I’m doing my best to achieve this habit. And there are days where I’m chasing time, do stretches count as exercise?

Anton Z.
Since you don’t have time and things are difficult, you can use stretches to expand your muscles, however; they wouldn’t be considered an exercise, but if you are rushing out of the house and you are possibly running that is considered somewhat of an exercise. Later on the day if you achieve 8 minutes or more of the exercise you missed in the morning; that you can count that as your morning exercise plus you can do more exercises and count that as your other exercise routines.
Sam T.
Yes. You are moving your body with a purpose, so I think it counts. There are 1 minute invigorating exercise routines to get your hear pumping on fabulous too, if you're looking fo some quick cardio.
Quiliano Q.
I am striving to get back from my old routine to have an energize day and I know for sure this habit will give a long term positive effects💞💪✨
Isandro C.
I allow stretching to count as exercise because I need all of the motivation and encouragement I can get. This lifestyle is made for us and by us, not the other way around.
Beate M.
Absolutely. I certainly wouldn't make it a habit to count it as exercise, but on occasion for sure. At least you are still doing something for yourself and your body. That counts!
Coralina N.
No, they're pretty different for what they do for your body. But there exercises that are static like stretching. Plank for thirty seconds (try both on forearms and on hands), hold chair pose for 30 seconds, hold a handstand against the wall for 30 seconds. In just two minutes you've done some exercises!
Gunhild O.
Yes stretches count as exersize because you cant do a full routine everyday. You should be glad with whatever you get to do in that day. Stretch and be happy that your doing that. You cant even say its ‘at least’, its alot to get yourself to do anything in the first place so be proud of ur stretches girk
Kathryn F.
Hi, there are easy ways to incorporate stretching into every day activities – in the car, and the elevator if you’re alone LOL, even waiting at the corner to cross the street you can do inconspicuous stretches 👍🏼
Naja Z.
I’d say absolutely! Flexibility and mobility are important for any exercise routine. Perhaps the most important part of any exercise plan is just to get your body moving.
Elsie O.
I know what you mean. I have days like this as well. I’d say yes. I do yoga for days like that. Light yoga, nothing too strenuous. Also, it may not be too effective, but you could also break exercising down throughout the day if time permits. I have days where I’ll workout for 5-10 minutes at a time and then go back and finish reps a few hours later. Hope this helps! A little movement is better than no movement.
Jose O.
Yep! If it helps you keep your routine it does. Think of it like a placeholder for where more strenuous exercise would be and maintain your routine!
Leonard Y.
I think that stretches are better than nothing. Exercise is about getting into and caring for the body, and stretches certainly do that.
Storm X.
Maybe stretching is just what your body needs right now! It’s fun to have a stretching routine. If you want you could add some real basic moves like arm circles, head rolls and turns and shoulder shrugs. Or maybe build up to see how long you can hold a plank and then try and improve that time each day by starting with 5 or 10 seconds and then increasing it each day by 5 or 10 seconds (just as away to add a little strength training in there). Best wishes!
Salvador Z.
Yes there are days when i am chasing time or feel lethargy. But i just try to alter the exercise or bathe. It makes you feel fresh.. So instead of doing 8 mins i do a four minutes or less. But not doing it makes you miss that part and makes you feel incomplete
Ilias Q.
I feel like the whole joga thing is based on the premise that stretches count as excercise:) as long as you are doing Something with your body that is at least a little bit demanding it should be Ok in my point of view. Keep it up:)
Chester J.
To me they do. You’re using your body and burning energy, waking up physically. I have a routine of stretches starting with my head and working down my body to my feet that takes about 15 minutes total. Having that routine brings intentionality to the stretches which helps me focus on them as exercise.
Jonas X.
Stretches count as exercise to me. Both Yoga and T’ai Chi are stretch and balance exercises. They help one become flexible and they burn calories. Movement is better than sitting. I always count my stretching routines as part of exercise.
Mait E.
Stretching certainly count Everty inch of movement wether it’s a push up or a half moon stretch makes the body stronger, and Will help you to your next workout. Exercise and stretching a just two different ways of working one gives you result the other one helps you to achievet and more the next time
Marie U.
Well yes, bit I would definately not do any stretches straight after wake up without a proper warm up, the muscles are stiff and joints are lacking of fluids, first 10 – 15 minutes of warm up and then stretching like yoga, or static stretches are for sure considered as an exercise, won't burn as many calories but better than nothing right?
Siegbert R.
Yes, stretches still count as exercise. As long as you’re moving and not being a couch potato, then you’re definitely exercising!
Marc Ntia Q.
I don’t know. Stretching will keep your muscles alert and will not let you down at all. It is not cardio at all but should keep you on track. Do the stretching and dedicate those stretches to your fidelity to the routine you missed. Celebrate you are hanging in there.
Jackson U.
It depend on the type of stretching. Exercise is about effort. So long as you’re pushing beyond your comfort zone and raising your heart rate it counts as exercise.
Jessie T.
Yes, because even a tiny effort in a good direction helps to keep going. Once you stop, it is much harder to start again compared to just slowing down and then regain the original tempo.
Howard E.
I think every kind of movement is great as long as you get up and move a bit. Stretching is very important for your body as well to stay healthy and flexible, so if you don't have time or energy to lift heavy or for one-hour exercise sessions always, it's okay, do a little stretching or a light 10-minute low intensity workout like yoga instead. The main goal, in my opinion, is to move a bit every day even if it seems hard in the beginning, and after a while your body will want more and more of it as you become fitter, and it'll be easier to find a little space during the day to do something.
Bernard U.
Yes, stretching counts as exercise. Stretching engages the muscles and tendons and ligaments. Stretching is very good for you and is good progress towards your habit. Regarding chasing time, everyone has the same precious 24 hours in a day. How we choose to spend each hour of each day should be based on our priorities. Are you mindful of your priorities? Is your personal well being a priority? Consider the time you invest in your personal well being – exercising, stretching, meditating, journaling, reading and reflecting – as 'sharpening your saw', the seventh habit in Stephen Covey's great book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Spending an hour or two every day investing in your own well being will help you be so much more productive and effective all the other waking hours of the day. Don't chase time; manage time based on clear, intentional priorities and make time invested in your personal well being a top priority, then it will all work out. May the force be with you!