How long does it take to prepare your breakfast? How do you plan for it? When is the best time to do it?

Franca U.
I just sort of wake up and think, I should make eggs and toast this morning. Or have yogurt and fruit. It can vary in time to make between the two. But usually 10 min or less. I don’t always wake early, so I adjust each morning to when I’ve woken and figure out what I can do in the space of time before I have to go to work.
Isabella W.
It takes me around of 15 min.
I tried to check recipes for healthy breakfast the day before, like that in the morning I already now what I’m going to do.
I prepare my breakfast every morning, as I like it to be fresh.
Dave T.
It depends on if I already meal prepped for the days/week OR if I decide to make a breakfast when I wake up. Lately it’s taken me 5-10 minutes to make my breakfast, because I usually just fry some eggs! It’s easy to plan for breakfast- I just decide a few days ahead what I’m in the mood for! (Usually it never changes) I alwas create a grocery list & look up recipes as well! I usually just plan the day before- or if I’m meal prepping, I will prep on Sunday!
Tara Z.
I make sure to purchase the eggs and the non-dairy milk and the light English muffins over the weekend. I boil the eggs on Monday and, if needed again on Thursday or Friday. I record my food intake on Fooducate so I am prepared to have what I need to log it in
Christoffer C.
It take me like 5min or no time when it comes to having yogurt with fruit. But if I have something more like eggs I have that on days where I can take my time with breakfast. All the planing I do is just make sure I have my ingredients when I go to the store. I eat breakfast as my last time in my morning routine just before I leave or I take it to go if Iam leaving extra early. I like to eat 12h after I have finished my last meal of yesterday. I shop when I need food
Brittany F.
It takes about 15 minutes depending on what I’m making. I love to make smoothies in the morning. Sometimes eggs and toast.
Jonathan F.
Doesn’t take me too long, which isn’t crucial because i don’t really have any time in the morning. Since I used to skip breakfast, I have to get up a bit earlier. Then I make myself an egg before I leave the house.
Callum Z.
overnightoats you can take right out of fridge and eat or heat up. scrambled eggs eith spinach and asparagus are pretty quick but need to be done morning of. whole wheat toast with peanut butter is also quick. you can cut fruit night before also
Hannah G.
It takes me about 10 minutes to prepare my breakfast. I make sure I have the necessary ingredients available every day. I usually make breakfast after the kids have left the house.
Clifford O.
Not long—I set things out the night before. The longest/most labor intensive thing is the eggs, and it’s not like those are hard. One thing that’s been helpful is having a bunch of hard boiled eggs pre-prepared in case I feel lazy in the morning. Then I don’t HAVE to cook if I don’t want.
Gil Z.
I plan it a night before but now I try to make a week plan so I won't need to think about it anymore. About plan, I actually just plan "what food would be healthy and good for me but I like it" before shopping. After that I just eat whatever I bought. The best time to do it? NOW.
Samaritano P.
First, never leave yourself without options. Buy a variety at the grocer. 2 scrambled eggs take 5 minutes, but if you add instant grits then plan for 10 minutes. Oatmeal in the microwave takes about 3 minutes. Add craisins or other cut up fruit and it's 5 minutes. Eating a whole fruit and yogurt is a great start and takes only seconds to prepare.
Byron N.
I just have eggs on toast and/or beside toast lol. So I either fry the eggs in the morning or boil them. Boiling them is really easy for me since I like hard boiled eggs so I just throw some water in a pan and put the eggs in, stick it on high and set a timer for 12 minutes. Easy as. I usually just do it when im back from
Taking my son to school but you can always eat it earlier. It doesn’t take much time for eggs. But you can always prep the previous day. It just depends what you have. Oh I also eat a piece of fruit too. Cut up or not.
Ian Z.
It takes me maybe 5-8 minutes to make breakfast, max. Any longer and I wouldn’t have time. The ease comes from repetition of eating the same thing almost every day. I mostly get up and have 2-3 easy options in reach: eggs with veggies (easy to make and quick) or Greek yogurt with fruit. Sometimes I get creative and make waffles or pancakes with protein powder, eggs and ground oats… but that’s a weekend treat. I guess I plan for it by keeping all the things I need to make those breakfasts in stock in my kitchen at all times. They become part of my regular grocery list, so I’m never unprepared.
Aliciane O.
Less than 10 min prep. I simply make sure that I've got all the ingredients ready the night before, and I make it in the morning after I work out.
