What do you do for your exercises?

Shilpi O.
I do yoga. Mostly I start with 5 minute duration. Later somedays it will prolonged to 20 minutes or so. Yoga involves a lot of stretching and meditating.
Emilie E.
I try to do some sit ups and squats. Lately I’ve been trying to go for a run 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I reaaaaally don’t want to go but I just get dressed, put on some music and just go. Even if it’s not a very long run, I congratulate myself for even going outside 🙂
Frank T.
I warm up by stretching my arms and legs. I move my head, arms, hips, and knees, in circles with 16 counts. Then I jump in rope for 5 minutes.
Sheila J.
Currently I do a few simple and easy stretches and then I use my “6 Second Abs”. I’ve kept it pretty simple to start since exercise has never been a big friend of mine.
Vickie U.
On weekdays – I walk to and from from office. That is total of 20 minutes. On weekends – I do not feel like stepping out. So I do one day of stretching/yoga and one day of at-home bicycle – for 9 minutes.
Sonia T.
I am using an app called Freeletics (not actually free if you want to use it properly) as I am trying to build some muscle. I have been doing an hour long program but most are about 20-30 minutes long
Izolita E.
Stretch: straddle down, right and left. Right lunge, bent knee stretch, same on left. Arm circles.
Workout: crunches, flutter kicks, plank, squats.
Child’s pose to rest.
Sara O.
I use YouTube for quick 20-30 exercise or yoga videos. I'll try to get outside, even if it's just 20 mins walking around the yard.
Evelyn O.
I incorporate exercise into my daily routines for example I spend a lot of time at a horse yard so when I am able I do more physical tasks such as carrying Hay and emptying wheelbarrows
Miroslaw H.
I'm really fat. So my exercise is to take a speed walk. It is really enjoyable when you can hear your heart pumping, sweat running down the body. Some feeling of pleasure is building up when you walk long enough.
Elsa Q.
typically bc i’m tryna focus on a flatter stomach and rounder hips, i usually don’t do any oblique exercises bc it only increases my love handles LOL
Yonadahy F.
First I do my full yoga routine from flow, to stretching, to working out, then stretching, and flow once more. Then on days I have more drive, I either do abs or arms!
Benjamin W.
I work every few days on a workout bike, & others I follow some Pilates routines from Fitness Blender online. In between my workout days I always make sure to get a good yoga session in!
Lexi N.
I play sports. You can also go to the internet and find an easy or challenging workout for whatever muscles you want to work on or how long you want to strive for.
Yulia A.
I used couple exercises that is offered on this app like 7 minutes workout, just get moving, abs core. I do have a hard time to stay motivated though:(
H C.
For my exercise i usually just follow a youtube video or one of the built in workouts on fabulous or I do yoga workouts which work great as well!
good luck
Maple Y.
For my exercise, I usually do simple exercises like Holding a squat position, Holding a plank position, marching in place, arm circles large and small, and Jumping jacks.
Ioana Y.
Yoga and weight lifting. Trying to get more dance in toi to do some more cardio. I am also walking a lot. When I need to go somewhere, I try to go there on foot as much as possible.
Ignacio N.
I try and do cardio everyday by either a stationary bike or rowing machine. I also play Pickleball at least twice a week and enjoy going for long walks in the evenings.
Venus N.
As someone who is upper and lower body disabled, exercise is washing a counter, drying a few dishes, getting out of bed, moving any way I can.
Diana O.
I do a lot if core exercises like sit ups but sometimes I work on my legs with running or my arms.For my arms I sometimes go onto YouTube and search up blogilates arm excercises for 7 mins and I can do it.
Ana Z.
I usually just do what my apps told me to do. Usually it has jumping jacks. I recently start yoga, and it was refreshing. I started doing exercises during the time that I was trying out taekwondo training. It was great! Now I'm trying to have a daily exercise habit I once did, I'm still trying to maintain to though.
Ronja C.
I Luke to go on YouTube because it’s very good workouts there and they’re free! I like Lilly Sabri, Chloe Ting and Blogilates the most bc their workouts are so fun to do. Good luck!!
Christian Z.
I still didn't find the perfect exercise routine for my self so I every day look for a new routine until I find one good for me but mostly I just skateboard
Shabdita E.
