I already walk five days a week as exercise… but it still doesn’t feel like a beneficial habit. Any idea why?

Kelly O.
I think it depends on the "what" you're looking for when exercicing. For me, I'm training so I can clear up my mind and start focusing: walking isn't enough, I need to hit the gym or run. For others, walking is the best so they can brainstorming and let their minds going elsewhere. Or maybe you just want an healthy habit (and it's a good one to have). What is your goal? Do you think walking can help you acheive that goal? Maybe there's something else you omit that you need to add to your habits? Or maybe deep inside you, you want to get that heart pumping and the first step is to walk faster?
Jonas E.
You could try to turn walking into an active meditation to make more meaning out of the activity. It is also possible that walking just may not be the optimal habit for you. What if you tried replacing it with stretching? Or another physically gratifying form of exercise?
Oc Ane Q.
Maybe it is because the duration of the walk? Maybe it too short? Or how about try to modif the exercise for a bit? Like for two days you walk, and another one day you do hiit workout then, you go walk again?
Bruce J.
Breathing helps especially with core muscled tighten your and hold belly in and try slow walk, then medium rotate and job if you feel its to much to back to slow walk and breathe
Moritz O.
Everyone's body needs are different. So maybe your body needs you to do something more intensive? I do a 15-min workout every morning and I feel that's enough for my body. So you need to figure out what works for you.
Brandon F.
Walking will help your cardiovascular fitness & a little with weight loss. It just depends on what your goals really are. Maybe try something different!
Wilhelmine E.
Well, what do you hope to benefit from it? If you want a harder exercise, power walk, if you want to meditate while you walk, set your self an intention beforehand, and meditate while you walk, etc. Making your goal clear is essential to get feel fulfilled.
Sebastian W.
There are a few possible reasons for why it doesn't feel beneficial. The first possibility might be that your walks are too short to benefit from because of your fitness level. You could try to take longer walks (or multiple short ones, if you lack time). Another reason might be that you are getting bored of walking the same route, you could try walking into a different direction or try walking your usual route backwards. Or you might be bored of walking in general. If you're not enjoying it, it might be more difficult to see the benefits. If that's the case, you might want to try a different type of exercising, like cycling, yoga or maybe swimming. If you expect more physical changes, like weight loss or something, trying different exercises are a good idea too. Especially the kind of exercises that challenge your current fitness level. You don't have to stick to one type of exercising, mixing things up is very beneficial!
Eliot C.
Switch it up. Do something different. Take a different route. Or go for a run instead. Maybe walking doesn’t feel like exercise for you because you’ve been going for walks regularly, not for the purpose of getting exercise. Try going for walks and runs with a friend who is motivated to get fit as well.
Cristina U.
It could be that you feel like walking isn’t “enough” exercise to be considered beneficial. But walking is better than spending that time idle, and not doing anything. It also gives you a chance to be outside or even use it as a habit to get into the gym. And having something that you are dedicated to five days a week is a great habit to have. I would say that the extra calories that are burned and the habit of walking five days a week outweigh that feeling that it’s not enough.
Wyatt Y.
You may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs The reality is that change takes time. With each step you are moving towards a new healthier you. If you stop now you are losing the opportunity to meet your new improved self in the future. Keep moving towards your goal. Enjoy each step, each moment and reflect on your goal and how proud you will be that you didn’t give up.
Simon O.
Change takes time. Movement is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you remain stagnant, you start to undo any progress made. Keep moving.
Johan A.
Weather or not it's benefitial for the individual depends on what the objective of the Individual is. If you are aiming to just get moving this is a great start but if you are seeking more emotional and physical outcome then consider practicing some type of sport. Remember you don't have to be good at it to begin with it just has to be interactive social competitive and fun. Trust me it works wonders socially mentally and physically.
H Lder Q.
I think that way too. I guess it's because I'm walking my dog, so it doesn't feel like time DEDICATED to exercise.
It feels like cheating, not counting because I would walk the dog anyway.