Sergei B.
I try to prepare breakfast in 10 minutes or less because I’m always in a hurry. The best thing for me is to prepare the night before. If I’m making something that needs cooked, I’ll cook it in advance and put it in the fridge. Then it can just be heated up in the microwave. One of my favorites lately is a protein shake, I just put almond milk and the shake mix in a blender bottle. Then shake and in a few mins you have breakfast!
Lio N.
About 15-20 minutes…sometimes longer if I’m distracted/multitasking (I.e. helping my kids get ready for school). This week I have been thinking about what I want to eat the following morning so I don’t have to spend time deciding what I want. The best time to prepare it is before the kids wake up, so I when they are up I can just focus on them and increase everyone’s chances of being calm and getting out of the house on time.
Marciele Z.
My breakfast takes 5-15 minutes to prepare: Fresh fruit, Kashi with nonfat milk, a bowl of nonfat Greek yogurt with berries or eggs scrambled with cottage cheese
Morris U.
Work days I rush and grab something. sometimes it makes me late but I make sure to get something worth while and healthy. days off I make a nice breakfast. I should be prepar ij ng for it the night before it earlier in the morning but by the time I think of it I'm already really tired and can barely do my normal routine.
Wanda O.
It takes about five to ten minutes. I tend to choose easy things, like boiled eggs with ricecrackers, porridge, chickenfilet with salade. I try to use what’s in the refridgerator. Grocery shopping once a week
Pauline E.
Making my breakfast usually takes about ten minutes,and by my breakfast i mean a cup of green tea and usually an oatmeal. I don’t really plan it, except for the fact that i make sure that i have some fresh fruit to throw into it (or you can have it with a little bit of dark chocolate!)
Also i save some time by not actually cooking the oatmeal, but just adding hot water or milk to the oats (you will need more water/milk than it seems!)
Hope this helps 🙂
Good luck 🙂
Connor C.
It takes me two minutes to microwave eggs and cheese. Not much planning involved except to have eggs and cheese on hand.
Adam W.
It takes up to 10 minutes.
I just think of what I’d like to eat the day before, check if I have all the ingredients needed, and if not, I walk to a supermarket.
In the morning
Sara Z.
My wife makes me an egg sandwich every morning before I go to work. She is already up with the kids taking them to school. This allows me time to get up and out to work on time.
Rudi F.
When I make overnight oats, it takes only a few minutes and it’s a very good breakfast. Or I will eat cereal which I think is an ok breakfast but not a great one
Marshall T.
6 minutes tops. I scramble two eggs and eat some fruit that I've prepared previously. I wake up, drink my water and start scrambling. No reason to wait. Also, standing in front of a pan of sizzling eggs is a great way to break through the morning fog.
Quit Ria Q.
I often eat a frittata for breakfast. I fill it full of veggies. I make it once a week & slice into six servings (I make mine in a pie plate). I eat one and save the other servings for a quick reheat. If I feel like a change, then I will make myself an egg variation, such as poached or a veggie omelet. I try really hard to include veggies in my first meal of the day. I switch it up by adding berries, olives or avocado on the side.
Kenneth F.
I always try to have simple but filling breakfast. Overnight oats is very simple to make. You soak a cup of oats on milk. Leave it on the fridge overnight, and it will be ready the next morning. Top it with slices of your choice of fruits. Tada!!! Healthy easy filling breakfast.
Tracy C.
It takes me 5 minutes to make 3 breakfasts for the next 3 days. I do it at night and have all the dry ingredients ready
D Rte T.
About 10-15min. I buy everything I need the weekend before and just keep to the plan in the weekdays. I usually wake up, drink water, eat some nuts just to fill the stomach a bit then stretch and exercise. After exercising I prepare my breakfast while celebrating with music. It’s been about 30-40min for the whole ritual for me, but I guess it depends on what you are preparing for breakfast, I usually do a toast with avocado, cheese and 1-2 eggs.
Berend X.
My breakfast hardly requires planning since it’s become such a routine for me. That said, I made some significant changes to it about 10-15 years ago and that took a lot of time and attention since I had to incorporate new foods and preparation techniques and develop new habits. So I know changing things about can be disruptive. My issue at present is the timing of my breakfast since it’s happening too late in the morning. My present intent is to tinker around with the items around it and persist until breakfast falls into place within my changing morning routine more smoothly.

