Shop around for healthy versions; not all are bad. The other is just breakfast cereal with lowfat milk, but I'm picky about the cereals. Wheatabix, Grape-Nuts, and "Post Shredded Wheat – Wheat & Bran" are good choices. No added sugar or anything else, really. Just grains.
Johnny U.
I heard you. I am the same way, sweet isn’t my thing and even less first thing in the morning. I always try recipes with eggs, but since eggs it may not be an option, I would say a sandwich of turkey breast and cheese in a whole grain English muffin, or a avocado toast with turkey breast will be another option. I also like peanut butter protein smoothies and plain Greek yogurt with honey and/or fruits, it is sweet but not sugary. I also try juicing for my breakfast. I also on the go in the morning, so the easier I can take it on the go, the better. Finally, I do not think “lunch” or “dinner” type of foods are a bad thing to eat in the morning. Just be careful that those don’t contain things that are heavy or makes you bloated first thing in the morning. A good salad with salmon or brown rice and chicken breast are also good protein options. Get your protein, complex carbs, and you are good to go.
Eddie R.
No not at all a problem. I’m allergic to eggs and cheese so breakfast is a hard meal when eating out. There’s no rules as to what you can choose for breakfast. Eat what you like. I usually eat veggies for breakfast or fruit maybe some avocado toast.
Corey S.
I mostly eat diffirent kinds of sandwiches or porridge for breakfast. I like it because you can vary them very easily and prepare them the day before if you want. But I too eat leftovers or more ”real meals” for breakfast sometimes, and I think that’s fine to do now and then! 🙂
Carrie C.
Here’s the reality; you can eat dinner foods for breakfast, breakfast foods for lunch, etc. and your body won’t know the difference (or care) as long as you’re balancing the types of food groups you’re eating from at each meal. Ideally, you should consume food from all three of these groups at breakfast time: whole grain, protein, and fruit (or veggies!). The reasoning is because you’re trying to give your body a hit of calories (energy) to get it going in the morning (whole grain & fruit) and also trying to feel full until lunchtime (protein). I don’t eat anything with added sugar, so I can appreciate that you want to start your day without too much sweetness. Some go-to breakfast meals that I’ve found to be satisfying but not sweet are: 1. Plain Shredded Wheat squares, with milk and chia seeds and a sliced banana; 2. Grits with sharp cheddar cheese and an egg (you could substitute chicken!) and a serving of strawberries; or 3. Plain oatmeal, with a sliced apple cooked with cinnamon and nutmeg over the top, with walnuts and almonds added. Good luck, and remember there’s no pressure to eat ‘traditional’ breakfast food in order to take care of your body!!
Sophia E.
To answer your question, I don’t believe that eating left overs for breakfast is inherently bad, as long as what you’re eating had a balanced health benefit in the first place.
To touch on not so sweet breakfast foods, I’d suggest getting some plain Greek yogurt and add your own toppings to it so that it satisfies your savor. Maybe try some sliced almonds and low sugar granola… also, oatmeal is a great option— similar to yogurt you can top it how you’d like thus avoiding the early morning sugar rush.
Gregory E.
Depends on what your timetable restrictions are. As a high school kid who has to be out the door at 6:30 in the morning, I go liquid with protein shakes. I like to make the Olly shake, and add a packet of Splenda to make it manageable. If you have more time in the mornings, more cooked proteins can keep you going for longer in the day.
Petros U.
I don’t usually like t eat breakfast foods or eat very early in the morning either. I totally get it. Try a fruit with a small scoop of nut butter such as an apple with peanut or almond butter or banana and a scoop of peanut butter. A Greek yogurt with granola topping would be another good option. Or try making a smoothie. Hope this is helpful.
Jackie P.
Yes! It's important to eat breakfast to keep your energy up for the day. Focus on quality lean protein, like yoghurt, nuts and seeds or even chicken or turkey. For example, natural yoghurt with nuts is a great breakfast. If you have leftovers, chicken on toast is too. Or porridge with peanut butter
Timmothy E.
I understand, usually in the mornings it’s hard to prepare a big breakfast. You don’t have to go for the sweet options though, there’s always toast, quesadillas, breakfast burritos, roasted potatoes/ tomatoes…You can even take the traditional sweet breakfasts and make them savory by adding your choice of spices so you don’t hit your stomach with so much sugar. Nonetheless, I do advice a serving of fruit along with the breakfast in order to get more nutrients.
Jeppe Y.
I like to eat oats cooked with unsweetened almond milk lots of chia seeds and half a banana. Not too sweet and very filling and satisfying
Zarco N.
Eating lunch for breakfast is not a problem. Try eating sandwiches or salads. You can also try eating savory crepes and Dutch babies recipes (French and Dutch pancakes). If your ok with plain fruit you can eat that too.
Alcina O.
I love to eat a Mediterranean breakfast – 1 sliced cucumber, 1 sliced tomato, some feta cheese and fresh mint. Also some watermelon on the side – best thing in the morning (slightly sweet and super hydrating).

