What kind of workout do you do in the morning?

Fatima O.
I dance like no one is watching, I follow madfit, there is this video of hers with my favorite 2000's playlist, that's my everyday dance, and I add the 7mn workout from fabulous cuz it helps with my endurance which is amazing! So yeah ! And and some HIIT workout is great, then of course I wind down with a stretch , it takes 30mn exactly to finish it all up! But they are frankly the best 30mn of the entire day, I look at them as a victory, key to success is loving the process
Sofie A.
When I started this morning workout habit I was on an out of town vacation and every morning after eating some breakfast i’d head to the pool and swim a few laps. 🙂 Now I use the 7 min Fabulous workout and though it’s a tad rigorous I like it a lot.
Rosa S.
I do yoga in the morning, its light and it stretches your muscles while also activating them. Sometimes when i want to change it up a bit i look up a youtube video.
Jordan N.
I’ve been going for a run three times a week. On other days, I do some good stretching combined with pushups. I keep it super simple. Also, the Nike Training app has a lot of free exercises, and there’s an 8 min stretch session that I really like.
Neil V.
A lot of the time, my morning workout is a walk. When I have the energy for it, sometimes I will do some kind of strength training. Sometimes I’ll just put on a playlist and dance
Inara O.
I like to go out and walk in nature if you find a good trail in your neighborhood and put on your favorite music you become more confident and self assured and that will help you throughout your day the forest is a beautiful place
Kay O.
I have to stretch, carefully, first thing for a good 10 minutes. I found this helps with back pain throughout the day.
During the challenge, I added pushups, stomach crunches and I tried tai chi videos keeping a hula hoop in my hands for focus and fun!
Kate P.
I prefer a late morning/early afternoon guided/coached fitness routine – usually focused on cardio, HIIT, and endurance training.