I have three breakfast meals that vary in time it takes to accomplish them. So what I do is eat either eggs, oatmeal, or something very quick. Very quick takes five minutes and is banana and almond butter, a boiled egg or a more European breakfast like bread, fruit and cheese or smoked salmon, crackers and leftover vegetables. Oatmeal is my intermediate meal in amount of time it takes to make and eat. It is usually already made. I make enough for two or three breakfasts at a time. I add yogurt, fruit(s)or jelly or maple syrup(only one) and a handful of nuts. This is 15 minutes max. Eggs take longest and I eat them a couple times per work week. I use leftovers, cook veggies, garlic or onions, etc. and make various egg dishes like crepes, easy over, scrambled frittatas, etc. I sometimes serve with sides like potatoes or other starches. Sometimes I do fried rice. It depends on how hungry I am and what the rest of the day is like. I drink tea.

Shopping for food happens once, possibly twice per week. We keep all mentioned breakfast items stocked.

On the weekends my husband frequently makes breakfast. We use it as a time to hangout and relax and decide how we want to spend the day if we have an unstructured weekend. If we have plans, we do something quick like during the week. And sometimes we go out for brunch like we just did recently.

The exercise I’m adding to my morning routine along with my PT appointments is creating a bit of a challenge. with timing my breakfast. I must eat at least an hour after I take my thyroid meds and before PT and any other early morning appointments. Also, I prefer to eat after my walk. I had also hoped I could fit stretching in after walking and before eating, but that’s not working because I’m not happy unlearning my long-standing practice of making my bed and straightening up right when I get up. Also I like to know what’s going on in my day before I walk so I can think about it.

So this week I moved stretching to later in the morning and did manage to do the walk today before breakfast.

On Mondays, I like to start the week by reviewing where I am and taking time to scan my calendar and environment to check my to do list and make sure it aligns with what I actually need to get done. I like to do this before I start working. So I did this with my tea and then ate breakfast. But, I ended up eating too too late in the morning. So I’ll keep working on this part of it. I’m resisting eating while working since that tends to cause overeating. I keep my weight stable by trying to eat mindfully.

I’ve been a bit tired and sore lately from exercise and PT and have let myself sleep in. It also got cold and rainy and I’m so much better at jumping out of bed on a sunny morning! I cannot do this and make my Monday morning routine fit into the morning. So, I’m back to getting up promptly 7 AM. I think this will help make my mornings smoother and more productive and breakfast happen in a more timely way.