I usually go for cycling with my little sister. She enjoys spending time with me, and I get to exercise. It's a win-win!
Lorenz I.
i work at the bakery and walk all day long or i walk to see dylan or go to school or i go play with the dog or i do a sport routine on youtube basically i find an occasion even if it’s a small one to move
Norma E.
Well I go for walks every week. I ride my indoor bike anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes. I lift 2 10 pounders for my arms for a while. And I do planks not push-ups because I can't do them but I do knee push-ups/ wall push-ups. And other stuff but it changes most times like I also stretch and stuff so yeah
Cody S.
Since one of my goals in the new year is to lose weight and get into shape my exercise is sometimes quite a lot. Evey morning I do a list of workouts that I found one if my favorite artists does. I do 2 rounds of this work out every day. 20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 jumping squats, 15 burpee's, 20 solder planks, 20 crunches, 20 leg raises and 20 superman exercises. I also do a lot of dances in the evening to help give me cardio!
Mason E.
I go for walks around the block, sometimes longer. Occasionally I’ll do a proper workout, but I found walking really calming and I enjoy seeing the sights and the nature around my house.
Andrea U.
I usually go on a bike ride or jog with my sisters, sometimes it could just be doing TikTok dances for a little bit. Sometimes it could really just be walking. There are multiple ways to exercise!
Kc X.
I've only just started so I'm kind of learning what I like, I'm trying lots of different things. But free apps and YouTube are really helping me with some ideas.
Bridget O.
For my exercise, I do running intervals outside around my block! I also like to do 30-minute low-impact HIIT workouts with my mom.
Jonathan Z.
I love walking to the gym because it’s fun to jam out to music while being ready for the gym. I then roll out my muscles to stay loose, hop on the bike at a good pace for 5 minutes and then take time to stretch. After that I’m ready to go and lift. I make sure I do all my sets and reps even if I’m tired I’ll take a break but continue. After all that I go to the treadmill for cardio and then walk back home accomplished
Kristin C.
Depends how I feel that day. But usually it’s 20-30 min full body workout from YouTube which I choose according to my liking (and I have my favourites) or yoga or pilates if I want to stretch more that sweat.
William R.
This month I'm participating in the Taji 100. I log my run distance and time, and have to complete 100 miles by the end of the month. Otherwise, I'll run 3 miles as a warmup and then alternate days of another 3 miles or a full body workout (5 exercises, 3 sets).
Katy O.
Yoga, I do combinations that suit how I feel each day. It can be a powerful morning yoga that gets me sweating or a deep stretch session in the evening to help destress and unwind.
I also enjoy dancing and long walks.
Shalini U.
In the morning I do the sun salutation (it’s there in the “Make Me Fabulous” section, and in the evening I do this 28 day challenge by Chloe Ting (her programs are free – you can look them up)
Nicholas F.
I have just finished the 3 day gems. My exercises varied, but I made sure to reach the goal in putting exercise in my morning routine. The first day, I did the 7 minute workout to really see how I could handle it. It was great being active like that again. The next day I took a 20 minute walk and felt amazing! The very last day, I had one of those moods to be lazy and drag through my routine, so I did the 1 minute workout. Even just one minute got me energized and back on track to take on my day.
Bojidar Q.
First I stretch a little, then i do 15 hand raises with my whole body against the wall. This is an exercise that helps fix bad posture. Then if I feel I have energy for more I do neck strengthening exercises or pushups or something light that isn’t going to exhaust me.
Holly Z.
It depends. Sometimes I just use de fabuous 7 min exercise program, but today, that I'm feeling a wee bit sore and late, I just did the 60 second one. My only philosophy when exercising is that I shoul workout light, no weight, no heavy clothing, just me and my body.
Krishna Z.
I try to balance my workouts between yoga, swimming, weight training, and HIIT.
It’s important to workout but it’s more important to let your body breathe. This combination has helped me maintain that balance.
Yoga-twice a week
Weight training – twice a week
HIIT- twice a week
Swimming-once a week.
Th Nh A.
Today I spend the afternoon time to work with my father, this job is similar to the exercises to me, even more harder, and it needs more strength than I used.
I normally do some Yoga poses, walking, and do Jump rope with my Nintendo.
Larna N.
