What are your go-to exercises to get you moving? How about a go-to song?

Paul Gerhard F.
At the moment I’ve started with yoga because I find it’s not too much in the mornings, weights can be a bit intense to start with straight away so if I create the habit with yoga and then switch to weights once I’m used to the routine then I feel I will stick to it better
Olav C.
Ha ha go song! Well my go to exercise varies but three times during working week if weather permits I go for 3.5miles walk then a bit of stretches and meditation after before work, all on time to get me ready for the day. During this time, especially with the walk I listen to most RNB songs from the 90’s, mediation I have specific classical mediation songs I play during this time. But if I’m just doing stretches, abs, core or strength exercise at home, that’s days I don’t go for a walk then I play afrobeats/RNB songs to push me through then continue with other routines with mostly classical music or cool love song also any positive vibes song. That’s all I could say about my go to exercise and song routine 🥰
Ramsha T.
7 minute workout along with ab workout , stretching and some posture improving exercising . Not a very song workout person probably podcasts or my tutor
Oli P.
I love swimming, don't do it as much as I should, but when I can I do it, it has amazing health benefits. my go to song is Southpaw (Kip Moore) gives me autumn vibes
Aeni G.
Maybe squats, push ups and jumping jacks? That's a perfect 1 minute exercise for me! A go to song would be Wannabe by Itzy and Talk that Talk by Twice 💗
Rachell W.
I love to do squats,!blurpess and lifting weights. I also love to run a mile and jump some rope. My go to song is. This is how we do by 50 cent