I used to be great on making healthy habits and challenging myself, until I had a big change of lifestyle, getting into depression, now that I’m trying to be back on who I was, seems kinda impossible! How can I make it?

Vaishnavi X.
I had a similar situation. Actually I should say I had the same situation. And now I'm on the post depression phase. I did have some episodes. Now they have stopped. But I do have occasional anxiety. Well you could try getting up early because that's the first step. Or just wake up at the time you set an alaram for. It really fills energy into one's body. I felt it was impossible too. But here I'm mostly healthy😅. My boyfriend helped a lot. He is an angel. Off course you can't have my boyfriend 😅. But you have your family and friends who care about you. Even if you think they don't, they actually care. It's a surprise, isn't it? But that's the truth. I know it's hard to believe it but yeah that's the truth. You are not a burden. Not at all. You're so precious❣️. The second thing you can do is stop negative self talk. It's really harmful. I have had many problems bcoz of this. The third is to have patience and trust in yourself. If you can't take help. Love yourself and care for yourself. If you can't ask for help. Talk to your friends and family. Don't bottle up feelings. Say them loud. You are valid. Tell yourself that you matter. Slowly by following all these steps you will know your path to success again.
Rhonda U.
I have not been in your situation before but I have friends that did and what they told me is that they took it step by step you are not going to be you self tomorrow maybe not even the day after but in the end they did get there.
Lyam P.
Hey ! Using this app is a great first step. I had a similar path, and the key is to trust the process and go step by step. When you lose hope, remember who you do this for : yourself, who you love so much ❤
Nicole E.
First I'm really sorry for what has happened to you but nothing is impossible remember that . The same happened with I'm still struggling a little but that's ok I know I'll get back and do the stuff I used to so, I can tell you how I do . I remember my close ones and start my day with a daily motivation that'it . I hope it helps .
Aoibh B.
I feel like a lot of it is small steps at a time don't rush forward hoping for an instant turn around.While enthusiasm is amazing and really important rushing into it can make it seem a bit overwhelming if there's not an instant change.In my opinion anyways.Even if it's something simple like brushing your teeth,stepping outside and Taking deep breaths while noticing the world around you,a small walk around your neighbourhood etc. Just those small steps can instantly change your mood.What I also find helpful is listening to good upbeat music that makes me feel energised and choice of clothing too.For example if I want to feel productive and energetic I wear fresh sporty clothes,tie back my hair and wash my face.However if I want to be arty I wear dungarees,my hair down and listen to music.Those small things really change the whole course of my day.Hope this was helpful in one way or another:)
Landon C.
Try and get rid of all the bad and unhealthy foods and drinks in your house. get a journal and plan about your day and meals. Got. Don't got to bed to late and wake up a bit early like 6:30 to exercise and do your daily routine. Limit screen time and if you need electronics for work rake brakes every now and then to rest your eyes. Get out the house, catch up with friends, do things that make you happy.
Ellen E.
You can make it happen by having faith your own self I know it’s hard both you will get through it also remember set up a goal time but remember to do it at your own paste. Find something to motive you.
Nadi F.
Take small steps towards being healthier and fitter. Start by adding more greens to your meals and going for walks everyday even if it is just a 15 min walk. Once you get used to that routine add some exercise into your day. Hope thats helps.
Tristan A.
Just trai to rimembe hau whos it bifor that hapend.And trai trai tu get baci on dous good habets like hau thej sej ,the things that brake you make you.Love you bay
Fernando T.
Just imagine yourself with all of those habits and your life that you always wanted . Bring motivation with this . And remember self love is self discipline . The changes you make today will bring a better YOU .
Katarina E.
I’ve been through the same thing.
You have to embrace it.
Embrace your sufferings and your depression.
Give yourself TIME, it’s the only way you can get back on track, forcing yourself will bring you nowhere but low and lower.
If you feel like this, I think it may means that, in this moment, you don’t have all the strenght to face life’s challenges.
Let yourself rest for a bit and then, STEP BY STEP (and only step by step), get back at it!!
Don’t rest too much.
Remember: it isn’t strong someone who doesn’t fall, but someone who falls and gets up again.
Emilia Y.
I recommend writing down a positive quote/word that will cheer you up for the day when you wake up.
Whenever you feel sad or unmotivated, you can always look at what you wrote.
The second way is to find someone to talk about it. No matter who it is…
A friend (who you trust) or a family member, you can also have a chat with them!
Valentine E.
Firstly, you’ve done it before so you absolutely can do it again. And secondly, I feel like we get overwhelmed with a goal because we tend to look at the bigger picture. It’s good to glance at your progress, make necessary adjustments but that’s as far as it should go. After that the only thing you should focus on is your next step forward. One foot in front the other, that’s it. If you were to look at Mt. Everest you might not believe it’d be possible to climb but when you look at the next step in front of you all of a sudden it doesn’t seems so impossible.
Sharon W.
Find healthy things that you enjoy – that will always be more sustainable than trying to beat a goal or a challenege. I personally want to exercise more, but find it difficult to stay on track too. The past week I have been able to exercise, because I found dance workouts. This makes exercise something I enjoy: dancing while listening to some of my favorite songs. You can do the same thing with food. If you want to eat more fruits and veggies, pick your favorite ones from the store so that the healthy options available to you are the ones that could even help you push against those negative thoughts and emotions. It's also remembering you can love yourself while still wanting to improve yourself. Even small efforts are slowly getting you toward your goal, as those small efforts will add up. The healthy journey is not linear, and you have to be willing to give yourself grace as you work towards feeling healthy again. I also recommend relying on a friend or loved on who wants the best for you. Someone who will encourage you to pursue these healthier habits not because of how you will be perceived, but because you know it will help you feel better because your body is functioning better. Much love. You can do it
Kellykeag Hotmail Com N.
I think you should set an alarm when you go to bed it’s fine if you snooze it. That’s what I did first to my morning routine. Think high not low. The way you think it’s a way your day will be. Don’t listen to though people or thoughts that say negative things to you. If it’s a person stay away from them
Karolina N.
Take it slow, one thing at a time. Baby steps lead to huge changes. Sometimes these steps need to be extremely little like they’re almost too easy. Make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard and that you enjoy process of making new habits. Take care of yourself!
Johanne N.
I am trying to get back to where I was as well. I used to eat so healthy and workout every day. I need to get back into a routine
Yuyu N.
Start to see things in different angles/perspective. Figure out what weighs you down. Start to love yourself as if to take care of yourself even more – exercise, eat healthier, hang out with friends or just go to somewhere alone with your thoughts (cafe/bar). List down whatever in your mind. You are strong and loved.
Kuo P.
In my opinion the great way to started is to connection to the one made you relax, and you can also use this application to be more healthy and of course you need to see your doctor in Lason frequency every week or every month, and try to do what the doctor say to you.

