I’m always looking for inspiration so any programs or any workouts that other people are doing or find helpful I’d love to know about.

Cyrus Y.
I use exercise as a reward, and to break up the work day. After 25 minutes of head down work, I take a few minutes, getting up from the desk, and doing some exercise appropriate for the environment. Sometimes as simple as walking, other times basic calisthenics.
Naomi Z.
Doing some sort of cardio and stretching is what i usually turn to. When it comes to doing cardio im usually either walking up and down my staircase or using either my eliptical or treadmill. Walking outside is always nice too.
El Onore T.
So for workouts I use an app called workout women! They give you many different programs to do and they each take at least 7 minutes. I have been using it for a while and I have been seeing great results. Also use Pinterest. This can help you find some workouts that are just right for you!! I hope this helped!
Layla J.
I found some workouts that are not too difficult, not too long and gives results fast once you are consistently doing them. The first one I recommend is The Ultimate Pilates 21 days challenge by Boho Beautiful… You can choose to do the challenge or just the first workout alone (which I've been doing and have been seeing great results). The second one is probably the most recommended workout right now… Yes, you've guessed it! Chloe Ting's 2 weeks Shred challenge! A series of workouts that so many have tried and can testify about the wonders they have seen in their body. The great thing about these workouts: it caters for beginners and features low impact options. Even if you can't do the low impact workouts, just do it the way you feel comfortable and you can still get results and of course, for even better results, you can combine it with a healthy diet!
Lesi N.
There’s a website called “self motivate” and they have really simple and fun exercises from 1min to 15 minutes, similar to the exercise MMF but some different ones. I usually do them before I get dressed in the morning to start my day.
Megan N.
I've been doing Beachbody on demand. My friends and I have a Facebook group where we post our workouts to hold each other accountable.
Lewis E.
I joined Beachbody ondemand’s free trial. You can sort the workouts by difficulty, and I’m feeling great with the beginner workouts and it’s motivating to know I can move up when I’m ready, in the past I’ve done the trendy workouts and they were too hard so I quit. This way is keeping me involved.