How do you start exercising when you feel lazy?

Kay J.
I prepare my workout gear in advance so I can eliminate one of the escuses to be lazy. I register myself for classes at my gym and feel committed to go
Nolan Z.
I am wrong person for this question, I just like excersise and especially if it is short trening I don't need anything else. If it is more difficult I am starting from something easy and short
Ante T.
Just relax and think of the benefits of doing exercise. Don't think about doing other things, just focus on that and see if it slowly changes your motivation.
Xen Crates N.
I say to myself: I do it without reasons and this is just a habit. Don't think and just do it. Even with a question mark in my mind, just do it.
Britney S.
I mostly just think about how I feel when I go out, how my confidence level just lowers from the doubt I have in my body and the way I look. Seeing others be happy and energetic, I want that! Not only that, but exercising releases endorphins which so helps with mental health and physical health and just overall health in general.
Sofia Z.
When I am feeling lazy I just put on music and dance around the house! It doesn't feel like exercise to me so I don't consider it exercise and that makes it easy for me to do when I feel lazy. I notice that dancing makes me want to exercise the next day too!
Melco Y.
I do the easiest or most brainless exercise move I can think of! I just need to start and then the rest is good to go so I will get into plank for 30 seconds or do cat-cow yoga pose for a bit. Once the juices are flowing I can keep going!
Julia O.
Personally I would start with a plank and then maybe I will move to some weight lifting ( not much weight of course) . Then if I feel good I can add some more exercises in my routine otherwise I will just move to stretching .
Miriam E.
I talk myself into saying how better I would feel. Then I would do an exercise – even if the exercise was just for 5 minutes.
Gavin O.
1) determine whether I’m actually lazy or in need of rest 2) remember that pushing through the rut is very goal I’m trying to achieve in order to make a lifestyle change 3) use whatever crutch will keep me on track. Right now it’s playing animal crossing while I stairclimb for 20 minutes.
Chiara T.
Make sure that the inactivity isn't fuelled by an injury; if it is, take time to rest and recover. If it isn't, start off small and pace yourself. A brisk walk doesn't take very long and can clear your head for other things (creative outlets such as writing and painting, or for studies and work).
Lois J.
Eventually you are going to want something, usually food. When I feel lazy, I deny myself something I want until after I do my workout. You would be surprised how motivating that will be. Sure, you can choose to go hungry but will you? I bet not. That’s how I do it. I also sometimes dial down the intensity of my workout if I’m feeling lazy. An easier workout is better than no workout at all
Karla G.
I actually do a little yoga for warm-up and to get rid of that laziness spell and then I move on to the workout that I want to do.
Miroslawa Q.
Start small, 5 pushups, 5 crunches and 5 squats. Don't think about it. Just do it. Once you have engrained the habit, you can build off of it.
Bernardo S.
First of all I put on some music (positive, upbeat) and then I just start to 'dance' including lots of pilates moves. Another thing I do is I go through blogilates workout videos and start with a shorter one. Then my body feels great and I want to do another one which is longer. I try to change my workouts.
M Lina Q.
I give myself a motive like a prize maybe a delicious snack but this is not for everytime you feel lazy , normally just think of the result you want
Asta C.
I'm getting back into exercising by just committing to around 5 minutes of stretching each morning. Then if I feel up to continuing, I'll do more. And if I don't that's okay because I accomplished my goal. Start easy and small. Let that become a habit, then advance.
Nilo S.
I focus on why I am doing it – to feel better, look better and be there for my family. There are mornings I think about skipping but I remember this is not only for me.
Bertram C.
Its thing i use is a fitness watch.
I have a samsung fitness watch and i find it great. I try to reach a certain intensity level per wèek (330 minutes) which ive set as a weekly goal.
So that motivates me to exercise.
Friedemann Z.
It's hard to motivate yourself when you are lazy or not already being routine is made up so i can't sit down and become lazy..I set up my gym gear up the night before and place it in my car, I go straight to the gym after work so I'm not giving myself the chance to slow down..set up your routine to give yourself the best chance of success and eventually it just becomes a habit
Lucille C.