Is really important for people food is fall into the depression, let Lanie love social network to discuss some small staff and it will make you more realize who you are and what are you looking for.

I know people who in a depression are struggling but I wish you can go through of it.

Ashley Y.
I am at a similar place! I gained a ton of weight over the last couple of years and now I am struggling to get back to who I want to be! I use people around me as motivation! My sisters lost extreme amounts of weight at different times and I use their journey as fuel for my own!!!
Lore F.
I have a philosophy that's a hybrid of sorts.

When quitting bad habits I follow Marie Kondo's advice on decluttering and go all out, when it comes to building good habits I take it gently.

It also helps to tell yourself that it's okay to fail but don't get used to failure.

Hope this helps, you've got this!

Marija Q.
I have same problem,but i think that going with baby steps is the best thing. First,you are on this app so thats a great start. Then,you can start with something that you find easy,waking up earlier or going to gym which i started doing. I think that starting doing something that you dont find like big deal(you dont find it hard)is amazing. I also think that is better for person to like themself, that makes you feel more productive so if you can do something about that it might help a little in your situation. Mabye there are people around you who wanna help you so you can do some things with them if you want to. Music can make person feel more productive,in my opinion, so you can do some things while listening to music you love. I hope this helps a little,good luck:)<3
Felix Y.
I think you should make some goals, what is it that you want as healthy habit? And than just make sure that you do it in little steps, cause even if it's a tiny step. You should be happy cause it's a step and you are making progress.
Samantha Y.
I feel and felt the same, I went through life and always looked back at what was but I had to stop and remind myself those moments that were are happening right now. People change and grow as they go through life and it’s only normal to feel like being the person you were but you have to embrace the person you are becoming. Change is good, it’s good to slow down and reassess the new needs and the new challenges in your life and adjust to them.
Carola C.
i know how that feels! i think you should start with very very little things. set simple goals that you feel you are able to reach even simple things such as brushing your teeth or washing your face beacause i know it coild be difficult in your situation. this app will help for sure. if you have a problem with mindset i actually know some people who started doing these things ironically because they would't have motivation otherwise and with the time these habits became part of their routine and now they just do it.
M N.
Start off with baby steps. Even if it’s simple as brushing your teeth, be proud of yourself and go from there. Do not beat yourself up if something goes wrong.
Nasia N.
With very small steps and no expectations or pressure. Think only of today, not the past or the future. Stick to those 5,10mins of exercise everyday and after a while you won’t be noticing it. I feel you, I’ve been there. And I reached the point that I had so much pain because of not creating those habits that it was at the end the only way. I wish I had done this before so that I wouldn’t suffer. At the end it is all about taking care of yourself and that doesn’t mean joy and fun necessarily
Arifa N.
How do I keep myself motivated to do something on my own? For instance, how do I maintain a reading habit when there’s no one to keep myself accountable?
Jackie P.
Getting back to our old self can be difficult! I would start with a prayer! Reading something positive each day…then start 1 habit that you use to do that you want to get back to… for me it’s was drinking water everyday. Then add 1 habit each week. Start slow, don’t rush it because that will make you become a hit and miss on some habits… I’m telling from experience 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Daren F.
I can relate to this as well, why focusing too much on the outcome BUT now I just FOCUS on getting 1% better each they in a year, I will improve by 37% better than none so go at your own pace and don't rush the process, progress over perfection just enjoy the journey.
Saier M.
You don’t have to be perfect! Start small. Really small, like stretching for 5 min every morning. If you slack for a day, don’t beat yourself up for it and get right back into the routine the next day. We all slip, but going back to it is truly winning 🙂 you got this!
Adelaide C.
Ok, start small, start with a glass a water every morning, then a healthy breakfast, and slowly add on until eventually you have a good routine that works for you. You may be afraid to start, but you have to start somewhere, you got this!
Claire U.
So firstly, I would recommend taking care of your mental health, before anything else. It’s really, really hard to be healthy emotionally and physically when your mental health isn’t very good. You can get help from a therapist, psychiatrist, etc. Once your mental health is at a place where you’re comfortable with it, then you can start to work on the physical aspect. Building habits is hard, but there are lots of ways to do it. One of them is habit-tracker apps like this one, but there are other ways too. I would say the biggest thing is to just keep working. Don’t give up, and keep trying for this goal that you have. Good luck! 🙂
Ana G.
Use the fabulous app, it’s great and i think it will help you a lot. My advice is that you can meditate and think about your present or the future. What you can change in your life. Just think about it and start with small actions❤️
Terry P.
It does not happen overnight. Start by practicing little habits everyday. Being consistent with that one little habit might seem like a waste of time but it trains you on consistency. Try it, and add to your habits after some few days until you are where you want to be. Good luck.
Salustiniano S.
Don’t think of trying to return to the old you but instead trying to create and evolve the you in the present. Take the time to mourn and grieve and feel your feelings. It’s natural to be frazzled by depression. Then, start small: step by step
Sofia J.
Maybe take very little steps and maybe that might work meaning start off very small and gradually get bigger. I hope this helps.
Justin C.
First make a list of things that have ever made you happy. And try to do at least one thing each moment in f the day. Then try to mix those things that make you happy with things you have to do. Also, do a list of things you should be thankful for, even if very simple
Emily G.
Just focus on getting better at taking care of yourself step by step don’t be fast and rush yourself to your goal be mindful and slow with yourself take your time. firstly try to drink more water for a few Days then add a new Habit then just do that again and again then you will feel amazing
Jayden J.
Just try your best and know it's hard in the beginning but it's all worth it for the end and you aren't alone and u should be proud u got backup off your feet <3
Kunigunde S.
Well, I am not good at this but I will try to help you, it must have a reason to this happen, if you were having a great life, and everything was okay, then there is a reason to this happen.
You will have to keep doing the same that you did to have a good lifestyle, and focus to get better.
There's nothing else I can do for you, it have to come from you, I will be rooting for you!