Other options I love are avocado toast, a cup of oatmeal, or a yogurt bowl (plain with some fruit/chia seeds/honey on top).

Lesa O.
I believe non sweet breakfast is better than a sweetened one because proteins postpone the feeling of hunger and takes much longer to “burn”. Sugar instead gives instant energy but this energy vanishes very quickly and we’ll soon need sth else to get energy from. If not eggs get some ham or a beans, or whatever you feel like as far as you have breakfast
Julcenira I.
Eating less sugar in the morning will keep your blood sugar stable, so don’t worry about skipping the sweet things. The foods you have described are mostly high in refined sugars, which are bad for you. Fruit sugars on the other hand tend to keep your blood sugar a bit more stable if you would rather grab a fruit on the go.
Gluten free oats is a less sweet, more filling way to go. Other grains like quinoa and rice might also provide a very filling and quick alternative.
You can also eat a steamed/baked potato in the morning for breakfast. Potatoes are really good for you and they are antiviral so never ever worry about how many you eat.
Try to avoid all radical fats for breakfast (any beef, chicken, fish) as it will give your liver a longer time to detox after the nights rest.
I hope this helps!
Thea C.
If you want something sweet in your breakfast then add honey water, peanut butter, dates and things like that which add to your proteins and minerals. If you don’t like eggs then go for other dairy products. Sorted I hope.
Raul F.
Just look up Kevin Curry on youtube / FitMenCook application in AppStore/Google play — he’s got loads of non-sweet breakfast options which are easy to prepare too.
Jeppe Z.
Maybe you can try oatmeals for breakfast. With nuts and fruits added to it. That will give it the sweet flavor minus the unhealthy factor. This way you will have a healthy breakfast without having eggs. Give it a try.
Bianca Z.
I take porridge with slices of green apple or sometimes none. I use half cup of oatmeal and half cup of low fat milk with black tea to drink! Hope that helps 🙂👍
Emilie U.
Hi there!

I know you're not a fan of sugary meals with cereals, waffles and such. One thing I would recommend is natural sugars.. Make oatmeal with fruit and nuts. No sugar added. Or find some health benefiting smoothies. One smoothie recipe I recommend is:

Frozen fruits:
Triple berry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberries)




Flax seeds

Greek yogurt

Frida C.
I would recommend you do what I am doing – eat fruits for breakfast. I either eat a huge banana or an apple then always end it with a spoonful of peanut butter. They may be a bit sweet but at least it's healthier!
Arnaldo Y.
These traditional too sweet options don't attract me either. Since I don't have any problem with eggs, I use to have some among my choices. I also use to have Herbalife protein shakes in my mornings. They have some salty flavors available.
Eline Q.
I don’t think eating leftovers is a problem as long as they’re healthy foods. Try overnight oats with turkey sausage/ bacon, hopefully that helps!
Jerry E.
One of my main easy go-to breakfasts is some whole wheat toast with almond/peanut butter and maybe some fruit if I have any at the time! Fills me up until lunch and isn’t full of sugar 🙂
Mylan Y.
I think that whatever you decide to have for breakfast is acceptable as long as you ration your food, certain part to be proteins, etc… toast with avocado, or even just plain oatmeal with milk and an apple are good small breakfast to sustain you until you get a bigger lunch. Also, maybe look for those liquid yogurts that contain protein, they are handy and not overwhelmingly sweet
Pierre N.
I think your best choice would be toasts. Wholemeal toast perhaps. You can put like salmon or ham in it to make it fill you up. Or you can have bran flakes which are not so sweet and are quick to make. Or go for oatmeal which would fill you up. Hope you find the right breakfast choice
Shelly O.
Tbh eat whatever you like as long as it’s healthy! I personally eat low fat yoghurt with muesli, which is not super sweet but gives me lots of fibre and protein. I also recommend Japanese-style breakfasts!
Jonathan Z.
Cottage cheese and canned fruit or fresh with nuts.

Cheese and fruit. Nuts.

Only use a small plate. For all meals.

Milan O.
Try eating plain oatmeal. It will fill you up and is very easy to make. And if you don't have time to make it, try finding some overnight oats recipes.
Allie R.
I think it’s great you eat lunch and dinner for breakfast. I often eat leftover dinner for breakfast. I’m from Denmark, and most of our breakfast foods are savory. So maybe you should look for other options then sweet foods for breakfast.
Jeffrey T.
While I always love breakfast food, I struggle more with waking up in time to make it. I also eat low carb, so sweets and grains are off the menu. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating whatever kind of food you want for breakfast, so long as you’re planning your day meals accordingly. Breakfast is prime time for energy sustaining foods like protein and carbs and some sugars, so keep that in mind when you’re eating. One of my favorite go tos is straight up some bacon, some smoked salmon and a handful of raspberries after. No one says you have to have pancakes or eggs for breakfast; though you should really learn to love eggs if you don’t, they’re incredibly versatile and great for your first meal of the day. Also try different kinds of toast! Whole grain toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers is amazing. Or an English muffin with mayo, bacon and tomato! I think as long as you’re making healthy choices, it doesn’t matter what you eat when.
Signe C.
Hello, I usually do not eat sweet items for breakfast, except for a rare treat. I have eaten leftovers for breakfast many times and see no problem with that; it is usually healthier, not to mention cost effective, than stopping for fast food. It also can save time if you are in a hurry.

