How intensive do you recommend for the morning 8-min exercises ?

Teena O.
I am not an expert so I will just share my routine. Because of health reasons I have to augment many daily activities.

Depending on the amount of time, 7 min is not a lot of time I try to do weight-bearing activities. Things that strengthen your arms, legs, and core. However, depending on my abilities that day one of my favourites is brain and memory exercises. Words, patterns, and recall, are some of my favourites.

I hope that helps you.

Anna E.
I gauge how I’m feeling and go from there. Usually, mornings are groggy and low-energy for me, so I just gently stretch, dance, walk, do balance exercises, etc…. Then I do something more intense once my muscles are warmed up. If you find intense exercise helpful in the morning, go for it! Just don’t force it.
Agbor N.
Moderate intensity helps to keep the heart going. 8 minutes is enough time to get your heart beating and helping to maintain your pressure and decrease your heart rate over time. This also enables you to be mentally active
Shawnan P.
My exercises are very light. I start with head rolls then work my way down my body to the shoulders, spine, hips, and ankles. Then I’ll move onto muscles by doing some arm circles, knee raises, calve raised, etc.