H Lya R.
I’m still in the process of getting through a rough spot myself. Drugs is not the answer.. marijuana excluded lol. But really the key to that is just owning your truth. Accept whatever it is that caused the change of lifestyle that ultimately caused depression & using it to drive you to be better. Being depressed is lame!! We don’t want that!
Circuit O.
Just know that this isn’t the end. You will get out of depression if not quickly but eventually because depression is a part of life. But not to think of stupid and dumb ideas while depression is your goal. Be firm and bold and strong you will be fine and healthy again.
Kleisa Q.
I think the best thing you can do is surround yourself with positive people. While it's important to want to change and that does come from within you those who surround you are also very important.
Lena S.
Understand that any time that you relapse into old behaviour it's not a failure, acknowledge how long you had that positive behaviour for. Start that positive behaviour again, you did it for so long before, try one day. If you make it one day with that positive behaviour before relapsing, great! That's one day of positive behaviour, now next time try for two days in a row and so on. Relapsing is not a sign of failure but an acknowledgement that we are human and that no-one is perfect. It's ok to make mistakes, it's a chance to learn for next time.
Камелија Поп-Зафиров N.
Focus on the positive. Don't get insider your head. Do the things that make you feel good . In the beginning you may have to force it, but as time passes it'll come naturally. I know it's hard, but it'll pass. Surround yourself with loved ones. Talk to your closest frends and family. Think about how far you've come not about how far you have to get.
Hemet Rio P.
I feel like I was like you pressing myself to hate this thing but if you want a healthy lifestyle you have to start easy until you do it and it's easy for you to do it, don't press yourself in the beginning to accomplish big things small things at first works because the little things grow up later and have a big effect so for example do exercises one day a week until you get used to adding two days and so and don't forget the rest days don't make the pressure long This period is because your body and mind need to rest, and even in the lives of the accomplished, they take a break to get back stronger.
Ehrenfried J.
Well I struggled the same thing. For me to get back on my healthy ways is that I asked myself why I want to be healthy like a self-reflection. And when you're doing some goals or task don't start tomorrow or next week, start that exactly on that day. Also remember give yourself a time to let go everything so there's no burden in your heart and mind.
Candice Y.
Make micro movements towards your goals. Small steps can become habits and eventually can become your healthy lifestyle again. Be kind to yourself, your alignment has moved. Maybe it used to be that running every morning and eating every meal properly was the norm, but because of where eyou are your norm has shifted. You cannot judge your success on your old norm, therefore by completing small new tasks and making small new choices, these are actually big steps and you can take pride from doing them. You also cannot expect perfection, rather do something vaguely well then not do it at all. Eventually your norm will shift again, and you can begin to expect better. But you're kind of starting from scratch here. If you are unsure how to be kind to yourself, treat yourself as you would treat a loved one. You would never say or even think the things about a friend that you think about yourself. Start with those tiny steps, and sooner than you think, those steps will feel easy, and others will follow to help you get back to the ideal version of you.
Andrea O.
I believe you can make it. If I can do it then you can too. I'm gonna tell you something I'm only 13 on this all achieving my goals on these apps so if a 13-year-old can also can you. But to help you start with smaller steps. Then I believe they will transfer to daily habits! To also help with this do mindfulness sometimes to clear your head or take a breather when you get anxious. If you wanna talk about your anxiety you can come to me. I used to have bad anxiety as well. Now I have times where I get anxious when I feel like it's too much
Aleena A.
I wasn't like this before how now I'm which isn't good for my health. I'm in so depression these days. And really want to go back to how i was before. It's not that easy but I'm trying my best.. I'm losing my self day by day. Because of depression. And I've gain alot of weight of it.. and i wanted to lose now. Which seems difficult to do all this.
Iola P.
Think about how you got into that state of depression, and maybe building up the confidence to create new bonds and opportunities for you. I don't know enough about your situation to give you a good answer, but that's what I can think of. I'm currently struggling because I am a very social person but I don't have enough strong friendships to be as social as I need to be to be happy. So, I am getting out my comfort zone and approaching people I wouldn't normally to improve my situation. I don't know if it's as easy as that for you, but think about rather than replacing it, creating new alternatives and make use of the situation you're in. Be creative.
Aneta T.
Getting back into old habits is not easy! It takes time just like everything else in life does, as long as you put the time and effort in it I’m sure you can make it however, you have to be determined and compassionate about it otherwise, why do all this from the start?
To achieve something make a plan and some strict rules so you would be able to accomplish whatever you have set out for yourself and don’t let the bad thoughts take you back to the beginning.
Ann U.
By truly celebrating the small wins like getting out of bed or eating something. Just be proud of yourself for participating in the day.
Danielle E.
One small decision at a time. One choice in the right direction. The key is to build momentum… like a runner. The runner builds momentum with each step, each stride, until she’s full speed. Be clear on your goal. “To get healthier” or “to be better” is too vague. What is it that you want? “I want to lose 30 lbs by Memorial Day weekend.” Perfect goal. “I want to be 80% plant-based by April 1st”. Even better goal. Set yourself up by planning ahead. Put you gym clothes out the night before. Plan your meals at least a day in advance. Have a fail safe for those days where life try’s to throw you off. Speak up and ask for help when you need it. Most of all… always practice self love and gratitude. ♥️
Neha X.
Well, to be honest I was in the same situation. I was depressed for a long time and I still am and it altered my routines. I know we can never really get out of this but we can try and it does help. I found it nearly impossible to come back to my previous lifestyle, it’s hard I understand but we have to move on. Fabulous has helped me come to my track. I told myself if I ever want to be myself again I have to do the action. It always comes to my mind that I need exercise, but I could never do it cause I did not have that motivation but this app has helped me and I am sure it will help you as well. You just have to trust yourself and be honest with your self. All the best!
Brandy W.
Start small. If you try and get yourself back to where you were prior right from the get go, you'll probably get overwhelmed and will want to stop. Take the time to decide on which one or two things you want to change, then focus on making those changes.