One thing I have done is to make oatmeal or cream of wheat, but instead of adding something sweet to it I will add nuts and/or savory spices; for example a small amount of fresh pressed garlic or Mrs. Dash. I will sometimes add some shredded cheese too, to give it a more creamy texture and change up the flavor some.

I will also sauté some chicken breast with mushrooms and onions, other veggies, or salsa even. I usually have a piece of bread on the side or roll it all up in a small tortilla. Sometimes I will add cheese.

I hope you find these ideas helpful. 🙂

Warren U.
It’s quite a problem when you don’t eat breakfast. I suggest you to try a wholewheat bread with avocado,tuna,and some veggies. Beside some drinks like almond milk, soy milk or smoothy to refrech your body in the morning.
Julie U.
The best breakfast foods for me that I’ve found are peanut butter on toast with a banana, avocado toast, a chia seed pudding with fresh fruit, or yogurt with fresh fruit. They all have great fats and proteins for energy, and are complex carbs!
Ethan Y.
Hey there! I’m not an expert though, but maybe you can try avocados and some cheese which is not too salty, like goat cheese. Nuts and fruits, apples are less sweet than waffles, I guess. And why not have some sandwiches with ham too?
Reginald T.
I’m the same! I *hate* sugar in the morning! And no, eat whatever! By being ok with non-typical foods, you expand your protein choices. Then you get the tangible protein boost! If I pay attention I can feel it and the reward feeling keeps me going. I just had banana and mmm salty peanut butter — just enough— and I feel good to go! You are doing GREAT by being creative! Keep that up, fam! You’ve got this!
William C.
No eggs is certainly tough. Try yogurt with a mix of chopped nuts and fresh fruits! Plain Greek yogurt is great if you don’t like your breakfast too sweet.
Glenda O.
Hi, I understand a bit how you feel, I always have problems with breakfast even I was use to skip breakfast but a good and healthy choice can be, a cup of oat grain plus milk, plus one half banana and 3 strawberries, you cut it as you prefer and in case that u miss the sweet just add brown sugar, but everyday use less sugar and leave that the fruits add the sweet to your breakfast, u can add apples or any sweet fruit that u prefer, try to dont use sour fruits. And in case u have to skip breakfast try to keep always in u a bag with cashews, peanuts or dry cranberries, that will help u to boost a bit to reach to lunch and help u to dont get gastritis or acid reflux.
Good luck and cheer up! We grown and learn everyday
Marion U.
usually I smear pita bread with hummus and wrap some veggies in it (broccoli, sweet pepper, carrot or tomatoes, avocado and red onion), some kind of shaurma but without meat, and fry this few minutes each side on very hot pan
Kemal P.
Well, I don't eat breakfast either and just the taste of sweet food as soon on as I wake up makes me want to throw up. But in your case, its unhealthy and I found that out the hard way, so I have some tips for you.
1. Drink water with lemon
2. Don't eat leftovers for breakfast!
3. Try eating Cheerios for breakfast
4. Avocado bacon, high heat for bacon and don't use oil but Butter
I hoped that I helped you
Craig T.
I think as long as dinner left overs are nutritious, it's a great way to start off your day! I agree that many breakfast foods are too sweet for so early so I like hqaving old fashioned oats with cinnamon. I get the big container of oats instead of the packages with flavors that have a lot of added sugar. I also love bran flakes, they are crunchy and filling with lots of nutritional benefits. If you want more protein, a plain Greek yogurt is a good way to go. Fage 2% has over 20 g of protein per cup and only 8 g of sugar. Plain yogurt is great because you can add in what you want instead of what the company wants. I hope this was helpful!
Dale C.
Sounds like you need something fresh for breakfast. I would avoid sweet foods and left overs. Recently I've been having a handful of whole almond nuts, great protein and filling. You can also have some Greek yogurt or a piece of fruit.
Stephen A.
I eat grain bowls for breakfast because I too do not like sweet things. I usually pair quinoa, farro, or buckwheat with a green (arugula, kale, microgreens), avocado, Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and “everything bagel” seasoning mix from Trader Joe’s!
Arnold W.
Specific foods at specific times of day are an arbitrary construct. Eat whatever meets your dietary goals whenever you want to eat it.
Katrina J.
I often eat youghurt with full grain cereal, it contains a lot of fibers and it keeps you full all the way to your lunch :))
Eder T.
How about Greek yogurt and fruit, like bananas and strawberries? There are some cereals that aren’t sweetened and oatmeal does not have to be sweetened, either. Are you okay with egg substitute? Unsweetened peanut butter or almond butter with apples, bananas, etc can also be an option.
Antoine U.
I stopped eating breakfast in the early morning as I was always very lazy after that. I would very often even come back to bed to nap right after. When I post pone it, it gives me a lot of mobilisation. I also stopped eating “breakfasty” stuff for breakfast. I pick something very nutrient, almost always avocado is involved, I like to sprinkle everything with chia seeds or pecan nuts. Healthy fats are important as they slower down the digestion so you are full for longer. Also you need to fall in love with oats, but the real deal, not the sugary instant ones. They go perfect with blueberries and nuts and Greek yoghurt and a tiny splash of maple syroup. Cheeses and dark (super dark & grainy) bread plus fat salty butter are my guilty pleasure(:
Joann G.
Like you, I don’t want something sweet in the morning. It seems that when I do have something sweet, it triggers my sweet tooth to want more sweets throughout the day. Recently I’ve started intermittent fasting … basically limiting my eating hours to “noonish” and 6 or 7 pm. I don’t wake up hungry anymore and my “breakfast” has become coffee with some type of fat (butter or coconut oil or heavy cream). The caffeine helps wake me up and the fat helps keep me full until noon or even later.
Daphn S.
There are a lot of ceareals that are not sweet & you could add a touch of sugar if needed. Unsweetened yogurt could work-add fruit or anything you might like
Victor E.
I can’t eat eggs either and prefer a savoury breakfast. Veggie sausages are great way of getting nutrients and not leaning to heavily on meat. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in healthy leftovers for breakfast. Think of what people would fill and omelet with, then leave out the egg.
Radmila O.
There's plenty of things you can have for breakfast, everything depends on you. You can make yourself a tuna sandwich, a chicken wrap, a cheese (I use gouda), strawberries and ham salad (it tastes better than it sounds), a small bowl of oatmeal, Greek yogurt with granola and a plate of fruits, the options al endless, you can even have smoothies with a scoop of protein or with oatmeals. I suggest you to go to Instagram and try to find account's that can inspire you and give you ideas, you can even look for hashtags like #HealthyBreakfast or simply #Breakfast, use your imagination and creativity, I'm sure you'll find plenty of options and/or ideas.
Manuel U.
It's really difficult to pick a great breakfast that has neither sugar nor eggs in it.

