Is 30 minutes the recommended amount of time to exercise?

Palak X.
30 minutes is the minimum time a person can do his/her exercise but that's not mandatory that we have to do only 30 minutes of exercise it can even extend upto 1 hr (as one is suitable)😄

Kate Ina G.
Usually yes but it depends on what kind of exercise you do. For cardio(anaerobic) it's usually a minimum but for aerobic workouts it's a maximum.

Th Odore Z.
For a beginner you start small say 10 minutes then when you are more comfortable you can increase it by adding another 10 minutes

Lucille O.
Nee ik doe het maar 8 min. Balans tussen work out en gezinsleven is belangrijk. Maar ik probeer overdag wel meer te bewegen en neem vaak de fiets of ik ga te voet

Bitan O.
Yes. It is really fabulous Idea . But I am now a student and I have many works every day . So , I continue my exercise for 10 to 20 minutes . 😊

Daniel S.
I don’t know what amount of time is recommended for exercising but I know what works for me. I have 10 or 15 minutes to move my body in the morning and that’s perfectly ok.

Sondos N.
30 minutes is a long amount of time for exercise, it can make you procrastinate your exercise or even skip it. Personally i do a 15 minute walk or a 1 minute skipping.

Kelly P.
It depends on many factors! Age is one of them, fitness level is another. There are lots of resources online. Just make sure it’s a trusted source (I’m Canadian and my government has some great resources. So does the NHS for Brits!) Look into how much you need for your age and stage.

Remember: If it’s 15 minutes or 30, you don’t have to do it all at once. Break it down into shorter, manageable increments!