What exercise do you do and for how long? I really don’t want to overdo it or do too little.

Martina Z.
I’ve developed a stretching routine I like over a course of a few months. What I did was watch beginner or intermediate yoga videos to see what moves I liked. Those moves that felt good, but weren’t too tough stuck with me. First I would look at why you’re stretching. I’m stretching to improve flexibility, so my stretches revolve around that. Then, I looked at what I need to most work on. My arms or flexible, but my legs aren’t, so most of my stretched revolve around my legs. Maybe you experience back pain, so searching for stretches to improve your back health would be beneficial. Maybe you just want to stretch in the morning to wake up a bit. In that case you’re routine may only last a few minutes, which is totally fine! I stretch for around 15-20 minutes in the morning, as it’s more of a full yoga routine. I also do my routine on my bed or the floor, sense most of it is on the ground. Then I get up, go to wash up and do a few standing stretching in the bathroom. It may take some time to find moves you like, but don’t get discouraged! Definitely try out some yoga and stretching videos. A lot of my stretches are actually what I used to do in middle school gym class lol!