Eggs are a quick fix protein recipe while moderate sugary recipes will provide the much needed energy to run the day.

Might I suggest you try a smoothie or a milk shake with toast. (Only fructose and no eggs ;).)

Hellmut Q.
I don’t think it’s a problem. My husband has porridge with fruit every morning, and I have plain yoghurt with blueberries. I don’t have porridge, because I take too much sugar with it.
We both then have a boiled egg, which wouldn’t work for you, but it’s important to have some protein at every meal. You could have crackers with cold meat, or cheese.
Lorenzo C.
I do oatmeal with almond milk and a bit of salt, or overnight oatmeal with no added sugar. I utilize the sweetness of barries and unsweetened coconut milk, protein pancakes from www.darebee.com that are high in protein/low on sugar, vegetable smoothies, low glycemic fruit smoothies that are not
Karla G.
I think that as long as you are getting a decent amount of protein, then mostly any food is great. Sometimes I just don’t feel like breakfast foods either, but I still find a way to eat a good breakfast. It doesn’t matter the food as long as it gives you enough energy.
Wulf X.
I like having leftovers for breakfast too. I also like having breakfast at dinnertime too. I don't see anything wrong with this.
Virgil U.
I think that you can try some bread and cheese. Some sandwich may be good. You can also try buddha bowls (there are many choices so you can make a bowl exactly to your taste!) And of course you can try yoghurt with seeds, like kinoa for example! I hope that was helpful
Mathias Z.
I think as long as you’re eating a healthy balanced meal, avoiding sweet things is fine. You could easily do a breakfast burrito (hold the eggs) with sausage, potatoes, peppers, even avocado. Or chicken biscuits. Avocado toast is also a popular option!
C Lestin P.
I think that you should always start the day by eating something that makes you feel good! If it’s not cereals or waffles, it can be avocado toast, oatmeal, yogurt with fruits and nuts, slices of fruits or yes even veggies on a plate!
Bella T.
In the old days leftovers from lunch or dinner were the nor. For breakfast and focused on cuts of meat, a variety of them. But to get out of that routine and to make it easy start with whole fruit and nuts and a piece of meat. Try chia pudding with chopped fruit and granola. A light refreshing quickstarter for the morning. I'm sure this will guide you in the right direction.
Johnny S.
I’m thinking about a European/Mediterranean type of breakfast. In Spain, we ate meats, cheese, nuts, dried fruit but no eggs for breakfast. Salami , prosciutto, dried apricots, cheeses, maybe this would be an option for you.
Ga L O.
I make my own flour free muffins, because I don’t like sweet foods in the morning either.
Not many people like them but if you don’t like sweet you just might.
3 bananas
1/4 c oil
2 c steal oats
1/4 c cranberries (dried)
1/4 c walnuts
1 tsp cinnamon
Mix bananas up and let sit for 10 minutes. Then add rest of ingredients. Bake in muffin tins for 20-25 minutes depending on oven.
Gregory S.
Start by eating what you like in small portions. The emphasis is to “break” your sleep/resting “Fast”.
I started with leftovers, too. Try soups, noodles, oatmeal, sandwich, raw veggies, fruits…if you like it, eat it. This is your “Break-Fast” not their’s.
Having small portion meals (4-6), throughout the day, helps control hunger.
Challenge yourself. Vary what you eat to make Breakfast an interesting, first meal.
Josephine P.
There’s no reason to eat breakfast foods if you dint like them! As long as you’ve got some protein in there, rock and roll with what you like to eat :). Personally, I love breakfast tacos, Greek yogurt with fruit and granola, or peanut butter and banana on toast.
Brian E.
I had a hard time finding something nice too, especially to get some proteins and not too much sugar. Now I stick with tea, fromage blanc and fruits or compote.
Laura N.
I don't understand what you are talking about. Oatmeal porridge, cranberry sauce, and almond milk. That's a great breakfast.
Benjamin W.
I think a good breakfast gets the day started on a positive note. If leftovers get you excited to eat in the morning and provides you a balanced meal, then I don’t think there’s a problem! Some unsweetened things I go for is buttered toast, a cheese stick/cubes, bacon, granola and Greek yogurt.
Raul I.
Often eggs are my “go to” for breakfast with protein, but since you have problems with it, I will suggest some other things. My first thought is oatmeal, if you like it. You can make steel cut oats without sugar or dress it up with cinnamon and fruit. Something similar is quinoa with cinnamon and mangoes or peaches. There is also scrambled tofu using Mexican spices. You could make a burrito with it. You could also try a grilled cheese sandwich. Miso soup is another choice. You might want to google recipes for non-sweet breakfast foods to see what google comes up with for ideas.