For me, it started with my morning routine. I used to just roll over into my work clothes and head out. First, I started with hydrating as soon as I wake up. Now, I have a nice breakfast and some morning stretches to get me ready for the day. I also added a small to-do list for the day to try and keep me on track in terms of daily goals.
This isn't a race. Take it one step at a time, and you'll get there. You're stronger than you may think. Focus on consistency and improvements, and you'll get where you want to go. Try to aleays be better than you were yesterday, and don't worry about stumbling a time or two. It happens, so dust yourself off and keep it moving forward!
Inessa Q.
Think about the new you and what new you needs, meaning what kind of healthy habit you most need. If you need to have more excerce habits start something small. Like jumping (20s)or cyckinling for 10 minutes. For eating if you need to have more healthy food what worked for me was not bying any sweet or such, but then have a one day in the end of the week to have candy day. Rn it may seem impossible to get to the point you were, and you have a new challenge with you: depression. Which probably will make things harder and harder to get back where you were. And that's fine, start small. Every time you step out of bathroom do 5 jumping-jacks or something of that short. I believe in you! You can do it!
Sarah Q.
I am almost the same! The important thing is if you try to preserve and push from depression to the positive that will make all the difference also if you are having problems from the past or something like that then you should listen to frozen’s let it go because Elsa says “ the past is in the past” so don’t worry about things that are in the past just keep moving forward also if there are problems happening currently then you should talk to a family member or councilor that can help you get out of
Depression also if your coping a friends style or trying to get attention with all of these then don’t because if you work hard to be something you will have all the attention in the world.
Ole U.
One step at a time! Don’t try to do too much too quickly, start small and work your way up – if you try doing too much at once then it’s more difficult to stick to! This is what makes Fabulous the perfect choice for helping you to make positive changes to your life 😃
Lisa P.
If you want to cure your depression, than go outside to the outer world and have some fun! And instead of thinking about bad things, think about the good things.
Erdogan G.
Just start small. Literally just pick one easy thing. I started by drinking water at least 3 times a day. As I wake up. At lunch. And before I go to bed. Once that habit starts to set in. You can start to add something else. Like making your bed in the morning. Once you start. The momentum keeps you going and going and before you realise. You'll have a routine that right now would seem absolutely overwhelming. So just start with one simple thing. As easy as you want. And just build from there.
Maja E.
Hello, i also have this problem. I recommend you to read a book called Atomic Habits, It is kinda helping me to organise my life
Claude W.
I suggest recognising what healthy habits you had before entering depression and therefore you can slowly get back into those habits and being your old self again.
Rebecca Y.
Try and do the same things you did before, but also try new things! At first, I started off really good when I got this app, but I’m getting worse and less consistent. But I am still trying to get back on my feet. A lot of teens go through this situation. Don’t feel embarrassed for not being at your best!
Alfonso U.
Well it will take some time to get back to your old self but just relax take deep breath’s slowly go back to doing what you were doing. Give yourself complements do what you do best. After a while you will see big improvements. It just takes time to heal.
Lucy Z.
Well first of all I would start off with something that makes you happy I’m not talking about something that makes other people happy I’m talking about something that you enjoy doing for example if you want to wear something bright and colourful go for it it’s it’s not that hard but another thing I suggest is to ask a friend for your assistance because friends have power to change people they can help build up your life again and you can even send a little thank you messages for help me do the dishes this morning or Little gift that will help change their life or a box of chocolates sometimes that helps me say yes just just do what makes you happy
Kiwi F.
Hello, I don’t know if this is a bot or a real person but okay, so currently I’m trying to be my older self but more improved because I know exactly what you mean, I developed a habit of negative thought patterns and self sabotage and self hate and procrastination a lot to unlearn I know….. I have a friend who told me to use other ways to work things through and they suggested exercising and wow does it work. I use fabulous to tackle my procrastination and help me think and feel like I truly am moving forward , only self motivation can’t help sometimes you need some type of action and mindset of someone who truly wants change and zero doubts no buts to get what you want and to improve and also be open to a little help like fabulous if you are someone private and it’s hard to open up like me, also distance yourself from your triggers believe you can and you will. Best wishes
Dierk G.
honestly! challenges are tough, but you’re tougher than them! i think finding a really good support system is game-changing. whether it’s a person or an activity you love, finding something you resort to when you’re feeling in a funk can help balance you out. for me, it’s bike rides, my sister, and reading. they always fix my mood and make me think, “wow. this is what i’m living for!” <3
Leyla A.
I was saying but if cut me off. It could be taking a shower,going for a walk,or just flossing and brushing your teeth,and see how you feel. Don't out too many goals in your head or it's gonna seem unbearable,just have one goal,if you can,and who knows maybe you'll be able to do more. However if you can't do even that one goal,just be kind to yourself and give yourself time(that could be your goal too),you don't solve anything by being mean to yourself. think of yourself as your best friend and about what you would say to that person and what advice you would give them. also, therapy 's helping me A LOT,so I will suggest that too,therapy's great!
Eliana N.
A big change is good. Just because something changed doesn’t mean you should stop living a healthy lifestyle. Changes are good you just have to get used to then. It’s ok to be depressed, it always happens. Try to take some time to yourself and relax. Your important always remember! If you want to get back to a healthy life style then do it even if it seems impossible. Take small steps. Don’t try to rush! It’s going to take some time to get used to your old healthy self and that’s perfectly ok! Just be consistent and everything will get better! ❤️‍🩹
Bertha Z.
Try to start out small. Trying to follow all the habits you used to follow might feel overwhelming or tough sometimes. So, start out with small habits and add them one by one. Don‘t rush it and take your time. And most importantly: Don‘t judge yourself for not following your habits in the times you struggled with depression!
Casey X.
It’s kind of hard for me to answer this one because I personally don’t have depression (at least, I’m not diagnosed with it). I’ll do my best, but just know that it might not work for you.

