I workout (kickboxing, circuit and strength training) 5 days a week. What is a good stretch routine I can follow on my off days (Saturday & Sunday) that won’t overexert my recovering muscles. I’m not a fan of yoga.

Andr W.
I always go for a hike on Saturday with the kids. Usually between 2km and 6km and ranging for 30 minutes and 2 hours. Sunday is clean day so it is basically cleaning bathroom, floors, fridge and laundry.

Wanda Z.
Stretch every muscle in your body. You can touch your toes and do the shoulder stretch and the quad stretch. These are basic stretches but can help a lot. I use them to. You can also do a couple others that I didn’t list.

Lutero Q.
You can do this:
✔︎right arm across your chest. Over the top
✔︎left arm across your chest. Over the top
✔︎stretch our your legs bend your right leg. Stretch over your left
✔︎pop your back
✔︎5 second rest

Caroline B.
I think that sitting and reaching for your toes by doing it by the side and front is a really great stretch. I also love to just do a few simple stretches that everyone know.

Dana T.
An easy workout you can do on the weekends is a walk or a jog. You can go however long or short you want. You can find a local trail or just walk around your neighborhood.