I also like to eat all kinds of foods for breakfast. I do try to eat lighter because if I’m eating leftovers it’s because I liked whatever I made the night before and I have a tendency to want to overeat.

Good luck!

Raymond Z.
How about plain oatmeal, cereal, and simple smoothie with veggies and fruits. Yes I agree with you I think breakfast should be simple but nutrient not super sweet stuff.. I hope my answer can help.
K Thi O.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating lunch or dinner foods for breakfast if that’s what you like! Who decides what “breakfast food” is anyway? I’d say as long as you’re getting the proper nutrition, go for it! Meals you could try though is Greek yogurt with fruit and not super sweet granola, a smoothie or avocado toast. There’s also a lot of ways to hide eggs – breakfast tacos, frittata, a scramble with lots of veggies and sausage, etc.
Zlatko O.
Oats are a great source of fibre, and its super easy to doctor it with fruit. Berries, nuts and seeds, bananas, etc. I add some honey to mine for a touch of sweetness.

On days when I don't feel like making it, toast with peanut butter and banana slices are a fun stand in.

Arlene Z.
I love savory oatmeal. Oatmeal with cheese, scallions, spinach and garlic powder. It’s similar to the flavor in a dish of “shrimp n’ grits”.
Nicole F.
Fruits! They're super easy and great for you. I like clementines, they're easy to peel and taste great! But bananas, apples, etc. They work too. Another thing so you can get some protein is cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. They're packed with protein and aren't too sweet. You could try some almonds, cashews and other nuts too. As for the leftovers, they might not be too great. It just depends on what it is. Fabulous says go for protein and low sugar so I'd skip leftovers full of carbs, acidic stuff, and fat.
Marc P.
I recommend eating yogurt, a simple vanilla or lemon if you don’t like fruity flavors, and combine with granola or other grain cereals. Oatmeal can be a good filling option with berries or dried fruit added, even nuts. It’s good to start the day with a healthy meal. Sometimes I have a morning smooth or shake. Mix unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice, avocado, ginger, spinach, coconut oil and almond butter or sunflower seed spread, and blend. Add a little sweetener of choice if desired , or extract flavoring. Tasty and long lasting.
Lucinda Q.
I don't think it's a problem at all. Eating breakfast is important because it 'breaks' the 'fast' after you've been sleeping all night. We need to eat a meal in the morning to get our metabolism back up and get our bodies into daytime mode. As long as you're eating a healthy meal in the morning I wouldn't worry whether it's traditional 'breakfast food' or not. It changes from culture to culture anyway: the French are famous for omelettes and pancakes but don't consider either of them 'breakfast food.'
Vesna R.
Look overnight oats up. 1 banana, some oats and planbased milk is all you need. I add chia seeds and morringa, but that's optional. Berries would also be a nice addition. You can prep it the night before.

