How do you keep yourself motivated?

Kenneth T.
I think of the interconnectedness of the actions I take. I want to be better for others and to be healthy so I can be more present and also to have a longevity. I also try to adjust instead of feeling defeated.
Elliot C.
I like to think of the results I will be getting through accomplishing those habits. I know that if I don't do it regularly, my end results will suffer
Clarence N.
I stay motivated by celebrating my progress whether it’s completing the tasks or noticeable improvements in my health & maintaining those.
Valdelaine B.
I try to think about what I want to achieve/my goal at least once a day. And I try to distract myself whenever I'm about to do something that isn't in line with my plan.
Fernando U.
I’ve been on a path to better myself since I was in my 20’s and different dreams and goals powered me. I still have dreams and the same sense of to get them realized as when I was 20 something, but I’m much more driven to get these done then ever before.
Lisa U.
Everyone has different ways of motivation so the best way to motivate yourself by finding the best recipe for you for great motivation.
Janice S.
I keep myself motivated by remembering my “whys” – my reasons for wanting to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle. I sat down and wrote out all of my “whys” on an index card (e.g., “be able to partake in more physical activities I love,” “be able to buy cuter clothes in smaller sizes,” “increase focus and discipline,” etc.). I have a reminder set up on my phone that goes off at 6am and 6pm that LITERALLY says “remember your WHYS” – and I check in with myself, read my card and really think about each reason so that it’s never far from the surface of my thoughts. I also read the card when I am faced with a struggle (don’t want to work out… REEEEALLY want that doughnut…!). When we struggle, it’s hard to remember in that moment why we are on the journey to begin with. If we literally keep our eyes on the prize (for me, 2x daily, additional as-needed!), it’s much easier to stick with the good habits we’re working so hard on.
Victoria S.
I think it’s several things that keep me Motivated. For starters, I like challenges and competition, while trying to learn new habits I am competing with myself first and foremost. Fear of breaking the streak I have going and making sure I am not cheating. And I guess lastly, thinking about myself first. The benefits of how this will help me and in return, me being well wil ripple effect.
Baqui Q.
I don't really know. I sometimes try to make things into a game or listen to music while I work. Sometimes I'll divide things into smaller steps.
Eckhardt X.
I keep myself motivated by setting small goals that are just outside my reach. Sometimes I set the goal to maintain my current level. Progress not perfection.
Terra N.
I have only one goal instead of many. I’m working a little everyday, but still work every. This makes me feels happy and helps me in other areas also.
Oscar U.
Most of my motivation comes from inside, but sometimes I have a friend who motivates me with her motivation. Man can’t live by motivation alone you also have to have a purpose and desire! Most difficult is when something doesn’t go the way you wanted to, that’s when you have to remember to breeze and work through it, not to let it change or take away from your motivation.
Lina N.
I started gaining weight after after a life changing surgery to help me lose all my weight. I don't want to gain back all my weight and go back to where I was. So I'm starting now…!!!!!
Jocemara F.
I set myself a big reward and I write everything down on paper. I tend to give up very easily and when I skip a day on exercising/eating healthy/whatever I find it very easy to keep skipping those good habits. When I give myself a big future reward and goal that helps keep me motivated. Because I'm working toward something. Writing these down with actual pen and paper reinforces the goal for me. Plus I find it easier to ritualize writing things down. It's very easy to lose things in a notes app in my opinion.
Alcides Q.
I think seeing the change happen in yourself and in your life gives you the motivation to make more changes.
Lea Z.
I’m very good at following instructions and routine. If you are looking for change in your life I know from experience that routine is key. For about 5 years I have had an alarm set for about 5.15 am most days of the week. I hop out of bed and have exercise gear on and am out of the house in about ten minutes. No time to think or question my self out of exercising. Always feel better afterward and regular exercise absolutely helps my mood and energy levels. Love the saying “I wish I didn’t do that workout. Said NOONE EVER!!!’
