If one opts for a light breakfast like milk and bread, is it right to have a heavy lunch?

Cl Mentine Y.
Depends on how hungry you are and what your circadian rhythm is like. If you don’t feel hungry (or fast) in the morning, but feel very hungry in the afternoon have a good lunch. Be wary of eating too many simple carbs/sugars in your lunch because that will lead to you wanting to nap. Good luck!

Cris P.
No.I don't think so.I think he or she should have normal balanced lunch,that is,enough protein and vegetables.Missed meals can't be replaced.

Georgino Q.
I think it’s better to have a heavy breakfast and then a light lunch. Or maybe having the same amount of food in both… I don’t know, really.

Corentin T.
I believe it’s best to eat smaller portions all throughout the day. Go for 5-6 meals. 3 whole meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, then have something light in between. But if your breakfast is hasty and fast, sure go for a heavier lunch. But make sure to not overeat

Eddie O.
No I think you should make it a Healthier breakfast since that's the first meal of the day.you need to be able to balance your food.

Peyton O.
Based on what I know, you shouldn’t try to deprive yourself of the things you like. For me, starting my day with a healthy habit, like a nutritious breakfast, leads me to make other healthy choices throughout the day. If the lunch is packed with nutrients and you are counting your macros, I think it’s perfectly fine to have a heavier meal. What that being said, it’s important to make sure the portion is a reasonable amount.

Don O.
Technically breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and as the day progresses meals should get lighter. Although don’t we cannot compensate for a heavy breakfast with a heavy lunch we should never fill up on empty carbs during lunch. But instead focus on adding proteins and complex carbs to your lunch as you need something to get you off the midday hump. End your lunch with a cup of green tea to make it complete

Dale Q.
Probably not. I think that you should base that decision off of how hungry you actually are, rather than just how much you are earlier. However you might what to consider what nutrients your body still needs after the breakfast and factor that into your lunch decisions.

L Andro Y.
I think lunch should always be lihht,save the heavy for dinner. That's just my own opinion,for me it seems like a big lunch makes me tired and drag through the rest of my day.

Elizabeth W.
When you eat light breakfast eating a heavy lunch is not a bad idea. If you eat a light breakfast you might be hungry earlier and that can be distracting, so it’s good to listen to your body.

N Bia C.
Eating heavily is usually a bad idea especially if you ate unhealthy bread and milk of an animal. Keep it light and eco friendly.

Nicoline Z.
No. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All meals need to be balanced and moderate. Occasionally eating a large meal is OK. Eating is for health and pleasure, but health always comes first!

Luis O.
Even a light breakfast should include some protein. Maybe add a handful of nuts to that.

What do you mean by a heavy lunch?


Sara E.
It depends on what kind of day you have planned. I’ve been told by a personal trainer it’s best to eat high complex carbs and high proteins throughout the day then eat your fats in the evening because they slow digestion. That way you’ll be satisfied through the night and okay to do a light breakfast. So I wouldn’t say it HAD to be a heavy lunch but make sure you’re getting enough protein and carbs to make it through the day

Ruben E.
If you're wanting to opt for a big lunch look for a healthy salad with lean proteins and leafy greens. My favourite is a grilled chicken salad with roast pumpkin, quinoa, avocado and nuts.

Earl Z.
Essentially one shouldn’t over compensate one meal for another. If you know you’re going to have a heavy lunch because of some event or meeting, make sure you eat well enough in the morning so you don’t get hungry before the lunch and make sure you have a light dinner like a soup or salad.

Marlene U.
Yes it's possible however it is better to do it the other way around. Have a heavier breakfast as u are eating after a long night and then opt for a lighter but filling lunch but doing it the way you are doing is fine.

Ryszard O.
I wouldn’t consider bread and milk to be a light breakfast. Both high in carbs and sugar that will lead to insulin spikes throughout the day

Rosemerie N.
In my opinion, if you manage to have a light breakfast, then having a heavy lunch would be totally fine, as long as you have a light dinner too. Balance is the key.

Patrick X.
I don’t think it’s good to have a light breakfast then over indulge during lunch. It will leave you feeling overly full and bloated. It’s probably a good idea to continue to keep it light for every meal so you can keep your energy up and feel good.

Tom F.
It's:s best to always eat light meals but more frequently. Have a light brunch too, then light lunch, afternoon snack and a light evening meal. Anyway, what's most important is consistency in your meal amounts, otherwise you'll have a hard time with digestion.

Ute C.
Nice question, due to my fabulous journey when I was out on the healthy breakfast journey one of the most important things they told me was to eat a proteinious breakfast and I feel like milk is a great choice however it depends on the amount kf slices of bread you take I would recommend you take wheat bread because it's healthier and your lunch shouldn't be heavy it should be the right portion or amount your body needs

Dwayne A.
I believe it should be okay! But breakfast is the most crucial food of the day, it sets you for the day so I believe in having to good healthy breakfast.

Lily X.
You can have a lunch with all the groups you need to a healthy diet. A salad, with vegetables and protein, and some carbs like integral rice.

Chiara Q.
No, first of all it’s better to have a big healthy breakfast and a normal size lunch but if you happened to have a light breakfast you should still control your lunch and dinner sizes. It’s best to have a normal size lunch and if you feel hungry just grab a snack like for example a gronola bar.😃😝I hope this was helpful

Isabella J.
The best thing to do is have a good high protein breakfast,then a smaller lunch, then the smallest meal of your day should be dinner. They say eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. So I believe that you should follow this advice and you should be alright.
Selmaan A Ali

Emma F.
Choosing a heavy meal is dependent upon your Wight. So, if you want to have a heavy lunch it depends on your health condition.

Teliano W.
I’d rather have a big breakfast as opposed to a big lunch because I will feel more energetic in the morning as compared to eating light and not getting enough energy.

Sylke Z.
I think it depends on what your body needs. I often find that if I have a light breakfast, I'll want a heartier lunch, but I still tend to gravitate towards foods like soups and foccacias that are on the lighter side as I don't like to eat a lot during the day. Listen to your body, and eat whatever lunch will keep you satisfied through the afternoon.

Marciele C.
A heavy lunch can leave you tired shortly after (good excuse for a nap!). I'd recommend having some healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch to stay energized, and between lunch and dinner as well. It may depend on you as a person, and how much you exercise. Remember if you're exercising often you should be eating more!

Ad Le P.
Yes, but not often, breakfast is when the body recieves nutrients and protien to kickstart the day. If breakfast is done poorly then the day will be poor as well. When you know that you will be eating heavily and soon again then yes milk and bread is enough.

Dora Q.
Yes, I know that with my lifestyle I prefer to eat a heavier meal at lunch time. That way I have all day to burn it off. Eating a small and light dinner works best for me.

Flora T.
Many people believe start with a light breakfast and each meal after is heavier. The truth is that we're supposed to have a big breakfast for energy to start up our day, and in the evenings we eat less so we don't have too much energy to relax for sleep.

Julia U.
I think not, a heavy lunch will probably be too much! You'll feel sleepy and heavy. And it'll make fat in the long term. In my experience light meals are better, even though I make some exceptions, probably too many… 😅

Benjamim C.
I think there is no reason to believe that if you ate a light breakfast you must compensate it eating a lot in other meals!