I am experimenting with pancakes made from chickpea flower and blended vegetables as well. Haven't quite nailed it yet tho.

Gary E.
I totally agree with you here. I think eating dinner leftovers is absolutely fine. The trick is try to make sure any carbs are the low GI version (brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes etc) as they will keep you full for much longer. And make sure you're getting a good dose of fruit/veg in there. Good luck!
Sabri F.
There’s absolutely no problem! You’re probably eating healthier than if you had the typical breakfast foods. I eat a veggie burger (whole veggies in patty form, not fake meat) w/ avocado & cheese on multigrain bread for breakfast every morning. I’ll also eat leftovers if I have any. I think sweet breakfast food is a very American thing, and it doesn’t keep you full for long, and can also come with a sugar crash. If you want to choose something specifically for breakfast (rather than leftovers), I recommend including plenty of protein, fat, and some fiber. That combination will be best for keeping you full until lunch time.
Kirk O.
Oatmeal or and fruits.
That is if you one is on a traditional diet protocol and not doing IF , OMAD or raw till 4 p.m.
Theresa O.
I find toasted cheese, tinned spaghetti, or toast with a savory (salty) spread works well for me. Sometimes even peanut butter can work if it is the non-sugary type. It may take a little longer, but sometimes frying up some bacon or ham and having a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich in the morning is good too. It can help to ready the ingredients the night before.
None of them are distinctly NOT breakfast foods, but their calorie and salt and sugar levels should be different to a meal made to be eaten at dinner (given one is meant to start your day, and the other is meant to end it).
Gauthier Z.
There are some not sweet cereal options such as corn flakes and Cheerios that you could eat. If this kind of sweetness doesn't bother you, you could eat some fruit and even vegetables. Something like crackers and cheese could work, or I often make myself quesodillas for breakfast.
Margie S.
So, time is my biggest issue with breakfast. I have found oatmeal to be a great deal! I measure out 7 breakfasts once a week in canning jars. You can change it up but my go to is: 1/3 c oatmeal, a small spoonful of flax and chia seeds, 1Tbl raisins and a dash of cinnamon. Each morning I add boiling water and let it steep for about 15 or so minutes. Add milk, fresh berries, nuts or whatever you prefer and have on hand. You get a good nutritious breakfast with grains, spice, protein and fresh fruits!
Derrick Z.
I have a family member that has always raided the fridge in the morning for leftover dinners! Maybe a smoothie will work for you.
Isidor Y.
I have a bagel with plain cream cheese, but you could have yogurt or oatmeal. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having left overs. You can also have fresh fruit or peanut butter toast.
Aldalgisa C.
Hi yes I do! It’s a good thing you don’t want to be eating all of that sweet stuff anyway, it’s much healthier not to! Try avocados and get that healthy fat right away. You can make it as simple as cutting one in half and sprinkling sea salt on it, or mashing it up on toast. If your short on time, a spoonful of peanut butter usually does it for me. And look into bulletproof coffee! Not sweet at all and will keep you full until lunch. And if you want leftovers in the morning, I think that’s fine too. Good luck!
Jo U.
I don’t think dinner foods are an issue as long as it’s a healthy variety and portion size. What about avocado on toast w salt and pepper or plan Skyr yogurt with fresh blueberries and raspberries
Kim W.
Waffles, pancakes and French toasts are not really healthy food. So people should eat them in moderation as well, like once in a while as a treat.
You could make avocado on toast (just toast with mashed avocado, salt and pepper – chilli flakes if you like it spicy). Or tofu scramble: break the tofu into little pieces and cook it with soya sauce, turmeric and pepper. I add spinach and mushroom too in the mix.
Or mushrooms with grilled haloumi and tahini.
Bruschetta with chopped tomatoes and beans.
Frederike O.
I suppose it matters what you are eating I have often had dinner leftovers for breakfast, many times I will use leftover meat and vegetables in an omelet or scramble but if you don't like eggs I don't know what the difference is if you skip the eggs. Eating breakfast is what is important your body needs fuel to get through the day.
Cl A Y.
I agree with you, sweet eats should not be for breakfast. I start with drinking a glass of water, some fruits if I don’t have time to prepare anything, like a banana, orange, apples,mango and other fruits. When I want breakfast I make a toast with a little bit of butter, or melted cheese, or croissants. You can also have pancakes without syrup instead use jelly or peanut butter to avoid the sweet. You can also make a breakfast quesadilla, or a vegetable burrito. Pinterest has many breakfast recipes that can work for you. If eating leftovers is working for you than continue having dinner in the morning. I do it sometimes too.
Good habits are great and that’s a great habit to keep my friend.
Bessie Z.
I have mixed berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries,raspberries with a small banana with a muller light Greek yogurt poured over it.
Toast with chocolate spread and sliced banana on top.
Bacon sandwich.
Beans & poached egg on toast (I see you don’t like eggs so the omelette & poached egg might not work for you).