I do a 3-4 minute Raijo Taiso in the morning because I have to leave college early, it’s short but stretches me out for the day ahead. I usually do a more vigorous workout routine late (I enjoy learning combat skills :))
Fanny Q.
I do a quick morning stretch using the app fiton. Then after breakfast I take my little pomeranian dog for a walk which can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour. The length of the walk is usually determined by morning plans.
Cassie N.
I mostly tend to do the same yoga routine everyday, by including poses like downward dog, planking, squats, Child’s pose, and cats cow!
Rumaana U.
Sure. I have a pilates app and basically do some yoga sometimes or before bed on youtube. Also, i have apps like fitletics etc. I do those too
Rachel J.
Do ten reps with each arm lifting twenty pound weights, fifty reps pulling the twenty pound weights with both my shoulders, lift three pound weights over my head with both arms for about 20 reps, and 15 squats.
David Y.
Flexibility mobility and stability training in the morning. Callisthenics in the afternoon. Martial arts in the evening. Not all the time everyday but often I guess
Tristan Q.
Short walk around the Block
Long walk through the park or to the bakery
Yoga with a YouTube tutorial
Dancing freely on a few nice songs
Storm Z.
I just use an app. If you're new to working out, I suggest you go start with some light exercises for a month or so and when you feel like the light exercises you're doing is too easy for you then you can gradually move up.
Arlene N.
Upper body- Bicep and tricep curls
Underarm tricep curls
Pronated bicep curls
Shoulder flys
Push ups
Deadman hang

Lower body-Squats
Leg raises
Harmstring pumps
Calf raises
Others I don't remember the names

Shashmitha G.
First warm up….head rotation…arm rotation…hip rotation….touching your toes…jumping jacks…then take rest for few mins….go for a small walk…then continue…repeat the same exercise….then jumping squats…downward dog…blah blah blah….to finish it off I’ll run…not so fast…a small jog….u can do whatever exercise u feel to do…hope my answer helps u
Norma S.
It depends of the circumstances. I usually walk on a street near my house that is quiet and tree-lined. It's a 4 block walk, but I don't always walk the 4 blocks. Sometimes I only do half the journey. And when I can't go out, like this week when I have visitors at home, I do a 3-minute stretching session as soon I wake up, or right after my breakfast 🙂
Sophia T.
I usually do a 15 min dance exercise from Maddie. Then ending with a 10 min ab workout from Chloe ting. I like that because I am working out while listening to my favorite music
Brikejda G.
I do many exercises.But the most helpful one is this: (go on youtube)


this is so helpful.I also now some exercises about jawline,heart shaped lips,fox eyes workout etccc

I really hope i helped you!Belive in yourself is the best opinion ❤You can do it bestie reply if you want to know about any other exercises.

Philip W.
Firstly I chiar food cardio music and streach slowly. Them begin a cardio part. I am trying to make quallity nota quanttity.
Susanna J.
Firstly I do ups and downs for 30 seconds, then take rest for 10 seconds, do leg exercise for 30 seconds, then take rest for 10 seconds, do another exercise, then take rest for 10 seconds and lastly I do an exercise which is a combination of both legs exercise and ups and downs for 30 seconds and then take a rest for 10 seconds. And then I repeat this all from start. It takes my 6 to 7 minutes.
Jennifer N.
I do my morning exercises in bed followed by 10 sun salutations. I go for a morning walk. I do more leg and knee and shoulder exercises in kitchen while waiting for coffee. Finish shoulder exercises after coffee and breakfast.
Vivianne A.
Crunches,squats,step-ups, lunges,planks,push-ups,squat jumps,skaters,mountain climbers,sit-up,downward dog,cobra,seal,cat, jumping jacks,weight lifting,running.
Rio F.
In the mornings, I always just do 5 minute stretching by Mady Morrison on YouTube, then a 5 minute core workout by MadFit on YouTube. Hope this helps you xx
Prideel Z.
It’s a bit of a mixed bag – YouTube has a wide variety and I’ve been intrigued hip hop aerobic step videos so I’ve gotten myself a step. I also use FitOn and when I’m feeling really lazy the Calm app body videos
Lizzel N.
I dont have time in mornings, so mostly i do the 7 minutes straching starter.
In case my day is realy packed i do the one minute get moving.
Pauline U.
