Do you train before or after breakfast?

Mateo U.
I train before dinner because
I have the most strenght then, in morning i feel weak and then i cant do training in the best way
Eda Z.
after! no matter the time of day i’ll try to eat something before working out to make sure my body has energy. i also eat a bit after to recover.
Mateo U.
I like to train before breakfast if it will be a quick training session (no more than 1 hour) but if it is going to be a longer training session I prefer to eat something light like a bit yogurt before training.
Mateo U.
I train before breakfast cuz I have school and also you be full after breakfast and have stuff to do so it basically makes you give up. Training girst thing in the morning is more motivating. But you shouldnt sleep so late like I sometimes do because then you wont be able to have the energy and motivation to get up and exercise