What’s your best form of light, fun exercise?

Malia Q.
I struggle with finding the motivation to actually exercise. I will put in my favorite dance mix. Ah first I force myself to dance and then after a while it just flow naturally. And voila; I’ve completed my exercising requirement.
Stephane Y.
My best form of exercise is walking around my house that I live in and doing my chores, and picking my boyfriend up and putting him in his wheelchair periodically.
Hertha Y.
Yoga is my favorite type of exercise all around. It’s gentle and it can be as difficult or as gentle as you want it to be. I love that I’m getting a good stretch while strengthening at the same time
Gero M.
The best form of light, fun exercise is "dancing to your favorite tracks" cause you'll be exercising and enjoying at the same time which will help your consistency.
Lia O.
I like to put on one of my favourite songs and dance in the morning while I’m getting ready! Brightens my morning and it is a fun low impact exercise.
Cassy Z.
I love jumping on a trampoline (makes me feel like a kid again) or balancing along the low wooden beams around the park.
Pavel Q.
Whatever my body is craving! I love starjumps, squats, lunges, tricep push ups, push ups and hip raises. Definitely drool over stretching my body through yoga though, not many things feel as good as working through those tight feelings and releasing!
Steve W.
My best form of light, fun exercise is to dance to my favourite music, or go for a walk to soak up nature. Both of these make me smile, as well as keep me fit.