Since I go to school on a hill I count walking up the hill my exercise but I do also follow the exercises given by fabulous
Aubrey O.
I start with some stretching and yoga. After that, I usually swim in the morning. I’ve been swimming for a long time, so I have enough endurance to do that. However it is a hard workout and if you need something easier, you can go for a walk or jog, or do a low impact workout.
Melissa P.
A veces es porque ya lo tengo planeado unos días antes, de qué ejercicio haré a qué hora lo haré, cuánto tiempo
Y ahora por Fabulous que es siempre en las mañanas unos 8 min y ya
Me ayuda a sentir que no es una gran carga, me hace sentir bien, que logré hacer ejercicio y no me siento tan adolorida
Laureano C.
I have four YouTube videos I watch: every week I do core twice, arms twice, legs twice, and yoga every day.

I would like to start doing my physical therapy exercises more consistently. I only have shoulders so far, but I can look into Dan and Dave or whomever Uncle Phil recommended.

Azib M.
I did some stretches here and there, and a couple of cardiod too. I mostly did stretches than doing high-intensity exercises because I prefer doing stretches which is suitable for my body.
Daryl S.
In the summer I go jogging, running gets me into shape very quickly, and now, in winter, I work out at home. Every day I do different exercises for all muscle groups. I watch different videos with trainers who explain how to do what exercises. I love sports!
Huda N.
I usually do workouts that get my heart rate up, such as running on a treadmill and hitt workouts (sometimes). I also like to walk to the park or practice volleyball.
Neave O.
sometimes i do a quick couple of sit-ups but this morning i did an ab workout because i do wanna get those abs and it was only 5 minutes so i’ll most likely do that from now on
Deni E.
It's either biking for me, or some home excercies like squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and planking. Sometimes it's just me dancing around and singing to my favourite songs!
Dana O.
A 10 minute body balance exercise from the Les Mills classes I'm subscribed to. I have back issues and I'm not a morning person. I find that some yoga like exercises help wake me up and are beneficial to my back health. And – no less important – 9 out of 10 times they help me start off the day with a calm mind and a smile on my face
Terrance Z.
I usually do core workouts 3 times a week and a strenght workout 2 times a week. I use the Adidas app for my core workout as it is free and easy to use. For my strenght workout; I use an elastic band!
Nick Q.
I do a lot of yoga,I also life weights and alot of body work outs,but if your just starting off start slow and work your way towards your goals in fitness and stay consistent no matter if you see results or not that’s what will also build you discipline.
Jeryka O.
Depends. In the morning I like to stretch or do yoga and meditate it floor exercises. Afternoons I like walks and HIIT or anything that burns calories while boosting energy and evenings I tend towards strength and flexibility exercises such as resistance bands, dancing or weight resistant things like swimming or calisthenics. My favorites are dancing swimming and yoga but I’m really getting into hiit and resistance training.
Chloe F.
almost always yoga! of multiple varieties, sometimes more stretching/flexibility, sometimes strength/balance, sometimes relaxation/mindfulness. otherwise just my walk to class or a light stretch in bed
Florence J.
I feel like I want to be a better verson of me and I want to be more productiv so with that motivation and alarms to wake up and not forgeting I can do my exercises. I don't do all every day but I try my best to achive everything
Tim F.
Yoga for beginners it is 10 min routine and helps me stretch and be ready for the day… right now it does not help loose weight but it certainly help maintaining it… i am combining this with proper diet which may help lose weight and make me healthy eventually
Lorena S.
You would love to take a walk in the morning, but also you can do the sport you like. For example i play volleyball, that had always helped me in the darkest moments. 3 times a week, spending time with my team, it's regenerating.
Jessie B.
The idea of going for a little jog or something similar is a bit excessive for my style, so i usually like to do some push ups and some stretching
Elisane F.
Yoga/stretching/Pilates/low impact HIIT. Really, it’s whatever I’m feelin in the morning. Sometimes shorter sometimes longer…. I listen to my body.
Hillary U.
Typically go to the gym and hike. Since it’s winter I haven’t wanted to leave so I’ve been doing the guided workouts this app provided daily as supplement
Divyanshu W.
I use resistance bands. They are cheap, portable and effective in building muscles. They also save commuting time. Overall it reduces the friction to build habit of exercising regularly.
Allie N.