I’d say the first thing you should do is try to improve your mental state – use some of the mental challenges on this app, daily coaching, therapy/counseling if you can.
Once you start getting better mentally, try easing yourself into things: instead of launching yourself into a seven-day hourly workout, start with going on 10-minute walks (otherwise, you’ll experience burnout and lose motivation). After a couple days, increase the duration of your walk. Then, after a week or two (take your time though!), try going for a jog or a run. Then you can progress to workouts and exercising consistently.
After you’ve gotten back into the routine of things, it should be easier to do challenges and go back to what you used to do.

Anyhow, my key takeaway is to ease yourself into the routines and focus on your mental state. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, and if you think you’re pushing too fast, listen to your body.
I believe in you! You’ve got this, my friend :))

Julia P.
First of all I think you need to take time to recover from your depression. I would recommend getting therapy or atleast someone to talk to who helps. When you did that you can slowly build back good habits. It takes time but i'm sure that it will be alright!
Roberto Y.
Distract yourself with things you like, like drawing, painting, reading a book, etc. Till you forget your problems and things that troubles you that trigger your depression. Think about yourself and the better you are the best motivation.
Amanda U.
I have been through two bouts of severe postpartum depression. The first time I didn’t know what was going on, so it spiraled out of control. The second time was during a pandemic during which my father died. I have learned and continue to learn to take things one day at a time, to keep making progress on accepting myself, others, and life itself as each of us comes – flaws and all. It might sound counter intuitive, but this acceptance helps me move forward with whatever small step of progress is within reach.
Mada N.
You just have to keep going. You will make mistakes. There will be some days that are better than others but all that matters is if you get up and try again the next morning. I constantly tell myself that I got this! If you believe you can you will.
Rose O.
Extend grace to yourself and take it slow. When dealing with depression, I try to not be so hard on myself. I’m a person that likes to put way too much on a to-do list and instead of being disappointed in what I have not accomplished, I express gratitude for what I allowed myself to do. This includes tasks that are not on my list. It helps me to remember that I’m not trying to be who I was yesterday. I’m present in what’s happening now. I’m developing habits to be more grounded than I was before.
Sally Q.
You have to be patient and never think about giving up.I think that you should get back to your old healthy habits step by step by using fabulous it will help you and it will make it much easier and funnier ,and you have to know that every journey has some struggles but never let them take you down.Every time you will get stronger I trust you!!!
I wish you a happy healthy year❤️❤️❤️!!
Breno P.
Motivatoin is the key to sucsess. I motivate myself by thinking about the big change that will hapen, but I'm also proud of what I alredy did. Don't try changing yourself, change your habits.
You can do it! 💓💗💖
Ashley U.
Believe in your self,have a day of self care only you boo and ask other friends or family for help and challenge yourself!!!
Alicia Y.
Just keep pushing to success. Work harder everyday to meet your goals. Stay consistent, motivated and be eager to be better.
Dora J.
Everyone gets stuck sometimes, it's normal to experience challenges. Thing is, this is actually how we grow, how we make progress, when we're feeling low or uncomfortable. If everything was perfect all the time, life would be boring. Life is an opportunity to observe ourselves and discover who we really are and what makes us feel truly happy and content. You can't go back to who you were because you're not that person anymore. And that's great. You have a chance to reinvent yourself, start from scratch and discover what works for you now. One habit that is proving very useful when dealing with depression or low states is asking the right questions. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this? What is it that triggers me into a low state? What healthy habit (no matter how small) would imprive my state by 1%. Take is 2 mm a day, that's all it takes. More iften than not, depression arises when our life blueprint doesn't match our current circumstance. But you can change that. If your blueprint was created when you were a teenager for example, it most probably won't fit into your current adult life. Observe your thoughts and reactions and try and discover what it is that you tell yourself most often and start changing that. It all starts from 1 thing. That's all it needs♥️
V Absent Hd N.
New to this, I think it’s important to not force yourself to do things or get angry on why you can’t look at yourself and see the same person you were before. People change. for better or for worse people are always changing and you should look to make ur best out of every possible situation. I’ve never personally dealt with depression but I can say that i know people who have battled it. These people are some of the funniest and happiest people i know now and that’s because they devoted themselves to the long run and overtime changed themselves for the better.
Eleanor F.
Small steps are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, take your time and reflect for a minute to make your plan. It all starts with a cup of water
Greta C.
Basically you have to start with little changes which can seems stupid or whatever like dinking tot per day or go for a walk (20min)… because if you stress to much yourself you will end up seeing just the failures!!
Dxcainx N.
i feel like if you have someone to talk to you can talk about it with someone and try new things and do things that make you feel better and try do do things that you like to do and just have fun.
Caitlyn O.
find something that makes you happy that you can do often and be with people that keep you happy and distracted as well as keeping habits to keep yourself in a healthy way:)
Andi J.
Ah! I’ve recently gone through something similar- that’s why I’m on Fabulous! The thing that helped me the most was realizing I’m not the same person I used to be, because I’ve grown due to my experiences. I think of it like my bonsai: it grows differently depending on where it’s placed, how much sunlight/water it gets, the seasons… it doesn’t always grow linearly and pruning it during the right seasons help keep it healthy, happy, and in a shape that’s pleasing to me. So, the thing that worked for me was acknowledging that change forced us to grow, and that’s good because it’s what we’re meant to do. Then I checked in on the changes- some of them were positive, a lot of them were neutral adaptations to my new reality, and some of them were negative. Then, I was finally able to really determine what about this new me I wanted to encourage and what I wanted to discourage. I compared my old self and old routine and decided to try it out to see what still worked for me and what wasn’t, and I kept building on the ones that still served me but discarded the ones that no longer did. It was easier to get into that routine. Now, I’m finally trying out and building brand new habits that serve me at this stage of my life. All in all, if a habit doesn’t serve the new you, why are you keeping it? Do you have to stick to only one form of exercise or can you try a different one that you like more right now? Maybe you need time off cross fit because yoga is a better way for you to get active right now. Hope this helps!
Molly Y.
Follow this helpful reminder and stick to your habits and do what you need to do. If you find it difficult to stick to these things, set an alarm to tell you when to start, and a timer to tell you how long you’ve been doing it.
Aimee V.
I honestly could have written this exact same post. Just keep going and taking it easy on yourself. Do one thing for your own self care today. Start small.
Immaculate N.
I suggest you ask your friends and family who saw you doing those healthy habits to help u to get back that way or search online there are a lot of things there and push yourself to your limit and you will be proud of yourself I hope you are able to do it😘
Noilves P.
Start small, don’t try and go “cold turkey” or 100% right away. If you start small and stuck with it, it will more likely stick to you and become part of your routine. Eventually you can build on that and grow your healthy habits to bigger ones. Also, reinforce your small healthy habits with happy or positive emotions. If we learn to associate these happy habits with positive emotions they will be stronger and better for us. For now, do not focus on the “impossible” future or how far you have to go. Focus on the present moment and what small changes you can make today.
Teneil F.
Start one thing at a time, and be patient. Remember you were able to get there once and you will again. It's hard but remember you have already built the building blocks needed the first time so you aren't really starting from square one and remember your why for doing this. It will guide you.
Kylian F.
I suffer from depression myself. I think the most important thing to getting back where you were is to not let yourself down. What I mean is try to make even the smallest thing in the morning (like drinking water) and getting in motion. I could suggest you a great book named Feeling Good, by Dr David Burns and especially his chapter on procrastination. It may help you getting better and taking your healthy habits back. Be proud of yourself for taking care of yourself is also one very important thing for me. Hope it will help you in anyway.
Cl Mentine Y.