Na L B.
I eat bread with some ham, cheese, fish roe, smoked fish, so it’s not so hard to do. And I use capsule coffee, even faster.
Mathilde Z.
I think the best time to prepare your breakfast is the night before, especially if you have to wake up early or have trouble getting up in the morning. I try to prepare as much as I can the night before that way I can grab what I made and run out the door. Depending on what I make that day it can take from 5-20min
Manon O.
At night I fill my coffeemaker and set it to auto brew before I plan to wake up. In the morning I put my toast in the toaster while I’m getting ready and then eat it while I’m doing my hair/makeup. It would be less stressful if I carved out a specific time to eat breakfast and not do anything else, even if just 5-10 minutes. Or I could sit and go over my to do list while eating.
Willie O.
I often make 5-min musli in bulk by myself so I can eat it with vegan milk which I also buy in bulk. I also have a shelf in my fridge with a lot of stuff I like to eat for breakfast which I refill weekly so I always have a choice what to eat for breakfast. I usually refill it on weekend or when I go grocery shopping during the week.
C Lian O.
It takes me a minute to prepare my breakfast. Each morning I check my cupboards and fridge and then walk to the local shops to restock, my children eat a lot! This is part of my morning exercise routine and helps me to care for others. I am making sure that my children have something to eat before school and I get to have a chat with them.
Josias P.
It takes 10 mins from start to finish. I fry 2 pieces of bacon7 mins and I make Quaker Oats oatmeal that takes 1.5 mins. Stir in splash of lactose free milk and a half teaspoon of butter and have a tall glass of water!
Lloyd J.
It takes me a few minutes to prepare in the morning. I do this before I leave for work and take the breakfast with me to eat when I arrive.
Carl U.
It takes me a few minutes, varying on what I eat. Some days I eat oatmeal, and other days I eat yogurt. I plan for it by checking what food or ingredients I have, and proceed to eat what I have that is the healthier alternative. I think that the best time to prepare for it is the night before, and I think it would be better to eat brrakfast about 20 minutes after you've woken up.
Tracey C.
I do not plan out my breakfasts usually, but I think I should. There are a few items I can usually depend on to be available: cereal, muffins, bagels, bacon strips, and oatmeal. I would like to plan for more variety in my breakfast options though. Breakfast right now is about a 15 minute routine.
Liva Z.
5-10min max. On weekdays I always have oatmeal. Just put some water (or almond milk), frozen berries, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, honey or sweetener and microwave it. I prefer to do it when I’m at the office, so I don’t do it immediately when I wake up. On weekends I do an omelette or eggs sunny side up right after I get up. In terms of planning the only thing you’ll need is to have two oatmeal packs in both office and home so you don’t carry it around. Good luck!
Tristan E.
15 mins. I prepare a breakfast casserole that will last all week so all I have to do is reheat and eat! Prepping food ahead of time keeps me from eating stuff I should not.
Tristan J.
Not long. I usually drink coffee first, it takes me a few minutes to prepare my coffee. I don’t like having breakfast right after my coffee, because I like to let my stomach absorb enough caffeine to get me to start my day. And then lateron, after half an hour or an hour, I have my breakfast. And because I wake up fairly early, around 6:30, so my breakfast is usually around 9am. It takes me ten minutes to prepare it, either some leftover from yesterday or eggs and bacon.
Rasmus W.
It usually takes around 10-15 minutes. I follow a menu I got from a dietitian. The best time is usually an hour before my morning workout or straight afterwards
Dursun Y.
I make sure I have the ingredients, coconut oil, ghee, kale, 2 eggs, yellow bell pepper and garlic. Sometimes I'll add cheese, tomatoes and/ or broccoli. I prefer the same breakfast every morning. I make it fresh daily. Takes me 20 minutes.
Marcia A.
If I prepare a good breakfast it takes my about 45 mins to and hour-ish however if i prepare it the night before July takes like 15 mins to make. I love breakfast tho. And the longer one is definitely worth it.
Angel C.
I’ve always had problems eating breakfast. So my breakfast is very basic but with a lot of fiber! I start the day with 150 grams of yohurt and 40 grams of granola. I use one with natural sweetner because some of them are high in sugar. I usually drink 2 glasses of water and 2 coffees. Lovely relaxing moment to start the day🙌🏼
Lucas Y.
I plan my breakfast the night before by thinking about what I have, and what I can make with it. I prepare breakfast for around 5-10 minutes in the morning before I eat, I do not make it in advance.
Magdalena J.
