Do you exercise in the mornings or evenings?

Lillian X.
I prefer exercise in the morning when the Covid no was part of the our lives. But now a try exercise in the night but a can make and that is sad forme

Frida P.
it depends on the day. if I'm feeling inspired and motivated, I'll get my body moving in the morning. after a long day of studying I like to release all the built up stress and tension of the day. so yeah, I like to listen to my body

Logan W.
I try to get my exercise in thr morning. I find it pumped me up, builds up am appetite for a healthier breakfast and gives me energy through the morning.

Gauthier Y.
Yes because keeping yourself and the area around you is always inportant.It helps you focus and get thing of your mind so you don't always have to worry about your home.Staying clean makes you feel free and comfty. It is always ok to have some mess but make sure to clean later.

Melissa N.
I started doing some light yoga in the mornings first. Eventually I want to incorporate a nice workout in the evening as well. So both!