It’s funny reading this, knowing I have the exact same problem (which is why I downloaded Fabulous in the first place). Depression is different for everybody, and how to fix it even more so. Though, what helped for me, is (I don’t wanna sound like that one person that isn’t depressed and comes with this ✨fantastic solution✨, but) besides the habits that Fabulous gave me, also do the stretches, yoga, and the meditation in the morning, especially the meditation! Though, let’s be honest, this didn’t keep me up forever, but it definitely got me through the mornings at least. Besides that, I always make bucket lists with friends of fun things to do together, and we do one nearly every time we see each other outside of class. It’s nice talking to them and having fun with them. And after all that, I have personal goals too. I’m trying to learn Japanese, and I want to pick up skating for example. Doing things you love are the most important things. And it’s been a while since you’ve last changed those. Be openminded! Maybe you’ll really enjoy meditation! Or maybe you learn to love writing, or designing things. Whatever hobby you see come by, give it a shot! You never know what you’ll actually think of it untill you do it 🙂
I wish you the best of luck!! You can do this, I hope my rambling helped you at least a bit 🙂
See you on the other side!!
And don’t jump 🙂
Centa J.
I understand how you feel, I believe the best way to get through the hard times is to remember to do things you enjoy such as spending time with family and friends to keep your mind off things and enjoy life. Get a hobby and be sure to exercise and keep yourself fit and healthy. Although this doesn’t sound easy don’t give up !
Barbara Y.
Let go of expectations. Don't focus on retrieving who you were in the past, rather focus on building your new self. Start small: one simple thing at a time, like you did at the beginning of your journey. Start with drinking water in the morning, than one minute exercises, and see that your committment helps you in building self confidence. Start from there, and see yourself shine anew!
Lovely W.
That’s completely okay. I think it’s best to start by recognizing that you’re in a completely different headspace and being more patient with yourself. I’d start off with working on getting back towards one or two habits at a time and waiting until you’ve gotten that down to work on more. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.
Rakhi F.
I am going through the exact same situation. I even took anti- depressants and that was a very addictive habit unlike these healthier ones. So, I quit them and that lead to a decreased motivation for everything. So, I think we should follow a divide and conquer strategy. Which means, one habit at a time. Like, say, meditation. But doing that also for 20 minutes can be overwhelming in the beginning. So, follow the 5-minute rule. Just do it for 5 minutes everyday. And do this for next 21 days. If you feel like you can do more, then increase the duration but don't force yourself. After that, pick up the next healthy habit and try to conquer it in the same way. Remember, we are not in a hurry. We are here to heal. And for that we need to be gentle on ourselves. Love. 🙂
D Rthe U.
I feel like its just to not give up. Keep trying and get up agian. If u never give up u Will reach your GOAL. Remember your GOAL and why you are doing what u are doing.
Marisa Y.
Reestablishing small habits over a long periods of time. Helps to recreate the positive environment. Reflecting and meditating
Ehrentraud X.
Find the source of your change and self reflect: how will your current state help your future self if you don’t implement change and healthy habits in your routine? By doing this, you’ll hopefully slowly begin to pick up those better habits instead
Janka N.
Viem, že je to ťažké. No skús si spomenúť na svoje staré zvyky, čo ťa robilo šťastnou? Skús ich znovu zapojiť do tvojho života a možno aj nejaké nové. Možno tým naberieš viac sebavedomia a dostaneš sa viac do prítomného okamihu ❤️ Skús si každý deň povedať, za čo si vďačná? Čo ťa dnes potešilo? Zotrvaj, nájdeš tú správnu cestu.
Katrina O.
You can't be like your old yourself but you can be your new yourself! Start from begining. Just little steps. You can do it! Just belive in yourself! I belive in you! And don't lose hope! You will be your better you!
Dxcainx N.
I think tt at you should Try to better your self by talking to people like trusted family or therapy and maybe doing the if’s with your family and things you like.
Isabella Y.
Just trust the process. Proceed to do things that make you happy and let go of everything that doesn’t. It can be hard but once you start pushing through, you’ll get there
Arthur Z.
Try not to focus in who you used to be, but in who you can be from now on. What can you change to make your life better than now? You can't go back to the past, so do not compare yourself to that person. Think of who you are now, and do your transformation slowly, celebrating every step, even though it looks nothing compared to that person you used to be. You can be better than that and more, especially if you go on with a positive attitude 🙂 sorry about any mistakes on my English, I'm brazilian hahah (let you old self back in the past. Miss it like an old friend that you lost contact, and smile to your good memories, and move forward, to your new self)
Lenny Z.
Begin with small habits, go little by little because that's not gonnademand a lot of energy from you and will allow you to get used to the new habits. Don't worry about the big changes right now, focus on your way to self grow. It's okay to fail, the important it's how you're going to start again and deal with the challenges that appears
Gustav Z.
Hi! I had the same problem a while ago, please be aware that I’m only 14, so it’s up to you if you want to take this into consideration 🙂 but anyways, last year I was really depressed over family problems and didn’t get off my bed, then my cousins and aunt came visiting and took away my devices and told me to read newspapers and help with my dad’s business (restaurant, boutique etc) at that point I did all this without liking it or feeling good about it. In 2022 I had a strong desire to change all that, I started going out more, woke up early in the morning and went for a run, made my breakfast dinner and lunch healthy etc etc. I think that to bounce back to challenging yourself, you should have a strong desire to change. At first it won’t feel right but later on you will actually feel happy and you’ll then realize your depression and gloomy feeling start to fade. Have a great day and I hope you feel better ❤️
Aric N.
Maybe you should calm down and consern about yourself deeply. After that things will getting better. Then go to journey of finding the solution
Mafalda S.
Even tho it looks like giving up start over at the beginning, take those baby steps again:)don’t try starting where you left off. That way it doesn’t look so daunting…
Carmelo E.
Honestly, I feel the same way sometimes. I think the important thing to remember is that we are constantly changing and we will never be the same as we were at any point in life because each day we experience new things that change us. However, we can always strive to be a better version of our present selves, accepting that we might not be the same but we can be just as great if not better in new ways. Another thing I’ve found important to keeping on the track of positive growth is remembering that even small victories are still worth celebrating. No task is too small to put on the to do list if that means it will get done. Lastly, negative self talk needs to be combatted at every chance possible. When you catch yourself talking to yourself negatively take the time to call yourself out and do some positive affirmations. You create your reality so make it a good one 🙂
Marcus N.
Start off small. It's easy to try to complete all the habits you had in the past, then get disheartened when you fail. You are not the same person you were, nor are you in the same frame of mind as you were when you had those habits. Complete what you can, and celebrate what you've accomplished, but don't beat yourself up over the things you didn't. Each day is a new chance to start over and try again. Give yourself permission to start out slowly. To start out small. It's okay. You can do this!
Francisca Z.
One small step at a time, and with the realization that you may not be exactly who you were before. You are someone new, don't try to erase your history, but build for your future
Stephanie T.
Something I tried to do was look back at my goal and revisit why I was trying to reach that goal. Hopefully that makes sense!!
Sanaa O.
Do something small but healthy and then reward yourself immediately afterward. Repeat this habit until it becomes second nature and then add another.
Chris N.
Small steps. This situation is very well known to me and what I learned is, I cannot get back were I was straight away. Look for the habits that are most helpful or most important to you. Start with them and give yourself time. For me it requires weeks to month to come back to my full routines after a depressive episode. Take your time and I’m sure you will make it 💪🏻
Julia J.
For me, trying to teach or guide another person helps me to find the importance in what I'M doing. Right now, I'm starting on a weight loss plan, and I'm helping my mom do the same. I'm showing her new recipes, how to use a weight loss app, and encouraging her to drink water. This makes me feel like what I'm doing has more importance, as I'm bringing someone else along for the ride. I would recommend trying to share your journey with a friend or family member. If you are trying to rediscover your old self, maybe this means reconnecting with friends you've fallen out of touch with. I hope this helps!
Noah C.
I am very hard on myself and it just doesnt work. Its great to have a long term goal but small steps and recognising what you have achieved on your journey will help you achieve your aim.
Karl Dieter F.
Yeah, there was a time when I used to feel good about my life. Now after 2020 my life totally changed, cause I wasn't able to accomplish anything.

