Do walking or jogging count in exercising?

Amber G.
I believe so yes because both gets your heart pumping and boosts your endorphins. It’s also a way of getting yourself outside rather than always home exercising or going to the gym indoors.
Daniel U.
Of course they are!walking is an amazing way to express yourself through exercise AnD mindfulness!so is jogging! Like two birds with one stone! Good for you if u r able to do it everyday!
Amalia E.
ABSOLUTELY!! anything that takes a bit more effort then lying still on the couch is what i consider exercise. While on some days I honestly do feel like going to the gym and lifting as much as I possibly can, other days my exercise routine is solely a 30 minute walk with my dog and that’s completely OK!
Jas N.
Walking/jogging counts as excercise because you’re moving your body and you’re working out your legs and parts of your core.
Kota O.
of course! any sort of movement counts. i recommend the active 10 app if you wanna make walking your choice of morning exercise
Christel X.
Yes both are great but I have found that jogging or running has helped clear my head and build mental endurance. So it's both a physical and mental excercise