How do you wake up early in the morning? What’s your secret to getting out of bed and not pressing the snooze button?

Maria B.
The secret? Responsibility.
If is my work day I simply get up, somehow the consequence s of failing to do so are deeply ingrained within my brain that it has become an effortless task to wake up.
The problem lies when is my day off..
Christopher G.
I set the alarm for the time I need to wake up for, with no room for an extra nap. Forcing me to get up when needed. I think to myself if I just get up then I’m up. I don’t give myself chance to oversleep for example.
Peggy O.
I find it helps if I put my phone across my room so I have to get up, but the trick is not snoozing it & literally launching myself back into bed. If I go to turn off my alarm, I try to turn on the lights & kneel down to pray. Then I go make my bed & go use the bathroom. This helps a lot because it gets me doing something right away.