Think about how good you will feel afterwards. Also consider a buddy or trainer to help motivate you. The more you do it the more it will be a habit and you will become addicted to the endorphins and want to do it.
Alana T.
I have some back pains due to a slipped disk. If I don't do my morning and evening exercises, the pain creeps back and makes my life miserable. Not exercising is what caused the pain in the first place, exercising keeps it at bay. Therefore, even if I'm feeling lazy, I remind myself of the long term consequences of my actions, no matter how small the action may seem.
Callum Y.
I’ve been using the 1 minute just get moving app. I trick myself into doing a small amount and once I’m doing it I usually push myself to do more if I’m up to it. On a bad day I can say at least I did a bit and it really never takes away from your day, so just commit to one minute a day. It’s not hard!
Levi E.
One thing is I think about the bigger picture, what I'm going to achieve, why I'm doing it and the feeling of not ruining it what I've done so far.
Another thing is I replay in my mind motivational quotes and speeches I use to listen of my favourite trainers/motivational speakers etc
Wilma X.
I make sure I do it in a time where I am already out, or have to get dressed for an ocasión. I also treat it like I job I have to do.
Kyle O.
I often pace around my house when I’m on the phone working from home. Now, I will just speed walk laps around my house if I need to exercise but can’t seem to kickstart other exercises.
Asta Y.
I tell myself just 5 min walk, small warm up and I will be able to tick my routine. Mostly I always end up doing full exercise and feel good about myself. Also I keep myself telling that I look good after strating exercise.
Adam C.
Don't be hard on yourself, and don't battle yourself try and find the reason why you want to be exercising and remember that.Prepare so that you feel more engerised for when you are due to get active so it is easier
Mads B.
I always begin my day with warm lemon water, which forces to go downstairs & put kettle on, by the time I go back upstairs, I have drank a pint of water,I notice the time has gone, which motivates me to get my 30 minutes exercise done, that Apple Watch is monitoring for me, so I can’t fib to myself! This time I know I am making real progress in exercising daily.
Dejalme S.
Just stretch. You don’t have to do a full workout if you’re not up for it that day. But you need to continue the routine of putting time aside for exercise even if it’s as simple as 5-10 min of stretching
Gwendolyn J.
Usually I try to do something which is more fun like dancing. I think imagination really helps in this matter. For example sometimes I imagine myself being a professional dancer that has to dance in front of an audience now. Or I might even imagine that if I exercise, how will it change my body for the best.
Iago E.
I try to acknowledge and reflect on the fact that exercise is healthy, going to make me feel better, and by exercising I’m helping my future.
Louise F.
I try to remind myself that exercising will actually give me more energy and that I want to be stronger. Success is a bunch of tiny decisions .
Enrique U.
Да, когда я начинаю разминку по началу я чувствую лень, мне не хочется что-либо делать. Но начав заниматься я получаю заряд бодрости и мне хочется продолжать даже после окончания разминки.
Shane L.
I just do any exercise I can to get going. Riding a stationary bike, go up and down the stairs. Anything I can to keep the motivation up. Because one day leads to another and before you know it, a month as gone by and you are back to square one wondering where the time went. Motivation with out action are just words.
Rosa A.
Put on music, or tell myself that I'll just do one easy thing and if I feel terrible or restless I'll move on. Sometimes I end up stopping, but sometimes I keep going too. I hope the number of times I keep going will keep rising.
Jordan P.
I created a trigger. Every morning I drink an herbal tea. It's just automatic for me. It steeps for 15 minutes. When I start the timer that is my trigger to exercise for 15 minutes. It's a no brainer. It's linked to an event i already do automatically. When the buzzer goes off I throw out the teabags and cover the mug to keep the tea hot. Then I set the timer for another 15 minutes. I originally started exercising for only 15 minutes. It's only lately that I've added 15 more minutes. But it's easier cause I'm already exercising!
Lice S.
I start thinking on how good I will feel when I'm done, it's a task completed but it also makes me feel more light, I try to think about that I will only be a very small part of my day, 30-45mins are nothing compared to 24hrs and it does so much for my body and mind