At weekends a full English.
Anatole Y.
I don’t think you need to eat anything sweet in the morning. You just need to deliver good carbs, fat and proteins. If your leftovers are hummus with veggies or wrap with chicken, it’s ok. Try to avoid cold pizza 😉 I find a lot of healthy breakfast ideas on Pinterest, maybe you can try it!
Adamantino N.
I certainly don’t see any issue with eating leftovers for breakfast. In fact, people from different cultures around the world eat foods for breakfast that westerners typically ear for lunch or supper, rice comes to mind as it’s such a versatile food. I can’t think of specific dishes as I don’t personally eat that way but a bit of research may inspire you. I’d start with countries in SE Asia. I’m of the belief that whatever you eat so long as you enjoy it that’s what matters most. Good luck!
Heidi E.
There's a saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think as long as it's nutritious it's fine. Like a wheat meal toast with ham and cheese, and some fruits, or salad, I don't know I can name a bunch of non sweet breakfast.
Mikkel C.
Breakfast is a very important meal to be healthy, fit , and energized for the full day. Research good breakfast meals one of them could be smoothies or oatmeal
Aparecida W.
I'm the same way. If you're following a low carb diet this can be tricky. I also dislike eggs but I found a trick. Try hard boiling eggs, then cutting them up and mixing in hummus (or mayo if you can stand it). You can spread this on toast in the morning. Another go-to of mine is keeping my favorite jar of marinara on hand. In the morning I'll make some toast, spread butter and marinara on the toast, top it with cheese! If you'd like to avoid toast try a deli meat wrap. Take your favorite deli meat and wrap it around a mozzarella stick. Breakfast is my least favorite so I'll eat whatever I need to get me through lunch and then get myself something I really enjoy for lunch!
Manuel Z.
hey! I can tell you what I eat here in Brazil for breakfest (different cultures have reaaaaally different habits!). I usually eat two slices of brown bread with low fat cream cheese (here we call it differently, but it’s similar) and low fat ricota,which is also a lighter and not yellow cheese. I usually eat also one banana and a slice of papaya. I drink a cup of black coffee with no sugar. I also don’t like to eat sugar in the morning, except for Sundays, when I eat some cake leftover haha. I hope I helped you with some ideas, but you may know that trying, testing and experimenting are the bestthings to do about food! so try as many options as you can and look for ideas on Instagram and other media – I find a lot of nice recipes there!
Sofia L.
Breakfast is just food you eat in the morning. I dont see any issue with eating leftovers. I enjoy sweet potatoes, broccoli and seasoned tofu, or oatmeal with dried fruit, or bran cereal with almond milk. Pancakes and French toast etc. Is not normal breakfast food for me. This morning i had toast and salmon and tofu. Hope this helps
Magnus F.
“Breakfast” foods with high sugar are not the best way to start a day because of the potential crash later on (and it ups your appetite which is detrimental if trying to lose weight.) Leftovers and dinner foods are a solid option because it helps if you are a bit short on time. However, I would still advise to follow The Fabulous’ advice on selecting breakfast foods with high protein to keep you feeling full. Going for more whole foods in general makes me feel refreshed to start the day. The Fabulous also recommends foods including oatmeal, kale, lean meats. I think avocado toast or incorporating some but butter is a great way to start the day as well- healthy fats keep you full longer. Hope this helps! I admire your decision to take this journey. You got this!
V Lter Z.
How do you feel about toast or a bagel with cream cheese or even just butter? Oatmeal with butter would also help and be filling. You don’t have to get the cinnamon kind of oatmeal (might be too sweet for you). Hopefully that helps .
Alizee N.
I don't think it's a problem to not eat breakfast foods in the morning, as long as what you're eating is healthy and has a good amount of proteins. Perhaps baked beans with toast and either veggies or fruit of your choice on the side? I personally enjoy oat meal with banana pieces and cinnamon in the morning, but if the banana is too sweet, maybe some roasted nuts or coconut could be a nice substitute as a topping for you 🙂
Felix A.
Don't think it's a bad thing. Should eat breakfast like a king. Sugar in the morning is not good. You could also try cooking oats with fresh fruits in it.
Alison Y.
It’s tough indeed. Eggs play an important role in salty breakfast. Have you tried toasted bread with cheese and avocado? Or cream cheese? There are some kinds of salty granola also. There are no-sugar peanutbutter creams. You could add some fruits. There are nuts that are salty as well. And if nothing goes. There is a classic ham sandwich with mustard for extra saltyness.
Melanie F.
