I own my own business, and I find it difficult to put off work tasks that feel pressing in the morning in order to get my exercise done (even though I know the workout will make me more productive in the long run). Do you face anything like this? How are you able to make that mental shift?

Est Nia S.
Yes I face this most of my mornings and it is distracting from my morning routine. I feel like having these thoughts in the morning almost ruins the whole relaxing aspect of the morning routine. The way I deal with it is by waking up earlier, but these last 3 days I haven’t woken up early but still did my morning routine and the thought of all the work I have to do was sitting in the back of my mind the whole time. In conclusion the best way is probably waking up earlier so there is no stress at all.
Daniela P.
I have a similar issue with my time, I have to leave home very early for school so I feel like my exercise takes up important time. What I do to deal with this is I remember that exercise is important and that it is on the same level as the other tasks I need done. Another thing I do is try and wake up faster, not much earlier, but faster and get going quicker so I have more time. Hope this helps, I admire you for your business <3