Also love the saying along these lines – If you don’t make the change today, then in one month/year etc. where will you be? At the same point but without the change.
Enjoy change and habit forming 😊😊
Keith E.
The key is starting small – don’t bite off too much when beginning a new practice. Allow yourself the space to build the skill. Break a goal down into small pieces and master them step by step – there is no requirement to move quickly, impulsively, or recklessly though life
– anything really worth doing you can take the time to learn and master. The other “secret” – if you find yourself unable or unwilling to do xyz task – how are you approaching the necessity of completing it in your mind – is it something you actually need to do? How are you framing it – examine the way you classify the tasks you need to do for any given reason – and give yourself the space to step back and reframe if necessary.
Sasha Y.
På slutten av dagen, vite at jeg har forbedret meg selv på de omerådene jeg ønsker å bli bedre på. Nå er det kropp, penger og mindfullness. Følelsen av at livet mitt er på vei i en positiv retning og at jeg ikke står stille.
Caroline U.
I recognized recently that when I stick to these habits, I am more emotionally resilient. In other words, when I do have a day where I do not do what I'm supposed to be doing, it doesn't provoke a multi-day spiral of guilt and self loathing. Instead, I accept that I messed up and do what I can to set myself up for success tomorrow.
Melissa P.
Well, I think about what I want in the future— in order to get what I want in the future I need to do certain tasks now that I don't necessarily enjoy.
Lea N.
I am not keeping myself motivated
But I keep up with my routine By doing it anyway
If I didn’t do what I planned to do I don’t get hard to myself
I make a new plan
and reschedule it again.
I’m not will organized but I’m doing good and I seek improvement
and that’s enough for me 😇
Mikkel W.
I keep myself motivated by keeping a positive mental attitude. I also like editing videos and all that Jazz and just want to make something that other people can enjoy too.
Alfredo J.
I keep myself motivated by changing up my routine. As I have gotten older I have learned to accept that a quick walk through the mall can be a workout. If I keep an open mind I can find a diversity of activities that act as exercise instead of depending on going to the gym.
Isabelita C.
Hmm well i find that very hard to at the moment but i am trying to keep a positive outlook and rather than think about it and give myself a chance to talk my way out, i just try to do it.
Vito T.
Motivated to exercise?
I strip down to my underwear, place a hard chair in front of a mirror, sit on it and relax. Works every time.
Fred P.
I picture the end results I want. I am working on forgiving myself when I’m not motivated so it doesn’t snowball into quiting, I just say ok start fresh right now! Not tomorrow or Monday or next month, right now, start over and get moving in that direction NOW. Also I’ve lost loved ones and realize that time on earth is precious and finite, I don’t want to waste anymore time.
Nevaeh E.
I try to remind myself of why I am doing this as often as I can – and how it makes me feel good to do things I know are beneficial. Even if they are not easy or pleasant at that particular time.
Aynur O.
I write down my goals for my life and review often. I also set benchmarks of where I’d like to be already and adjust my routine accordingly.
Ivan J.
I feel the pain of not doing what I need to do. It hurts too much not to want to help make myself better. I have to do it for my well-being.
Johanne X.
I have always been fitness minded. I love the feeling I get after I finish a tough workout. Knowing how good I will feel gets me out the door every morning.
Mason T.
I start by being grateful for everything I have. I try to live in the moment, I try to remember my vision of who I want to be or where I want to be. And I remember life is too short. Or worst case scenario, I call a loved one and have a chat with them to get back in touch with myself. 🙂
George Z.
The best way to keep yourself motivated is visualize the future you.
Actually see what you want and like you achieved it.
Feel how good it is.
Luna F.
I have groups and accountability partners for healthy eating, mindset, and biz in general. I love marking days off a calendar as I get closer to my goal
Ken O.
Watching motivation videos like Les Brown and reading successufl stories. Also, remember all the hard days and all my accomblish.
William C.
Because I know I will feel good after it. And feeling good means feeling sharp to continue my day. Vision of future me drives me forward.
