Would it be better to begin or to end your day with an exercise habit?

Morgan U.
I like to start my day with a stretching session to help wake up my muscles and my brain, but then exercise a couple hours before bed to help me wind down and relax before sleep.
Szilvia T.
In the evening or afternoon would be better because I don’t have time to do proper exercises in the morning and after that taking a shower and get my things done.
It is better to exercise when you feel less energetic becouse it gives you the power you need.
Joe R.
I recommend both, but in varying degrees. Morning exercise, even light, reduces cortisol for tmtge remainder of the day. Meanwhile an evening exercise is a way to push beyond your limits.
Stephanie A.
Begin because it helps me feel already so good and accomplished for the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, plus I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day if I finish it once I wake up
Sandra O.
Why not both?
I personally prefer early morning because it's a great way to wake your entire body, see the world wake up and knock over your exercise for the day.
That said, of course I also enjoy afternoon sessions to decompress and use my body again after a long day sitting at a desk.
When I exercise, I crave healthy food, and feel energized to complete my habits without collapsing on the couch.
While exercise first thing helps to wake me up, I also find afternoon workouts help me sleep as well.
Marian F.
For me, it's better to begin your day with an exercise habit. You might get too tired & already lazy when you do it at night.
Ine Marit F.
I prefer to start it with yoga (dousent matter if its short), but always keep in mind that the day is not over until you go to sleep; so do it in evening if you for some Reasons did not make it in the morning 🙌🏻
Karen T.
Personally, it depends on how I am feeling on a particular day! I do like to start my day with exercise, as I feel exuberant and excited for the day. But, exercise at night is a great way to relieve the stress of the day.
Sarah W.
For me it's better to begin the day with an excersize habit because it gives me energy for the rest of the day and I like my evenings calm and peaceful
Shonzell Y.
It honestly depends on the day and mood. Exercise should fluctuate so that you are not complacent with working out in a sort of routine.
Valerij O.
It's better to begin to my day with an exercise. Because it feels me more energetic and I have a lot of time in the mornings.
Timea N.
Yes,its. It helps and gives me a nice routine to start of finish my day. It's great when I start my day with a large glass of water. It not just dehydrate but also gives an healthier and stronger metabolism.
Lewis Z.
For me, when I started exercise, I got really tired after just a little so I did it at the end of the day. After doing this a few times it didn't feel as bad, so i moved to the start of the day before showering. Now it feels pretty good to start the day with exercise and have a nice hum of energy in the body for the rest of the day. I'll probably start doing an exercise session at the end of the day too in a few weeks to increase volume of exercise per day. Hope this helps!
Lina P.
I like exercising in the morning more because it gives me a boost of energy and I get the toughest part of the day over with before I can even think about it. Even though I enjoy exercising now, I still sometimes dread working out in the evening when I wasn’t able to work out that morning.
Rka F.
It depends on what works better for you, also how your daily schedule looks like, when do you have to start to work etc… I personally prefer to work out in the morning before work. Because before you get "addicted" to exercising it's kind of a work as well, so I like to do it in the morning so that I'm done for the day and I have a free afternoon…
Jorge Z.
I prefer to begin my day with exercise, I feel more motivated to complete it as usually by the end of the day I'm too sleepy.
Olivia P.
It depends on what time you get up. So for me it is better to exercise at night. If you are a stay at home parent you could really do it in the morning, afternoon, or night. It is all up to you. I prefer night because I get tired after a workout.
Gracey Y.
For me, exercise at night is better because I get other types of work done in the morning. I also have a difficult time staying awake throughout the whole day, so a pick-me-up from exercise later on is needed.