I’m actually the exact same way! I’ve never been super into any sort of sweets, including those common breakfast foods that most people tend to steer towards. For me, eggs are indeed an essential. I know you said you aren’t a big fan of eggs, but maybe try having them in a different way. I often prefer scrambled eggs with a bit of goat cheese, topped with a baby spring mix lettuce. This way, I don’t even really feel like I’m eating eggs. You could also try a fried egg on a slice of toast with avocado (not sure how you feel about avocados), but that way you are getting in a healthy source of protein and fat to kick off your day! Another breakfast food I enjoy, that is good in small portion, are potatoes. You said you often find yourself reaching for lunch and dinner leftovers for breakfast, so I encourage you to find a meat you like to eat in the mornings. We all know bacon isn’t the healthiest, but there are plenty of other options that might satisfy your craving! So overall, I’d experiment with eggs, toast, potatoes, avocado, and some sort of meat! Hope that helps and good luck to you!
Nic Sio P.
That’s not a problem at all! I would suggest trying non-sugar cereals like Cheerios, with milk and fresh fruit. You could also try having a burrito for breakfast or a savory bagel with cream cheese or butter. All non sweet options!
Lena Z.
I do not really love sweet food for the breakfast too, so that I really enjoyed chopped tomatoes with spinach, sea salt and some greek yogurt mixed together, couple of fruits like apple and pear and a 200 g of home cheese.
Ava N.
Try hummus! It's super healthy, super quick (you can buy it and just put it on bread) and super tasty. I love it! Otherwise you can try smoked salmon, or avocado. Not the cheapest items in the world, but definitely healthy!
Amy N.
As I know it depends. If leftovers have enough protein and leafs and other required nutrients there is no problem. But if they are processed foods it may be harmful by the longer period.
Emil P.
I would look for organic, no-preservative, low-sodium sausages, so you can start off on a savory note. For something not too heavy, roasted veggies in a salad with quinoa and beans might be a great idea, along with fruits and yogurt.
Joel S.
English muffins with butter or margarine are always good, you could also have plain yogurt and add jam or jelly to it so you can sweeten it to your liking.
Susie Q.
It’s not a problem at all, eat whatever food you want for breakfast. Food as far as our body is concerned is just fuel, some of it more helpful, some more harmful. I suggest a really good ham steak, it’s quick, easy, has energy sustaining protein and you can even eat it on the go with your fingers if need be.
Sarah U.
Why would listening to what your body wants and needs be a problem? I have eaten leftovers for breakfast more often than not. Recently I began making a shake and a bar, but for a long time I would just eat leftovers more often than not. One other fave of mine is this chickpea "scramble" bowl, which is you imitate eggs but is vegan. I would probably suggest looking to high-protein plant-based breakfast recipes for a filling, nonsweet breakfast.
Sheryl F.
A smoothie might be a good solution. You can add Greek yogurt and protein powder to get your protein in first thing in the day. If I'm not having eggs for breakfast the next best option is a protein rich smoothie with healthy fats added.
Terrance E.
I think your savory breakfast will give you more energy than the sweet stuff! I like yogurt in the morning or peanut butter toast when I’m in a hurry and don’t want to cook
Terra C.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Spend considerable time to plan and prepare it. No compromise. Make breakfast full of proteins and less of carbohydrates. And less of sugar too. Avoid junk foods as you mentioned. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and eggs. Remember, you are what you eat.
Ana Lle Q.
Maybe try some apples/bananas and peanut butter, oatmeal with no or small amount of sweetner, smoothie with your choice of greens, and fruit. I personally have “butter” coffee in the mornings which is mix 1 tbsp of ghee and coconut oil, serving of collagen protein, Ceylon cinnamon, and coffee. Taste great and keeps me satisfied till lunch.
I would say as long as your leftovers aren’t too heavy or full or sugars and carbs. You really want some good protein or healthy fats to start the day. Listen to your body, and reflect on how you feel after eating. Hope this helps! Goodluck!
Tanya O.
I don’t like eggs in the morning either I feel it is too early for such heavy stuff. I try to get proteins from almonds or from turkey. I do like sweets so I try to have toasts of gluten free bread with some jam. I drink tea!
Vernon X.
In Poland we don't usually eat sweet things to breakfast. We eat non-sweet buns (rolls) and bread — with butter and cheese, ham, vegetables, cottage, pate or fish paste, depending on the mood
Brandie T.
I think it’s completely fine to eat leftovers or lunch/dinner foods for breakfast. I eat bread with humus or another type of non-sweet spread 🙂
Amy O.
How about a peanut butter sandwich? Choose low sodium option. I usually used to have a bowl of unsweetened muesli or oats. If you're short of time, a bowl of muesli is the way to go.
Brent A.
I often make a bulgur salad and that can be really good in the morning. Any whole grain will provide the right sort of slow release energy to keep you going. Avocado on toast is now a bit clichéd but is really good especially when served with roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.
Jim E.
I am the same. In my opinion there is no difference between those “breakfast” meals or the “dinner” meals. They are both unhealthy.(the sweet starchy breakfast meals and the fat-containing dinners) — At this point, eating anything is beneficial. As long as you eat a good breakfast. Once you are consistently eating every morning, try a greener alternative, slowly. Slowly is key. Then start incorporating more greener things into your diet as you progress. You’ll notice it tastes a lot better if it’s healthier.