But slowly and steadily I am taking control of my life, by taking micro habits.

Let's talk on Instagram –

Ma Va E.
Make Binders full of YOU. And go from scribbles to scrawls to art made from scratch. There is an art to everything because of every one
Erhardt A.
I thing need to make a step now, and have a concrete goal, self discipline, consistency, and motivation daily reminder about why I'm doing these things and what the benefits to me and for what.
Capucine Z.
U can do anything and try some meditation try some yoga write about your depression in a book talk to someone don’t hold your emotions think positive things don’t let depression make you
Adrian N.
Well for me after I got out of my depressive state it felt impossible to get back on track too, but I’ve found that once you get back into a routine way of doing things it seems like nothing ever changed, if you start small and do one goal a day, pretty soon you can work your way up back into your routines and have life go back to normal, remember to not over do it and allow yourself to slowly build back up, also remember to meditate and congratulate yourself on completing a goal
Daniel O.
Focus on the little things you enjoy, watch a good show, bake something healthy, try a new game, call someone and maybe you know more things to do!! Focus on those little things and be proud of yourself when you completed them! Also listening to music or learning new stuff from your special interest might be fun!
Ruby N.
Honestly, a lot will depend on your mindset. Getting yourself to those healthy habits again is only achievable if you believe you can, because otherwise
Philip F.
Start small and focus on what you were able to do rather than what you couldn’t. You’ll get back to where you were before you just have to give yourself time and not be hard on yourself.
Alexandra W.
Understand that although the feelings are valid, every minute that you immerse yourself in sadness, you lose energy to focus on living. You can do it step by step by choosing to do it in peace and self love.
Maliha F.
It’s ok to be sad or depressed. Things will change but you can bring them back, try slowly everyday to bring the habits you want and do the things you dream of. I had a similar period in my life and I learned that you shouldn’t ignore sadness but you also shouldn’t just let it take over you. Create a balance inside yourself and don’t try to stop tears all the time, look at the good things in your life, you woke up today, ok? And maybe that might be seen as a bad thing to some people but if you think about it everyday you have a chance to do something great. So that’s it, depression isn’t easy, but it also isn’t impossible. You can do whatever you dream.
Andrew Z.
Imagine the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Imagine that persons traits and what they like to do. Now strive to be that person.
Karen N.
You make one, important change at a time! Choose what you want the most and do that, every day until it gets easier. Then add another!
Josefa F.
That's sounds like me too, I still struggle now to get back into my old habits. I know for me, just keeping it very simple to start off with was my first step, so I don t overwhelm myself, and go back into my old habits, just keep on pushing on, you'll make it eventually and by then it'll be easier for you to achieve everything you want to, just know that you're doing great, I love you and if you need to reach out, you're not the only one going through this, you're not alone. Good luck!
L Dio Q.
Start by making your bed every day than eating a heathy breakfast then going for a nice long walk to get some fresh air then have a shower
Rasmus W.
Stay positive!!! Pushing yourself so become who you once were might seem kinda daunting but by keeping a good and energetic mindset you be making progress faster than you can imagine! You got this!!!
Emil W.
start over. start small. adapt your new habits to your new life. see what doesn't depend on you and change what does. search about it. hope i helped! go for it!
Maddie Q.
For me I had to believe in myself or even make my own notes and write down what I needed to be better at or, even get done with work so believe in yourself even when it seems impossible because the end is never ends.
Leo Y.
Thinking of who you used to be can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Try to not compare yourself to past you and go with what you are today. Start with the small things. One thing a day. Eat breakfast everyday whether you get out of bed at 7 am or at 2 pm. Start small and work your way up. You've got this!!
Mehdi N.
Just forget who you were and start building the futur you starting in present; start making healthy habits and removing bad habits this will clreanse your soul, then be patient life will unfold to you by itself just start the day with gratitude and you'll get there
Sara F.
Remember that you are always you If your were able once no matter in what situation you are now you can do it now too Because who you are now is the same who you were before
Ella X.
I'm going through the same thing, actually. I've had severek depression for a few years and its really messing my life up. So, as someone who doesn't consider themselves as very mentally healty, don't take my advice to heart too much. But…

