Are you doing the same type of exercise for every workout?

Kylie T.
No. My choice of exercise depends on my work day and the weather. Weather and work allowing, I walk the dog or ride my push bike. On days when time is limited , I do a quick work out in my lounge room using an exercise app for guidance.
Ashley F.
Not necessairly. I think it's good to switch it up so you can build several different muscles and stay fit. That said, you can repeat the same exercise and that is great as well.
Sherryl F.
For AM routine- yes. But I also walk, bike & swim regularly & I've added yoga to the mix & just beginning with grove dance.
Kameron N.
No, for me it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again, I like to switch things up and do whatever I feel like
Billy W.
I just started exercising again, so yes! I run and walk for twenty minutes in the morning and running will be all I’m doing until I’m used to working out again! I don’t want to overwhelm myself and make myself fail.
Day O.
Nope! It depends on the day; once I went on a long bike ride, and other days I considered the two minute hyper dance to my favorite song a workout! It all depends on how you’re feeling and what you can and want to do :).
Kara Z.
Definitely not! When working out I try to vary the groups of muscles I'm working. I'm not sure I've ever done the same routine twice.
Luna O.
Absolutely not! I found, for myself, that I get bored with repetitive, non challenging workouts because eventually I learned that I can do them without issue and that I'm seeking something more. The workout app that I have I do the same warm up and cool down each day when I choose to do cardio workouts. However the core cardio workout constantly changes, mixing it up. Sometimes, depending on my physical state, I decide to do a little more or a little less or maybe I just decide to do a little yoga.
Anu A.
Well 😅.. I'm not a professional to say it in that way. And based on my knowledge, i think that for smaller muscle groups like Biceps and triceps, we can do one excercise per session and for larger muscle groups like legs, chest and back, we can do more than one excercise per session 😊.
Erasmo P.
I do what I can every day! Some days I just do some simple stretches. Sometimes I mix a plank or a few sit ups in. If it’s not too hot I go for a walk. Since I never exercised before, I’m not too strict with myself. If I can get some kind of movement in every day, I can work toward incorporating more as I go
Kai Uwe X.
No, I mix it up depending on how I feel. YouTube videos are usually my go to so that I can follow a short routine. 🙂 how about you?
Nicholas J.
Not usually. I do yoga/stretching/mild body work almost every day, so that alone provides a lot of flexibility in what I do. I can focus on mobility, strength, high intensity movement, flexibility, meditation, breathing, etc. Whatever, feels right for my body on any given day. I then rotate between walking, running, biking, or hiking for more cardio focused exercise. I think its helpful to have options, if you focus on one thing your bound to get burnt out and lose motivation. Websites that offer 20-40 minute yoga, stretching or exercise routines are awesome!