Jessie T.
The short answer is: I don’t. Motivation is really hard to keep going, and fleeting. It’s much better to work hard at smaller habits to build bigger habits, than rely on a very varying amount of motivation to do anything. Motivation’s unreliable. It’s only ever there _before_ I need it, never when I actually do.
Edmund F.
I set up some stickers on the fridge for e.g. my 21 challenge a so that I hsve in my mind the challenge. The stickers are colourful and playfuk.
Clarence P.
Believing that this program has provided me with an opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle, I feel that I should give it 100% effort. This is helping to motivate me and keep me healthy n track.
Philip C.
I keep myself motivated by reminding myself of a bigger goal that all these small steps lead to. The steps themselves are small, easy,and doable and fit easily into my day. I really enjoy the motivational quotes and peaceful backgrounds.
Burckhard Q.
By fear of stay same, nothing different from other people.. As i don't wanna stay common, same to other people, i wanted to be unique, better, more better result.. This thought keeps me motivated….
Harry J.
I tell myself that I will be utterly sad and demotivated if I skip this day. I remember myself that I have accomplished continuing my habits for so many days and that I wish to not break the streak.
Oliver C.
I just use my own method to be motivated and it is to learn more about yourself discover who are you and believe me that you will be amazed you will just say wow that’s me
And just look at the mirror and encourage yourself
Say I love my self
If your name was Emily for example
Say Me Emily I will never give up
That’s all what can I tell you
I hope that it will help you
Leana E.
I find fun in what I do, and I remind myself constantly about my goal, I beat myself up trying to achieve it, I look @ my progress and then I try harder, every day I wake up and I know I will do better. No matter what you have to go all out because you have nothing if you don’t work hard for if
Emma P.
I make a To-Do list each morning, I intend to complete the list.
When I notice a quiet 10-15 or even 45-60 minutes open up, I take advantage. I can watch tv or listen to music or a podcast.
I intend to keep my promises to myself. Staying in shape is a form of self-love. Take care of you, because no one else will.
You are so busy keeping promises to your boss, your kids, your S.O., you need to do the same for yourself.
Don't neglect you!
Lydia U.
My newest & so far pretty good technique is ‘just do it’. It’s not about "tomorrow, I will…" but about -without thinking – to get into my running clothes or pull out my exercise mat. Now.
Michelle U.
I keep myself motivated by positive self talk and ignoring naysayers… Alsoni look at the benefots. Of. Doing great things
Verena S.
Remembering every morning that if I don’t get up and work out now, it will never happen! And preparing everything the night before to make it frictionless. I am making it easy for myself and removing excuses so I can get better.
Malo Y.
Every day isn’t the same. There are days where everyone feels more motivated than others. And I think it’s most important to remind yourself that it’s ok to sometimes not feel as motivated. As it’s negative, self destructive thoughts that I have found (in the past), have got me in a ‘lack of motivation’ spiral, which is hard to get out of, and in turn, gets nothing done. Because nothing you try to do or even have done, is ever good enough. Treat yourself kindly, lower your expectations of yourself, stop comparing yourself to others (because there’s always someone better and someone worse), and celebrate the small victories just as much as the big ones. You are the sum of all your small decisions. Even when you make bad ones, you can choose to make the decision to not treat yourself unfairly for doing so. You are human.

Once you discover a slightly raised level of motivation one day compared to another, ask yourself why this is? And remember this on the days when your motivation is less.

Amaury Q.
It's better to keep exercise sessions short so it's not something that you dread. After it becomes a habit then its easy to start and the energy that the exercise gives you will really help you out during your day.
Salustiano N.
I keep motivated through visual cues-messages on sticky notes, and a calendar with red x’s on the days I perform the task. My job is it not break the chain. 🙂
Lael S.
I was just stuck in a rut, feeling tired every day. Just needed something that would help me and motivated. Still new to faboulus, but I am committed to it.