Imagination has always helped me. It's the one thing that never changed about me, and it never will.

I suggest paying attencion to things that were the same as before and being particular about them.

Freya I.
Take it one little step at a time. Start with the tinyest step that seems the easiest to do or the least hard. Try not to focus too much on everything that you still want to change, but focus more on each step you have taken in the right direction and celebrate those steps.

You need to get into a more positive state of mind to be able to make more changes and you can actieve this by taking tiny steps, by celebrating those steps and by being kind to yourself.

Doing things like the 3 coachings and gratitude practice can also really help. And it doesn't have to be a long gratitude practice either. You can set a timer for 1 minute and in that 1 minute think of things you are grateful for. These can be big or small things. That you are grateful you slept a little better, that the sun is shining brightly today, that you have a nice hot cup of tea just the way you like it, that your back hurts a little less today, that you were able to brush your teeth today, that you have lovely friends/family/a pet. That you are grateful strawberries and dolphins exist, etc. It can be absolutely anything.

Celebrate all the small steps you take. Brushed your hair or teeth? Great job! Did you wash or shower? Great job! Did you just drink a glass of water or a hot cup of unsweetened tea? Great job on hydrating yourself! Celebrate all the good things you do, all the good choices you make and all the healthy and positive steps you take.

When you are at rock bottom, it doesn't matter where you start. All it matters is THAT you start. Just start somewhere. Just anywhere. Take a step and take it from there. You can do it!!!

Jim S.
I was there too, considering suicide as an option. Untill I met this girl. She motivates me to achieve more things and be grateful for things I already have. Hoping for you to hit that wake up call as well and realize how amazing life really is :))
Addison P.
Look in the perspective of starting over. It’s a new you. You really got to think of what you want as a healthy habit and you really got to want to start over. After this, you will surely be ready and it won’t seem as impossible as you thought because your are driven to do so. You can find friends and family that will help you in this new journey as well, but don’t forget Fabulous ;).
Salma N.
I was like you so to help you, you first have to start waking up early like at 7 and then when you change, try not to include black in it and then when you want to eat breakfast, try eating healthy things and protein full breakfast and try practicing mindfulness and also if there are people that kinda let you to this lifestyle, block them and don’t talk to them, also since you want to be positive, look at the negative things and then try making them positive and also STAY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING.
Graciane S.
You start taking baby steps with doing the things you want to get back into. This is how I did it when I was depressed I would take one healthy habit and make a commitment to do it for a week. Then once I completed that task I would have the confidence to move on to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself that’s going to discourage you. Take it slow and be committed to your tasks.
Jonas A.
Just start slowly, you may feel kinda lost but just keep going, don't try to bring your old life back it won't work, try to build another one, another life, a new person, a better one, day by day, month by month and one day you'll realize all this change made you create the best person you could be. Habit by habit, small steps, it doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop, you will find out it's possible to build those habits again and you will see that you will come back better than one day you were.
Milena U.
start small, don’t push yourself so much. if you push yourself so much to get to where you want to be, it’s not going to work. start small always.
Sandra F.
For me personally, environmental factors have a lot to do with my state of mind. When I'm shut in my bedroom 24/7 with the curtains always closed, it's hard not to feel perpetually depressed. So I'd recommend getting some fresh air, as much as you possibly can. Not jut every now and again, make it a point to be in the pleasant outdoors for the majority of your time. Either way, hopefully your depression clears up. We've all been there, I wish you the best of luck. Godspeed.
Johanne Z.
Well it depends on what your new so called lifestyle is. It is not clear to relate to, so i hope you can reach out to professional or make it clearer so me or anyone can reach out to help you. And I hope you get through.
Shreya F.
As being a student I also have a buzy life.All I do to stay away from depression is TRYING TO KNOW MY TRUE SELF.I write all the things I love to do ,type of person I want to be , things I learned from my mistakes.Make your own time table and work on it atleast 21 days.Include exercise, listening to music and skincare (both boy and girl) .

Do it as a video game.
As you are completing one day shedule your are going in another leve the next day .

And I think may be I am younger than you but all you should know that anyone can teach you an important life lesson.Age is just a number.
You can do anything. Always loblve yourself
Take Care