I have decided to run my first full marathon and am wondering if a heart monitor is a good purchase for training?

Amber J.
It's always a good idea to monitor your vitals. If after your training your heart rate remains the same, you made need more time.
Hadrien Q.
I would recommend a fitness watch that allows you to monitor your HR. If that is not in your price range, then yes just a HR monitor will work. You can use your HR to determine if you are running at a pace that works for you.
Neil Z.
It’s not necessary so I think it’s not worth it. I honestly think it’ll make you tired. (Unless if you have health condition that requires monitoring ur heart beat)
Naja X.
That's amazing 😄, I would recommend a heart rate monitor as it can give you some form of material evidence of how you are improving on your training. All the best with the training and getting out of your comfort zone. You are definitely training for something that very few achieve.
Luca Z.
Yessss, I feel like it will be w good purchase because it will be qb good motivation for the training to come and sure the tracking will be easier
Joel E.
Measuring your heart rate using a heart rate monitor is a good way to gauge the effectiveness of your workout because as you strengthen your body through exercise, you also strengthen your heart. Measuring the rate of your heart during exercise can help you determine when you're pushing your body too hard or need to push it harder to achieve the level of fitness you are seeking.
Alexandre Y.
If you really feel it's necessary, sure. The chest band ones are still the best, smart watch/fitness tracker types are renowned for their inaccuracy.
Troy O.
Yes, absolutely. A marathon puts enormous stress on your body so anything that allows you to keep close tabs on your health is a good idea.
Helo Sa A.
Well, a heart monitor is more than enough… You can use the pulse counter plugged with the treadmill or if you prefer to jog outside you can use a pulse oximeter Which gives you the heart rate, the respiratory rate, and the oxygen saturation
Good luck for your marathon and keep on running
Charlene J.
To be completely honest I've never run a marathon so I have no idea but I think it would be good to know if you're overworking your heart. It could help you train more efficiently too so you know when you're improving
Jeffrey J.
I think yours is really a good idea! It’s very nice to have an ambitious goal, especially if it brings you physical benefits, but it is always important to test yourself safely!
Eva T.
Yes absolutely. It helps you know where you are really pushing yourself, but also where you might be slacking. If you find yourself unusually exhausted the day following a run, re-examining your heart rate helps you understand whether or not you have been possibly overclocking yourself. If you are going too high, you may be risking an injury without knowing it. Even when we think there is no pain, our heart sometimes knows different. Some runners choose to run with a focus on maintaining a certain heart rate. Brings new meaning to the saying “Follow your heart!”
Gina W.
My friend has a heart monitor that also has gps, so we can track our rowing sessions. Maybe that would also be useful for your running too. And yes, a heart rate monitor is good becuse you can check with cardio zone you're in. It can hehell you optimise your fitnes routine.
Jimmy J.
I have never run a full, but I have run a half and a 30km. In my opinion, you are better off spending the money on a couple good pairs of running shoes or if you are a novice, a marathon clinic at a local running store (e.g. running room) . A heart rate monitor is an indicator of physical exertion, if you are listening to your body, you will not need it.
Sofia N.
Umm maybe you shouldn’t run a marathon if you need a heart monitor…”consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine” LOL
Maxence S.
I personally think that it’s a good idea especially for your first marathon. Your heart can only take so much strain at once so making sure that you are staying at a healthy rate can make for a better experience. With training, your heart gets stronger and can perform better under stress. Even if you don’t buy it, I’m sure that you will do great in the marathon.
Zeneida Z.
Yes, I think. It’ll help you check your heart rate while running. If you have heart problem, it might help control how much you should work out.
Isabelle U.
Yes definitely. Ideally one that can be strapped under your chest for accurate reading. It’s helpful to regulate your zones, so you know when to push yourself and when to pace yourself.
Erwan O.
i would say that it's a good purchase if you have the extra money and are willing to train evereveryday for it! tracking your heart beat is very good so you know when you're going too easy/well/hard on yourself.
Nicoline C.
Yes. I had a step counter/heart monitor and it has been the best instrument for motivation and dedication. I found myself taking stairs every so often and try to do my best for running and achieve my daily step challenge
Randall Z.
Not required. You might need it when you try to optimize your runs few years later. I was a marathoner for 4 years and only in my last year i was considering one
Charlie Z.
Absolutely, fantastic idea.
It doesn’t matter what sport do you practice, it’s better to track your heartbeats all the time during workouts, running or exercising. Good luck. (Maybe polar trademark for sports watches) will be a great idea