PushUps and SitUps.
I started with my max effort PushUps and do double that in SitUps. I then progressively add more each week and add more sets etc
Alyvia B.
Lots of cardio. Jumping jacks high knees burpees and other jumping exercises are my favorite. I also do lots of ab work and leg work
Salvador B.
For my excercises, I will warm up first, then I start with jumping Jack's, mountain climbers, planks and always can't forget to stretch!
Ryan W.
I usually do some abs workout, or yoga. Not that much into cardio first thing in the morning, I'll try it for sure after I get adjusted to this schedule.
Olivia P.
I’m starting to go to the gym with my mom. But it’s good to start slow so you don’t overwork yourself but I usually run a mile, do some stretches, and work on strengthening my core and muscles.
Mina N.
i do some specific softball workouts that my best friend made for me, like strength training and weight exercises. then i do some cardio
Ronnie S.
i start by doing a warm up, then i watch a 15-20 minute long workout video (based on the muscle i want to work) and follow along. i then finish by doing some stretches. after that i drink a protein shake. i plan on doing longer workouts in the future once i have more physical stamina.
Saier M.
I alternate between Yoga, short strength training focused on certain muscle groups like back, glutes, core, abs, and also HIIT workout. Some other times I just take a walk 🙂
Jar P.
Yoga. I do a quick 10 min practice before I head out of the door. Then most days I do 30-45 min in the afternoon or evening; This helps me center and give purpose to my life beyond the day at work.
Noemie P.
We have a small gym in our garage so yesterday I did a leg workout with squats and deadlifts and today I will do an arm workout to work on trying to do pull ups. If I don’t feel up for going to the gym, I would do some stretching exercises because I want to be more flexible. If I want to do cardio I either do rope skipping in my garage or if I have the energy for it, I will go for a run
Abbey L.
My favorite routine so far that has made me feel the best is to begin with at least 10 minutes of stretching. I find that stretching for dancers or yoga poses work the best for me. Then I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, trying to keep a consistent pace of about 3.5mph with an incline of 6 or higher. Then, I do various arm and torso weight machines. When all that is done, I finish with a few minutes in a steam room while stretching.
Chloe N.
Doing Yoga with Adriene videos first thing in the morning is the perfect way to get exercise and start the day off right
E N.
My goal is to do 5 minutes of some exercise every day and I try to vary it up so I don’t get bored. I jump rope (got a cheap one on Amazon), do 10 pushups or do a yoga flow.
Zoe P.
I don’t workout often but when I feel insecure about myself and try to make goals for myself I normally run around the block and do some jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, and planks also sometimes stair climbing
Stella I.
I usually do a Chloe ting video workout, or any cardio. Sometimes I just do the exercise that do the most for me. Ex: crunches, toe taps, mountain climbers, squats, plank, etc.
D V.
I like to do quick (about 10 mins) ab exercises in the morning from YouTube, then at night ~try~ to do longer, full body ones.
Leta F.
I like to lift weights, however I feel it isn’t as cardiovascular-ly stimulating as it should be. I don’t get a runners high from lifting weights. I think when school gets out a morning walk or run will be good
Cottle P.
I am doing physical therapy right now because I injured myself while taking my boxing class so I will usually do that in the morning. But if my physical therapy is scheduled for later in the day, I will usually run up and down my stairs, shadow box (boxing without actually hitting anything), and push-ups, or sit ups depending on the day.
Glore P.
How I do my workouts? Yes thank you for asking. To do my workouts I use two different methods. I use Just Dance to get my body moving. I also use the app FitOn to do workouts that I like.
Myanna U.
I do some hip hinges, hip curcles, spinal articulatoin(2),leg seings and chest taps in the morning after I get up and go down stairs.
Lucy Z.
I do physio and I make sure I turn off all distractions I walk down my driveway I don’t get as much exercise I can also it’s on my new years resolution you can always achieve anything you put in
Maija U.
i do light yoga or short walks or small exercises. its easier to start smaller and then progress when moving in the morning isn't so hard
Anja J.
Putting on some good music and dancing along. Or doing a quick morning stretch followed by "knocking on heaven's door" (yoga with adriene)
D Ria A.