But I have to walk my dog, and I have trouble finding time (and motivation) to do other exercise. And why NOT bring my dog? He needs exercise, too.
And I have MS, so walking is perfect for me, as I can't do any heavy exercise. (Rising my body temperature makes me dizzy, disorientated and I loose my balance. And I will be 'out of order' for the rest of the day.)
I still need as much exercise as possible, since I need to be fit enough to handle my work and my every day tasks.
The better trained, the lesser obstacles from my MS (multiple scleroses).
And from what I heard, walking is good for you.
And I walk in nature, so that also benefits my psyke and overall wellbeing.

Maja Z.
I think it takes time before your body “likes” it. For now it makes your muscles work and they are not used to it yet. It will come, give it time 🙂
Aguinaldo E.
I believe it is because you still treat it as a necessary exercise not like automatic routine. I offer you to reduce it for 3 times a week so it would not be so "have to do it" thing. I am sure more often you exercise more difficult it each day to persuade yourself. Make it easier to make it just an a routine thing
Heide G.
Maybe you need more? It could be walking longer, making it harder with some stairs to climb or maybe you should train instead.
R My Z.
Possibly you’re not walking enough. Exercise you should realistically be sweating with an elevated heart rate. If that’s not the case then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Diet is also very important. What are you eating are you eating healthy are you eating unhealthy?
Sebastian Z.
I do that too. I think after a while it gets ingrained in your body and you need to step up a little. Not by much, just to feel the difference.
Alexis E.
It is helping your body process everything easier. If you weren't active, you'd start feeling more sluggish because your body needs to zap your energy in order to digest and disperse nutrition.
Jeanette E.
It depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to get a six pack, then walking isn’t going to feel beneficial to that goal.
Liana Q.
Perhaps you need to "step" it up a bit. (Sorry..). Walking can be a great way to exercise if you are new to exercising, older, disabled, etc. and unable to run. But, if you do the exact same thing every day, anything will be boring. Try making your walk more challenging. There's lots of ways to do it! I walk on soft sand when I feel the need to toughen up my work out. (I'm lucky to live on an island.) Bring a timer of some type and try to get to a 10 minute mph speed, add inclines or change to a more challenging route, add ankle or arm weights and swing those arms, or increase the length of your stride. Add a strength component like kettle bells, weights, or floor exercises, yoga or the like. Do what you enjoy by adding music or a pod cast. Good luck!
Alexis P.
What benefit are you seeking? If its being in better shape, a but of walking wont do all that much for you.

If its for mental health, mental acuity and all then its great for you!

But maybe you can salso up the intensity up a bit and walk faster and farther?

The more intense it is the exercise the better, at leadt for overal health. But if its for mental acuity, then probably moderate intensity is best but I probably should double check that last one.

But anyhow, why not upgrade to light jogging? Or maybe start training for the 5k race?

I did walking all winter, but now thay springs here I been running a lot and I just love it.

I am loosely following a 5k training plan.

My first reason is to help with my sleep

Todd J.
Sometimes things that are beneficial don’t feel like it because your mind set is still at another space or craving bad habits. It’s good to be consistent and usually you’ll see results in the long run and not immediately
Lina Y.
Walks are a good start for an exercise habit but it's a low intensity workout. A high intensity over low time workout will prove to be more beneficial and you'll feel it.
Ricky Y.
Maybe pick up your pace? Maybe you’re not giving yourself enough of a challenge? Just a thought. If a walk isn’t enough, maybe try a jog.
Nicoline X.
It doesn’t feel beneficial because you are choosing to see it in that way. Your thoughts are powerful. You have to bring meaning to the exercise. I like to walk with my sister everyday and this becomes important to us because it’s how we spend time together. You got this! Just look at it differently or add meaning to it by doing something different.
Lorraine Z.
It’s normal. We have high standards for ourselves and we beat ourselves up more than anyone can. It’s a bad habit and we all have it. When you really think about it, you actually made changes to yourself. It is maybe small steps only walking, but you have to remember it is still a step to a better change. You are walking now instead of sitting and doing nothing. It is a small change but it is still valuable. Pat yourself in the back for the change you made. In time you will be running instead of walking.
Kelly T.
I would try to start jogging two of those five days that you walk. Take it slow at first and work your way up to jogging for the whole five days. Your body gets used to the same exercises. So for your body, it is not working hard by just walking because it is used to it. Switch it up . Trick your body and reap the benefits