It does not take any time at all if I work that day. I have access to a lot of healthy breakfast options at work. All I need to do is just say no to stopping for a mocha and bagel on my way to work. On weekends, it is easier to avoid the unhealthy food, but I am not always motivated to cook breakfast. I am thinking about getting some granola bars or something similar that is easy to grab and eat with minimal prep involved.
Feliciano P.
I have oatmeal for breakfast. The night before I lay everything out including bowl and spoon. In the morning I put my scoop of raw oats into the bowl with a little water and stick in the microwave for 2min while I go get dressed. I come back and put in my walnuts, chia seeds, sarigon cinnamon, and a banana if I have it. Then I eat. The entire process making breakfast takes only 2min max and it’s a super filling yummy and healthy breakfast.
Tilde N.
I make smoothie bowls. Sometimes i already cut Some fruit the evening before but mostly in the moment. I do make sure to be able to take iT to go 🙂
Alberte U.
I make celery juice first which takes about 10 min to wash and juice. I then wait 30 min to drink/eat something else. I typically like to eat my calories in the morning so I’ll eat anything right after (30 min) the celery juice
Ella C.
About 20 minutes.I leave all the things that i want for the preparation on the front of the selves of the fridge,tha oranges right next to the squeezer etc etc
Judy E.
Hey, so right after I wake up, I drink put water to boil and take my dog out come back and put the eggs to boil every morning
Leopold G.
It depends what I want to eat, eggs or fruit or cereal. But no more than 15 minutes. I usually have breakfast around 7:30 to 8 am. I dont really plan what I am having but choose out of those three options depending on what I feel like and what kind of day it is going to be.
Jesse A.
So far anywhere from 5-30 mins. Some days I get a bit more energy than normal and make something fancy. Most days I keep it simple so I can almost do it without even thinking.
Bastien Y.
I normally prepare oats with almond milk sea seeds peanut butter yogurt blueberry banana in late evening and keep it over night in the fridge and have it as breakfast in the morning
Freja W.
I plan my breakfast night before and usually prepare it right after I woke up, actually right after I drank my first glass of water 🙂 It doesn't take too long to make it, while my coffee is ready I am making breakfast
Emil X.
Well, it takes about 6-7 min to prepare, when i wake up i go to bathroom then i prepare breakfast, i eat it even when i'm not hungry, best time is about 20 min after u woke up
Carole F.
If I plan things out, not long at all. For me it’s all about the planning ahead. Last week breakfast was just a hard boiled egg and a cheese stick. Nice and easy-grab n go.
Karl Friedrich T.
Hi! Thank you for asking! I like to eat fruit for breakfast as it is easy to prepare in a couple of minutes. I also keep frozen breakfast sandwiches on hand in case I am in a hurry. Hope this helps!
Apolline E.
I always eat cereal so it doesn’t take long to make or plan. The best time to eat breakfast is within 30 minutes of waking up
Alison E.
I do it at night so I can just grab and go in the morning. Any fruit I need to cut up I do it when I buy it and store it in containers. I would say it takes about 10mins to prep for the week. I also eat one cup of dairy free yogurt which is easy to grab and go as well. Prepare at night! That’s the key!
Alicia C.
15 minutes most mornings. (If I’m making something more elaborate then up to 40 minutes.)By the time the dishes are done. I could eat something faster but it wouldn’t be as healthy. I do like prepping the food on Sunday for the week. I’m trying to continue that habit. I think it’s a good one
Lee U.
I try to plan a few breakfasts before I start work on the weekends. We try to do one day with cereals and fruits and one day with potatoes, peppers, onions and eggs.
Anast Cia E.
I make meal plans on the weekend and set out or prep my breakfast ingredients the night before when I make dinner and pack my lunch. It’s like I do most of my cooking at one time at dinner the night before. Then I’m ready for breakfast and lunch the next day. It may be a simple breakfast like an omelette, but the ingredients are all chopped in a bowl and ready to throw in
Vilma S.
it takes me about 20 minutes to prepare it; i dont usually plan for it unless it’s a special occasion or we have guests; i usually eat around 12-1:30 because of intermittent fasting or i forget to eat
Marie Louise U.
The best breakfast for me is a long and leisurely one where I can delight in all the flavors and different foods, but on quick days I love a yogurt shake—the only thing I need to do is stock up on them at the store ahead of time. Make time for food shopping.
Danny U.
It takes me about 5 minutes to prep. I usually have pre cut fruit the day before, or I have oats that I can easily make.
Chlo Q.
I try to prepare as much of it as possible so I have less to do in the mornings! I like to plan the night before if possible or on the weekends!