Do what you enjoy. Yoga, dance, push ups, go for running or anything you like. If you aren’t sometimes able to take out time for your exercise. Then you can move a little bit like brushing Dance while taking shower or play your favourite playlist while preparing the breakfast. Best of luck to you and I am sure my friend, you will achieve your goal.
Leroy P.
For my exercise I usually do 5 k runs once a week, push up challenge (sally up) search it on YouTube it’s a killer, and Chris hernia callisthenics workouts
Di O.
I like to start with a 5 min warm up, followed for specific body workout from another application, in which I can start by working on a few exercises while creating the habit and strength to add more. (App name: 30 Days) I finish with 5 min stretch. I use free apps and videos and try to start with few minutes a day and add more gradually on the following days.
Alani A.
I typically like to weight train, however I’m not always able to find the time for it in the mornings. I have gotten more into running and yoga if I want to workout in the mornings.
M Lody I.
I do a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise comprising of ab work , arm work and legs . Sometimes I push it up to 15 or 20 minutes depending on my level of energy .
Szabolcs G.
I have to cycle to the train station, which is plenty enough exercise in the morning. And if I for any reason choose to go there by car I go cycling that day somewhere else and substitute the morning exercise with something else.
Rosie P.
I do the ones under make me fabulous!(the middle button) it makes you feel the burn, and the best part is that you lose weight! I lost 4LBS from it in one whole night!
Austin U.
I usually stretch for about 5 minutes and then go on a walk for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I ride bike, or my horse for exercise too.
Nienke B.
Most of the time I search a workout on the internet, or I use one from Fabulous. But when I don't want to, I just do what I feel like. Hope this helpss!! 🙂
Natalia F.
I prefer to do yoga in the morning, later (more like evenings) I do diverse exercises (like back workout, abs or thighs)
Eli U.
I go running with our local high school's cross country team every morning they have practice! The days they take off, I do a few jumping jacks and a simple yoga routine.
Deborah S.
I do different times of exercise for different parts of my body. I did once the one that appears in Fabulous but I didn’t loved it. I always do some bicycle and the weekends I jump in a trampoline
Sidney N.
I either go outside for a walk ( I live in the Australian country side) or I do a workout in my room or on the lounge room
Mohamed M.
Download a app 'Home workout' red background
And I've been starting therefore I'm now doing the 1st day(easiest) in full body 7×4 challenge
Kira N.
i’ll take my dog for a walk, if i’m feeling up for it i’ll start jogging with her too. you don’t have to do some big exercise every day, just a walk is good enough and it’s good for your mental health too. if you want to do something else maybe try doing some chore that you’ve been putting off, like go outside and pick the weeds.
Natalie E.
i either do a short yoga routine from my phone app for a quick easy on the go thing or i do a 30 minute dance session (youtube:fitness marshall) when i want to increase my workout (i’m hoping to go to 1 hour workouts soon but i’m still somewhat struggling with the 30minutes)
Audrey C.
I enjoy stretching and running. But since cross country isn’t going on right now and it’s winter it’s been hard to get into the grove. I love running when I have somebody to run with. It’s more challenging and fun that way. Because you know if you stop the other person will cheer you on to keep going. But I still enjoy stretching but that’s not really active enough for me
Ananya C.
Strength training gives and helps me retain more energy. I enjoy dancing as well. A jog in the morning boosts my mood. I LOVE swimming and just being in water. I enjoy playing the swing as well- not an exercise but definitely an enjoyable activity ❤️
Signe A.
i have been going for walks a lot. they give me a time to think and breath. i also have been going to water polo. it’s higher intensity but i like feeling tired like that. i liked feeling strong and it is fun.
Javier C.
I follow a yoga video on YouTube that is around 18 minutes long each morning. I’m trying to form a habit of doing it everyday. Once in a while I go outside and play ball sports like table tennis or basketball at home
Coll X.
Dancing around has been my favorite. I’ve had a hurt knee the past few days so I’ve done stretching.
Playing and walking the dog as well.
Kate T.
I do pilates! I love Kara Duval because she’s focused on function and form, and when I’m consistent I can feel my body supporting itself throughout the day—which is what I want from exercise. Just to know that my body is taking care of itself 🙂
Scarlett T.
I do exercises like push-ups and planks, I do the plants for about 2 to 3 minutes then for the push-ups I do 10 push-ups I’d say. I also do burpees and some other hard exercises.